A New Baby In The Family?!



So last week, I showed you my sister’s wedding dress and you’re probably thinking that after reading that and now seeing this one title that I’m about to become an aunt. Well… 

I’m not.

I want to say in early May, my cousin Kristi sent out this group message with immediate family included, and she posted a picture inside the message of two different pregnancy tests first and then she finally came out and said that she was pregnant!

At the time, she was four weeks along. She’s recently went to her first check up and shared some ultrasound pictures with everybody on her Facebook. She and her boyfriend Joe heard the baby’s heartbeat. My nana and I have nicknamed he or she little peanut for the time being. Anyways, she’s synced her profile up to an app that helps keep track of baby improvements in the womb and how many weeks she’s at, which is pretty handy for me! I want to say she’s like 12 or 13 weeks… depending when this post goes up! I could also be wrong on my counting too! All I know for sure is that she’s due the first week of January!

I am allowed to share the ultrasound pictures, but I decided to keep them out of this post. I think having the ultrasound pictures on here would be a little weird considering you’d be able to see what the hospital she’s going to and all that, but I do have a couple of baby bump pictures I can show you! The collage is made up from two pictures that was sent by two people: the one on the left was taken in mid-May and the right was this past week!

So I’ll have baby posts towards the end of this year and beginning of 2017, you’ll start to see more of Blondie’s wedding stuff! What will I give to you guys in the meantime? How about some travel posts of when Blondie and Brandon went to Vegas, sound like a good idea?

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