Tune Tuesday | Croatia 2016


Hey guys!

So we’re back with another Tune Tuesday trip, this time we’re going to new place: Croatia.

Originally, I had one band on my schedule to talk about but I didn’t honestly want to waste my time with only talking about one act, so I turned to my friend Nevena who actually lives in Croatia. I figured asking a local would help me out a lot better than trying to do it on my own. She came through for me by giving me quite a few artists, but I’m going to discuss two of them and maybe save the rest for next year?

The first one I looked up was Zeljko Bebek and I was a bit interested in this guy for some odd reason. First off, this dude is in his 70’s and making music. I have no idea if he is still making music but I don’t care at this point. The song I chose for this post sort of reminds me of Bruce Springsteen or maybe Rod Stewart. It’s not bad! The next one is said to be one of biggest rock n roll bands from Croatia. They are Parni Valjak. They have an old, grunge-y sound. I didn’t like them as much as Zeljko which still surprises me, but I have never liked thrashy metal music.

Do you listen to any Croatian music? If you know any other acts, let me know!