Tune Tuesday | Colombia 2016


Hey guys!

This is a new addition to this year Tune Tuesday travels! I thought I would share with you that Columbia was technically the first country to enter the 2016 rota, even though I found the artist I’m talking about in a bit last August!

First, we need to discuss everything about Shakira!! The belly dancing goddess is from Colombia and I’ve known about this for a few years now, but I seem to always forget about it whenever I do these damn posts! Anyways, I am so glad I thought of her this time! She is one of my favorites! She’s also the one that sort of turned me on to belly dancing! I haven’t talked about it because I feel everybody’s going to want proof. Well you’re not going to see it, at least not yet!

The second artist I’m featuring is J Balvin. I’ll explain how I found him. I was going through my guide one night, it was like really late and as I was scrolling down I saw something on the ESPN channels “Paralympics Opening Ceremony” and I started watching it. I’ve probably watched only a handful of Paralympic games in my life and so I decided to take a chance and watch this. After they introduced all of the teams, the celebrities and other people spoke, they had some performers and one of which was J Balvin. So he’s sort of never left my mind and when I found out where he was from, I figured I’d add him!

Do you know of any other Colombian musicians?

Live | Five Finger Death Punch!


Hey guys,

So we’re back with the second installment of the P.O.D., Shinedown, and Five Finger Death Punch concert I went to at the beginning of the month as a surprise from my parents and friend Brittany.

I just wanted to clear up any confusion anybody might’ve had after I came home from it and the next day when I was busy uploading videos and pictures from the whole experience. Apparently I didn’t act like I had a very good time according to what my mom had mentioned because I wasn’t exactly very talkative like she figured I would be which wasn’t the case at all. It’s just easier to talk about it on here all at once, so I don’t necessarily have to repeat myself over and over again. I also felt like when I did start to open up to my parents that I might forget a few things later while I went to write up this post, so that’s my only reason why I was being a little quiet about it.

Now that I have that out of the way, I can finally discuss this section of the surprise.

Where I left off on the first post was what I thought of P.O.D. and Shinedown’s performance and I have to say they were pretty good, but my focus was on Five Finger Death Punch. I’ve endured mental torture from myself at the beginning of falling in love with these guys in 2011. They were the first all male heavy metal band that I basically liked at the time of the phase started in 2009. I also had to deal with the constant teasing of my dad who turned into a fan eight months after and if anybody remembers last summer I basically bought their newest album “Got Your Six” as a surprise for him.

As the crew was busy taking down Shinedown’s set up and putting up Death Punch’s, I basically sat in my chair patiently waiting and still trying to process that I was seriously going to watch one of my favorite bands live. So once they got Jeremy’s drum set up and the infamous microphone stand in the middle of the stage, I couldn’t contain myself anymore I had to take a picture of it and send it to my dad so I bent down and went through my purse for my phone and once I got it open, I held onto it with all my might and zoomed as much as I could so my dad could see everything even if the photo turned out smaller on his screen. I had to do it twice and as I was taking each picture I kept hearing people behind me start to say things like “that’s so awesome” and “look!” at this point my phone couldn’t work fast enough because I realized they were watching me attempt to take pictures with my feet. Ahh, the joys of being disabled sometimes!


Anyways, the wait for them was so torturous like I’m a patient person but for this, I was way too damn excited! It was bad enough that where we sat you could sort of see an entrance and feet walking around that hallway, I saw Ivan and Chris a few times talking and taking pictures with fans as Shinedown was closing out. When the lights really began to die down, I just got crazy. I had already given Brittany two warnings (before the doors opened to get in and before 5FDP started) that I didn’t know how crazy I’d really get, our only issue was as long as I didn’t end up on the floor it would be okay! They started out with “Lift Me Up” and I didn’t really notice what songs were playing because I was too stuck in my own head to notice that yet! When the lights came on and they started playing and all six appeared on stage I basically screamed my little lungs out and proceed to headbang for the next three songs!

Everything after that though is a little fuzzy for me!

I was concerned about was when they started playing their newer songs off of “Got Your Six” because I haven’t listened to that album a lot since I bought it. I can’t put any new music onto my iPod anymore and I don’t have a good stereo to play and listen to my CDs like my dad does in his truck, so I don’t know the lyrics to the majority of the songs on that album. I don’t even know the whole song of “Jackyll and Hyde” so I listened and watched the crowd and it instantly made me feel better. Their energy is overwhelming! Everybody on the floor, watching them with their fists in the air and jumping up and down, crowdsurf, form a mosh pit were as much a part of the show as watching the band play. The people in the stands where we were, were getting as crazy as the people on the floor! The group of guys below us were drunk and having the time of their lives. It was insane!

