Christmas Wishlist 2015


Hey guys!

So I’m doing this Christmas wishlist thingy again. As you can see I’m mainly asking for clothes this year even though my closet looks like it’s about to explode right now! We have no spring or winter cleaning in our house. We also don’t know if some of my shirts fit me anymore! What’s sad is that I have two drawers for my pants/leggings and neither one are full. My mom recently threw away a lot of pants because I can no longer wear them. 😦 I mainly want more plaid/flannel shirts and pajama bottoms.


Green Flannel Top
Navy Blue Plaid Top
Gray Plaid Top

In This Moment T-Shirt
Butcher Babies T-Shirt
Jack Ü T-Shirt

Body Candy Juniors Sleep Pants (Only in Zebra, Multi Cheetah, & Atzec)

If there are any family members that are unsure of my size in clothes, just ask my mother! If you want some more suggestions to what else I think besides a darker shade of purple and skulls. I do like leopard print, graphic tees, superheroes (Marvel), Harry Potter, solid colors, rhinestone. Try to stay away from actual glitter on shirts, my hands are really sensitive to different textures: glitter is one of my worst enemies! And don’t fuss about the sleeves on both shirts and pants, if it’s too long we can always roll them up!


For my birthday, I originally wanted to get a new (small) CD player. An ode to the first one I ever got as a kid. I’ve went through seven big ones in about 11 years. The small one always worked up until a couple of years ago and it just kind of crapped out completely. That was a sad day for me! Anyways, my mom got me the speaker tower as a present for my birthday last month. As much as I like it, my original plan kind of fell apart. I really miss playing my CDs. It’s a simple thing that I still enjoy and so after thinking about it out loud with my nana. She told me about an old small boombox that my papaw doesn’t use, because it wasn’t loud enough! That’s where I got it from!

Now that we know it works, I want to add to my collection! For a girl who’s had not only a broke stereo system, but also broken iTunes since the start of 2015, I’ve still managed to consume a LOT of music through Spotify! You’ll know more about that once I start on my Best Of posts at the end of the year! I’m only including like five CDs to this list as I think that’s all I think I’ll be able to handle considering this little boombox only plays one CD at a time. My bigger one could store five at a time. The plus side to this is that this guy has to stay on the floor so I can switch CDs in and out of it. That’s another thing I like about it too!

**Only including links to show the cover art!**

Loved Me Back To Life by Celine Dion
Run by Alison Wonderland
Skrillex and Diplo Presents Jack U by Jack U
Goddess by Banks
Peace Is The Mission by Major Lazer


Last Christmas, well actually like a week before, we found a couple in town selling pillows. Ironically enough, pillows were on that wishlist and this was the only thing I got to have early! That pillow only lasted like three months! I’ve switched my pillows like five times this year… I have a big head, I can’t help it. So I would like a new pillow for Christmas! I definitely don’t need any more blankets. I literally have two on my bed right now! Another item I’m asking for that was on my last wishlist is a curtain rod. No, I didn’t get one last year even though quite a few people thought it was a good idea!

I honestly don’t know what else I want. I definitely don’t need anymore socks or coloring books. My nana and I are kinda of obsessed with nail polishes. She’s running out of room in her cabinet for them, but I think we need more! She likes the nude, pinks, and berry shades, whereas I’m into both darker and bright colors! Neither one of us like glitter because it takes forever to remove.

This might be a little strange, but what I really want for Christmas isn’t something that you can give in the sense of a regular present. My ultimate Christmas present is to be able to do more things, which is a little more harder to accomplish since it’s getting colder and with out snow blizzards we tend to get towards mid-January to the end of April. I want to learn to do more things, I know I say that a lot lately but it’s true. I do want to learn more about my family history, figure out what else I can do with my toes, etc. When it gets colder outside I tend to get more stiff in my body. I have a little bit more pain in different areas, so I want to be fully distracted whenever those times come. I’m basically asking for more strength and energy. I’m also saying I’d like to explore a little more too!

Yeah, this is my little Christmas list for the year! If you’re still struggling to figure something out for me, cash works too! Is it just me but as we get older and older our lists gets more complicated and clothes wise than it used to be when we were kids? Maybe that’s why everybody thinks I’m difficult to shop for nowadays!


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