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It is a little strange to be saying bye to 2016, but in a way I’m actually kind of happy about it because this year sucked…

Well, that’s sort of a lie because I think it started out with good intentions especially with the opportunities I was given at the beginning of the year. Next month will be my first year anniversary writing for Disability Horizons and despite not getting paid for my pieces, I still consider it work. I like thinking of it that way, as long as I keep the pressure at a minimum. When January officially started, I was asked to become a Disability Editor for Bloggeration Magazine. I wrote four or five different articles for that site before our leader decided to close it down for good in June. I was very upset about it, but it was a fun experience and look forward for any more fun opportunities in the new year!

Of course, there was all of the bad stuff that happened in the beginning of the year. I think it’s fair to say that January was the calm before the storm because I honestly don’t remember much of February or March. My family lost three members this year. My papaw, my great-uncle Bill, and a grandson to my great-grand uncle PM all died within months of each other. I actually got to meet PM at my papaw’s funeral and man was he tall! Once I figured out who he was I could hear my papaw talk about the two of them playing basketball in a basement (my papaw was also pretty tall too!) in my head! I have to say from February to about April is a bit of a blur.

In May, I got one heck of a surprise! Back in January, the band Five Finger Death Punch finally released their tour dates and Evansville was on that list and I basically had a cow, I remembered I screamed because I was so excited! And then by the end of February, I started to realize that my chances of going to their concert were slim and I had prepared myself for the worst and my mom had told me during that last week that I probably wouldn’t be able to go despite the fact that I was trying to save my money up! There was no reason behind it, but I figured if things had stayed the way they were going with papaw throughout March and April, I thought that would be their reason why I wouldn’t be able to go, because family comes first.

By the beginning of May, a family friend was about to get married later that month and my dad had said, “well, why don’t we go out Tuesday” because I hadn’t went out shopping in a while and the night before I was looking on the different shops I knew our mall had, I was busy looking on their dresses and my friend Brittany started messaging me on Facebook for about an hour. It was a nice chat too! The next day, after arguing with my dad about which wheelchair to take–despite that the one we use has a seatbelt on it, my dad suddenly wanted me in another chair–I couldn’t take my electric wheelchair because it won’t keep charge anymore. So once we picked up my papaw’s old chair, which is huge – seat wise and uncomfortable we made our way to Evansville.

I knew the day we were heading to the mall was the same day as the concert, because the little advertisements would pop up practically everyday reminding me that I wasn’t going to it. However, I remember while we were driving around that maybe we’ll see the tour bus and at that point, I was fine if that was all I saw of them!

I thought we’d eat at the mall, so when we pulled into the Shake ‘n Steak parking lot I was a bit confused but happy as crap because it’s one of my favorite places to eat! We got seated and looked through our meals. I always get the same thing except for a different milkshake. We hadn’t been there for maybe 15 minutes and I get pretty nosy whenever a crowd starts to form at the door, I look over and the time I do this I see Brittany peeking her head through and I was completely in shock. I kept repeating to my mom “I was just talking to her last night!” and she sat down at our table next to my dad… Don’t worry he didn’t steal her food! I am a very quiet person and I am the worst when it comes to being out in public! To make things better though, everybody else was just as quiet as me!

After we were finished with our meal, well technically Brittany was still eating because her food got there later than ours. When she was going a bit slower my mom gave dad her camera and I thought she was just wanting a selfie so I kind of moved over towards her but Brittany grabbed my attention away for a second and started to unravel one hell of a surprise. I quickly realized why my dad was holding my mom’s phone was because somebody needed to get my reaction. (If you want to read what happens next, I’ve included both posts at the bottom.)

By the start of the summer months, things started to calm down again. We celebrated my papaw’s birthday in June and my sister and future brother-in-law went to Las Vegas for a week! I started Game Of Thrones and totally regret that decision! When August came around, I started to find inspiration for blog posts in a variety of things! I started to count money on my own with the help of my nana. Speaking of blogging, sometime in the summer I finally hit that 100,000 overall views! I was very proud and thankful for all the support I’d been getting lately! I decided to read the Harry Potter series, got through two books! The end of September I started talking about my cousin Kristi’s pregnancy on my blog! I revealed the gender: a boy! I shared her baby shower and recently wrapped presents for the little tyke to make up for the baby shower and Christmas!

For October, my nana and I had our fill of different Halloween crafts to choose from and somehow we ended up doing four projects! Pinterest is the best place to discover things to do for the upcoming holidays and this was no exception! She even surprised me when she was coming up with her own projects to do in both November and December! We definitely did more than I figured we would once the year started to calm down a bit… She already wants to find things to do for Valentine’s Day!

We do have some goals for the new year, a lot of it involves family history and I think that’ll keep our focus for a while and we’re going to have figure out some more things to do so I can share on here! You know there will be more of the monthly playlists, nails of the month, OOTDs, DIYs, and photo diaries! Of course, I’ll be talking about everything wedding, as my sister will be getting married next summer! So I hope you all are ready for the new stuff coming along here soon!

Here are some of my favorite or memorable posts of 2016!

I have to say, I’ve been very proud of the material I’ve managed to put up this year. Despite all of the sadness that happened, I also had a lot of good stuff happen and I definitely wanted to share a mixture of everything that went down in 2016. I put my heart and soul into these posts and I hope I continue down the road of giving you, my readers, something that you’re going to love and enjoy reading too!

What would you like to see more of in 2017? What were your favorite post(s)?


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5 thoughts on “Summary | Best Of 2016

  1. Sending you big huge hugs Meghan! 2016 has been a difficult one for a lot of people, and I have struggled this year, so I’m looking forward to a positive, fun-filled 2017 with lots of good things hopefully coming out of it. I’m sorry to hear you lost so many family members, that’s never easy, and I hope you and your family are doing OK as can expected. I’ve loved the posts I’ve seen of yours, as I know I came to your blog late in the year, but I’m excited to see lots more from you in 2017! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year lovely! ❤ – Tasha

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