Cake In A Mug!


Hey guys,

So I’m here with a little baking post! I think the last one I wrote about were the cookies at Christmas, but technically those are premade so yeah! As you can see from the title, we made these cakes inside mugs! You might be skeptical right now, but I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty incredible!

This wasn’t even my idea! My nana found it through her Facebook, if I remember correctly it was from “On This Day” sidebar. She sent me this little status one day and I just thought it was a fluke despite seeing it done on TV. She really wanted to try this out so she had my mom get like six different cake mixes a few weekends ago. She got two angel food  cakes and strawberry, lemon, chocolate, yellow, and white mixes. She also got the idea of storing them in mason jars, I wish I could’ve read my mom’s brain when she read that section of the grocery list!

What you’ll need for this:

  • 2 different cake mixes
  • big bowl
  • whisk
  • water
  • coffee mug (has to be microwaveable)

She asked me of the selection she had, what mix I wanted to try and I was really curious about the lemon so we tried it out with the angel food mix. She took both mixtures of their boxes and put them into a big or medium size bowl. We tried to mix them together with a wooden spoon but it didn’t work out well for me so we switched to a whisk. When I first went to stir it, I swooshed the powder right out of the bowl and onto the floor and the lower half of my body!

After a good stir, my nana grabbed us some coffee mugs, both are mostly used for soups. For this, you need to take out three tablespoons of dry mixture. She did the first one, but I did the last two, I even leveled it off with my right foot! There’s not many times where both feet work together on something! Anyways, next you put in two tablespoons of water and stir it until the lumps are out. Lastly put it in your microwave for one minute and when it’s done you let it cool like a regular cake and put on frosting, fruit or whipped cream to finish it off! Personally, I don’t necessarily like any frosting, much less whipped cream! Yuck! So I just ate my little serving as it was and it was pretty good without anything on it.

The flavor is very subtle compared to the actual smell when we first opened up the bags. It’s very sponge-y, thanks to the angel food. Since we only used a small bit of our mix, we had to have a good place to store this rest. This is where my nana’s second idea comes into play! We poured the mix into a measuring cup since we figured it would be easier to put it into the jars, nope! We still made a mess! This time it was nana’s turn! We each got our own jar full of lemon/angel cake mix ready for a midnight snack!

I think my nana wants to do the chocolate one next! Third will be confetti! Yay!

Have you ever tried the microwaveable cakes before? What is your favorite?



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