Summary | Best Of 2015


Hey guys!

Can you believe it that after tomorrow it will be the first day of 2016? I find it a bit weird that we all started off wondering how 2015 could turn out to be, how much of the movie Back To The Future would come true. Thankfully the way teenagers wear their clothes didn’t become a trend as the movie had pictured it, but then again the fact that the Chicago Cubs made it into the playoffs really surprised the crap out of everybody, old and young. The prophecy of the team winning the World Series looked to be sincere and then they lost, but hey! They still played their best in years and managed to get themselves that far is an accomplishment in my book!

Between everything in the world taken offensive by almost everybody aggravates me to the core. There was not one thing that hit the internet that somebody didn’t take offense to and spoke their peace about it. And then you had the dress debate; what was it: black and blue or gold and white? I remember everybody just exploding on my social medias over what they were seeing. I saw black and blue and Blondie saw gold and white, I remember looking at her like “what the hell?!” It just didn’t make sense but after a couple of days, it all went away.

For me personally, this year wasn’t the best in my opinion. One example, it reminded me how long I’ve been out of school and knowing I missed my five year high school reunion really struck a cord with me, I think this was the downhill of having any hope for a change. I felt stuck a lot more this year, there’s nothing worse than feeling alone and like you can’t change your current situation. I feel I believed a lot more broken promises. What puzzles me though is that I still had hope for a better day, that part never went away and in a way I was happy it stayed right along with me. It kept me looking forward to the next day or day after to see what happens next.

Despite all of the ugly that was going on from within, there was still a lot of good that happened this year too! I feel as though it was a blessing in disguise when it came during the later months of 2015. My best friend Zack was back! It was a sweet evening when my dad had seen him while he was driving around, he asked him if he wanted to take a ride, it was a little surreal to see him standing in the entrance of my room with a great big smile on his face. I didn’t cry this time around and I’ve enjoyed seeing him every once in a while, according my parents everytime they see him out and about, he gives them a big ole hug! He gives the best hugs, he never gives me the wimpy hugs that my own sister gives me! Everybody thinks they’re going to break me and you’re not so stop doing it please!

Speaking of my sister, Blondie had herself a good year. I think that was one of the best things about 2015 and I’ve been trying to tell myself over and over that maybe this was her year to have some happiness since 2014 was a good one for me. She and her boyfriend Brandon went to Hawaii for a whole week, she got to go to a Taylor Swift concert, she became a CNA, moved out of the house, has 3 kittens, and now they are going to adopt a puppy! Just nobody tell my dad though because he doesn’t know it yet! This year brought back another sister that I didn’t think would come back to us. My older sister Nikki reached out to Blondie and my dad again and we’ve all met each other again and it’s been very interesting. I’ll be honest though I’m still quite hesitant because I don’t want to feel rejected like I did four years ago, so I’ve been trying to take things one day at a time. She has to feel comfortable with her surroundings and one day we’ll meet her boyfriend and kids too. Yeah, I’m an aunt!

We had our last batch of litters, Bootsie and her two female kittens from previous litters Wren and Midget gave us plenty of babies to love on this year. In April, they’ll be a year old! My mom unfortunately lost her big baby, our oldest cat Oliver had to be put down in the first month of the new year! Thankfully, Midget gave birth to a solid orange kitten for my mom. I got to name him Otis! Now he lives with my sister because he was too tiny to be living outside in the cold, but she still got her orange kitty though! One of the promises she made my dad was once she got her orange kitten, all 12 cats were fixed in August and they came back with flu and were sneezing and coughing, which went to ChiChi and then we thought dad was going to have a cow because his baby wasn’t feeling good. They’re all doing good now!

I remember at the last of January, my sister found her old digital camera and she gave it to me as a late Christmas present. I was very excited to have one as I no longer had a way to take or upload pictures from my phone. Everybody wondered if I could use a smartphone, I can use one but taking pictures is disastrous, trust me! I had to learn how to use it because I had never used one with my feet before. I actually looked forward to going outside to spend time with the kitties. I discovered I could hold my camera in four different ways! I’ve finally gotten comfortable with lifting it up in the air between both of my feet without dropping it on the floor and turning it sideways to take a picture now! Now I want to get a tripod and see what I can do with that! Maybe you’ll see me on YouTube someday! 😉

My last good thing to include in this post is one of the goals I had for 2015 was to start doing outfits of the day (OOTD) posts on here. I’ve been inspired by all of my blogger friends that I follow. For me though, it wasn’t about the clothes in general. I don’t really like my hands. I can’t move my arms away from my chest and they always block whatever is on my shirts. I’ve always had problems with hating my arms because they’re just there. So I figured if I did these posts I would start to build on my self-esteem a little. Well, it worked, but I didn’t think I would enjoy doing them so much! I’ve gotten to the point where I’m starting to pose more in the pictures. I even think my mom enjoys the fact that I do them too! I actually asked for more clothes for Christmas just so I could model them off on here!

My favorite posts of 2015:

How did your year go? What were some of your good and bad moments? Do you have any advice to help me look forward to the new year and how to keep that motivation?