I’m seriously having trouble what came first in the timeline in my head. I remember Ivan explaining the “rules” and if you’ve been to their shows or watched any of their concerts on YouTube, you know they have certain rules that they want everybody to follow. One of which is smart for those on the floor area, if somebody falls you pick them back up. The second is for all the guys to not grope the girls, but at least get their number first. That’s Ivan for you! And at some point after doing this, he started to say something about rumors about him and the band. Ivan also said something about how heavy metal was dying out and went “oh, that’s right Kanye West said that” or something in the lines of that and everybody literally started chanting “fuck Kanye” and I almost joined in on that one I’m not going to lie!

I want to say a little bit after that Jeremy Spencer did his drum solo. You guys don’t know how long I’ve waited to hear this man do his solo, I mean you can hear it in the live version of the double disc of “The Wrong Side Of Hell And The Righteous Side Of Heaven, Vol. 1” but I mean this was right in front of you! I am my mother’s daughter, I have a soft spot for drummers. Another thing that the band is notorious for doing is bringing up little kids in the middle of their set and having them watch the “big kids” and show them how it’s done per se. This is where you see these giant guys covered in tattoos become big kids themselves. I almost started crying because it was so adorable! What gets me is everytime they do this, Ivan manages to find the smallest metalheads on stage and the band plays the most explicit song. This time it was “Burn Motherfucker” and I have to say as much as I sing along to this at home alone in my room I’ve never been so happy I wasn’t around my parents when it’s on because I don’t necessarily cuss, much less  use the “F” word out in public or on here!

I can remember when Ivan and Jason were trying to slow things down. They did an acoustic version of “Wrong Side Of Heaven” which at first, I didn’t even recognize until the second chorus but at this point I was really distracted. Ivan had decided to walk around the front rows and everybody on the floor basically freaked out. However, in the mist of this and switching to “Battle Born” poor Ivan’s mic kept going in and out so his time on the ground shaking hands with fans wasn’t too long.

One of the last things was the songs performed during their encore. My two favorite tracks, “Under And Over It” and I was busy going back and forth watching the band perform and Brittany trying to get good pictures of the members. The last song was “The Bleeding” and sadly I only have the acoustic on my iPod and so I was very happy to hear the heavier version for once. I really let myself hear Ivan’s beautiful voice. I had heard it the whole hour but I think my body finally got the memo that he was like a few feet away and I thought I was going to melt into a puddle.

The memories of the “stars in the sky” as I like to think of them. I’m familiar with these pictures of the audience putting up their many lights. It’s the only time where I don’t hate cell phones in general. I was really surprised to see so many lighters too! According to Ivan, since he could smell weed from his place on stage he knew they had lighters! The stinage of beer had clouded the scents around us, so all I could really smell was sweat and alcohol, every once in a while a sniff of cigarette smoke, but that was it.

Going home after that was a little bittersweet, I wasn’t ready to go back to life yet, but when is anybody ready to go back to normal? Thank you so much for reading these posts! Hope you enjoy them! All right, time for the pictures! 🙂



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OOTD: Catnip Made Me Do It!



So I have a new outfit for you and I am so excited to share this one too!

We had a lovely day over the weekend, my sister came home this time without Chipper and Brandon, but she did make up for it by revealing her wedding dress to us at nana’s house! As much as I want to keep the look of the dress a mystery to you guys, I also feel like since everybody between both families and friends on social medias know what it looks like I don’t think there’s a reason why I should keep it to myself. So we’ll just have to see!

Anyways, it was a beautiful spring Sunday, it was hot but breezy too! I still haven’t went out on a day where I needed to wear my capris so I’m still rocking the leggings! These are my floral pair that I really love to wear out but like most things in my closet nothing goes with them. I technically wanted to wear another pair but I think I annoyed the crap out of my mom when I didn’t know how to describe them. Oops! They worked though so that’s good! The pattern is more of a cheery floral aside to another floral leggings I have where they look like they’re decomposing. The colors are light pink, white, and a vibrant blue almost like tropical ocean blue! They go down to my ankles and are somewhat tight around my waist and thighs, I’m still growing here people, well at least in that area!

Now for the shirt, do you remember of the new marvel shirt I got as a surprise from my mom? Well my dad found this one while they were out the week after! My mom told me that at first he didn’t want to buy it for me because and I quote “have to buy something for sis and the boy.” Sis meaning Blondie and “boy” meaning Brandon. However I still got the shirt! I came home from nana’s with it laying out on my bed and as I read it I was falling in love with it. For a guy who hates cats, he sure picks out a good cat related T-Shirt! As you can see the cat has gotten in trouble and is getting its mugshot. It’s a huge print of it and you can see quite a bit through my arms but unfortunately since it is long, the bottom gets bunched up and you can’t see it; that’s why I wanted to title this post with it instead. So the reason why he got in trouble with the law was because catnip made him do it.

So what do you think of my new shirt and the rest of the outfit? Yay or nay?



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NOTM: Summer Lovin’



I’m back for another nails of the month post! If I didn’t have a wedding to attend this month, I wouldn’t had my nana paint them for May! I was seriously thinking of going naked but they look disgusting without some color on them. So don’t be surprised if I don’t publish one for June! Of course, I could change my mind too!

These colors were slightly inspired by a scheme I had in my head while I came up with my questions to host the #USBloggerChat like no joke, orange kept popping into my head like crazy! I also had another title for this, but once I got home I totally forgot it! I thought “summer lovin'” worked too!

“Mellow Yellow” by Sally Hansen:


Despite the fact that I was picturing the color orange in my head, I did’t remember if I had kept it into my nana’s collection of polishes or not. When she pulled out the box, I saw the top of this one and I instantly picked out this one.

My nana and I were seeing different pigments inside this yellow. She felt it had a bit of orange-redish in it whereas I thought it had some gold in it. The best way to describe the right color of it is to say it looks like an egg yolk. I like it in this color, to me this is yellow. I’ve never liked the lighter shades, this is perfect just the way it is! Yellows requires a few coats to get the right shade onto your nails. I don’t remember how many my nana painted on my toes but I want to say three or four coats, which isn’t as bad. Last month after using that blushy pink and messing it up a couple of times, it needed about five coats.

“Sun-Kissed” by Sally Hansen:


This is like one of three polishes that includes the yellow above that looks like what they’re called on the lids. It seriously looks like the orange soda “Sunkist” at least without the fizzies!

This was the exact shade that I had pictured in my head. Once it becomes August or October, I’m going to do like an autumnal colors of nail polishes and weirdly enough I took them when I was getting ready to do my spring-y colors in March! I’m getting ahead of myself though–back to this post! This required probably one or two coats for good measure! It’s honestly dark enough that it doesn’t need any more than that.

After my nana and I finished with our day and my mom came to pick me up, she got a little mad at me because if I had worn what I was supposed to that next day, they wouldn’t had matched my outfit. The next day it looked like total crap, windy and all that so I wasn’t able to wear my original idea. Somehow my mom came up with the plan of wearing my peach shirt, so she ended up getting mad at me for no reason!

So what do we think? Are these the ideal summer polishes? What color(s) do you have on your nails?



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Tune Tuesday | Canada 2016


Hey guys!

So this week is all about Canada! Back when we were talking about Australia, I mentioned that I had a list of where different countries and their music stood on like a top five list. Canada is the reason why I created the list in the first place! I was listening to so much that I realized how large it was getting the more I started to add on both my iPod and Spotify playlists!

Since I’ve had Canada on this rota for the last two years, I’ve had to really dig through my archives to see who I can talk about this year. I’m really surprised that Avril Lavigne was not on listed until now. There are still quite a few bands and singers that have not been talked about yet! Anyways, I’ve been an Avril Lavigne fan since 2002 while I was having my back surgeries. My roommate and I were seriously obsessed with her! I’ve always looked forward to new music from her even if people think she’s changed her sound too much. I still love her!

The next two are two that I don’t really listen to like a lot on a daily basis, but still I thought I’d include them on this post. First is Lights. I think the fact she changed her name to “Lights” so she could use that as her name (after it was already in usage by somebody else) it was legal for her to use it professionally afterwards. My friend Mandy has tried to get me to listen to her before with no such luck. It wasn’t until she released her album “Little Machines” that I started to notice she was everywhere! She’s featured in other EDM songs with Borgeous and Seven Lions. She’s not bad! The last is somebody that my sister just loves, Drake. Rap music is a genre that I don’t really listen to a lot, but I’ve realized that I have a couple rappers featured in these posts this year!

Do you know any more Canadian music? Let me know!