A Late Thanksgiving Feast!


Hey guys!

I know I’m a bit late getting this post up, but like last year my family had our Thanksgiving dinner on Black Friday instead of Thursday, because my mom would rather work on that holiday then both Christmas and NYE. For us, since some of my family live up north from us, it kind of works out well because then they get to celebrate with them first and come down the next day and eat with us crazy people! In all of the days I posted my OOTDs last week, I took over my camera. The one time I didn’t take mine–I thought with everybody around I wouldn’t need it–we had less 10 pictures. I didn’t have much to work with because in the pictures we did get included my dad and he doesn’t like his pictures on Facebook, much less my blog! So I’m only including two pictures out of the whole day.

1471771_3621088783949_1795380296_nI woke up Friday morning around 7:30am, a half hour before I was expected to wake up. My mom wanted to be over and start cooking at 9am. We were a little late. I wore a new outfit I got while we went out the week before. I’d be waiting to show it off since I came home that day. I wore a maroon, black, and white button-up plaid shirt and maroon leggings all from Charlotte Russe! I was very warm in that kitchen, but I didn’t notice it much because somebody was smart and opened the window in the screen door beforehand! My Aunt Laurie and nana made assortment of rolls: cinnamon and orange. I devoured an orange roll when I got there! Basically all of the women spent most of the day in the kitchen, including papaw, Uncle David, and cousin Taylor.

Probably an hour before we ate, my Aunt Laurie, nana and I decorated the cupcakes that she made the night before. I started out doing the icing but that was a little too difficult for me to do, so I decided to stick to sprinkle duty! We usually eat around 1pm or if we’re late (or turkey’s not done) it’ll be 2pm instead. I think everything was done by 12:30pm, which is literally unheard of! It was kind of hilarious that the ones who used to yell at the youngsters to sit at the kiddie table aka card table, were the ones sitting at that table! My sister and I had the “special” seats. We sat next to our papaw who always has a turkey leg for Thanksgiving! We have annual picture tradition now that before he takes a bite of it that we need a picture of him holding it! Poor guy! He always thinks he breaks a camera afterwards too!

After we were stuffed, just before my dad went home everybody wanted to take pictures with one along. Somehow I missed out on getting a one-on-one picture with my dad.  Suddenly everybody left to go take a nap except Taylor (he tried to!), my Aunt Katt, and I. We all sat out in the kitchen and talked. She had some berry slushie alcoholic drink. She let me have some of it, which was nice. I didn’t have a lot of it which I felt was smart. I am going to need to the right name of it for NYE. The three of us actually played the new game. It was actually pretty interesting and as since it was just us, we did it the right way such as using the board, dice, etc. On occasions we didn’t use the timer but it was really fun! As we kept going on, my nana, papaw, and my mom all kind of joined in and were yelling out answers. Nobody actually won, we were kind of stuck and nobody would land on a one. We’ll have to play at Christmas whenever we have people come down again.

I’m sorry this seemed so short, but this was basically all that happened that was on the positive side.

REVIEW | Fifty Shades Of Grey

Before I go and start this post, this is about both the book and film. There are some spoilers inside… This is just a review, that’s all. Don’t kill the messager if you disagree. Also, there will not be a Seen & Heard post for this month or December. 

In 2012, I went looking on Amazon website in their Kindle book section and found the Fifty Shades Of Grey books. This was way before the movie announcement was even made, but when I read the description of it I wasn’t interested in it. A couple of months later, my friend Mandy suggested it and this time I kind of went and bought it after thinking about it for like a day or two. I remember reading it and I was NOT comfortable reading it in the daytime or much less anywhere near my parents. At this time, I was 21 years old. I’m allowed to read and watch whatever I want, but I only got that permission by one of my parents. My poor dad actually knows what the movie is about and I wish I knew that before I watched it!

Anyways after a month or two, I finally finished it. Of course I did a book review about it. My review is here if you would like to check it out, but  I finally watched the film when HBO finally aired it last weekend. I was a little bit more excited than I thought I would be considering how much I hated the book. Let’s be clear though, I hated Christian Grey entirely. This was my first dominant/submissive novel so I wasn’t feeling a lot of the stuff in the book. Anyways, watching the movie I hated Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey. He only “became” him in certain scenes and I’m talking like maybe three scenes. Dakota Johnson as Ana Steele was probably one of the best choices ever!  She was funny, shy, and curious all at the same time! She was my Anastasia, the one I had imagined in my head while reading the book.

As for the scenes in the book, I remember the helicopter ride, visit to Ana’s mother place in Georgia and lunch with Christian’s family. The only one I didn’t hate was the helicopter ride. I think I liked it for a different reason though, I liked the placement of Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do” there but was that scene that quiet as it is in the movie? That’s another thing that I sort of missed was the narrator/Ana’s inner thoughts throughout the whole thing. I felt the whole thing was pretty plain without it. I’ve been trying to rack my brain for other scenes that I felt that I needed to voice my opinion about and the only thing that’s left is the butt plugs. We only hear her ask about them when they go through the contract, but they don’t make it into the film – probably couldn’t show them.

You know what’s really bad though, I actually liked the movie a lot more than I did with the book. I think if I had read it after I read other books about dominant/submissive roles, I don’t know maybe I would have liked it more. I doubt it though. Now that I know the next two movies will be released back to back, I’m going have to read the other two books. No, I haven’t read the other two. My mom and Blondie have, but I haven’t. That’s how much I hated Christian Grey! I recorded it at like 2am, I didn’t start watching it until like 4am. The volume on my TV never got off 11 and I had to read the closed captions quickly. I also had my toe on the “recall” button just in case I had any surprises come bursting through my door!

What did you think of the film? 


Blogs That I Love #23


When I figured I’d go back to these posts, I didn’t think I’d actually keep up with it or have a difficult time selecting three bloggers for the post. I follow a LOT of blogs on Facebook, Twitter, and Bloglovin that it can be pretty overwhelming at times. So you could understand why I had to shorten my list down a bit from 5 to 3 a post. I knew that I wouldn’t feel comfortable continuing these posts into December either. I’ve got a lot of things lined up (mentally) and I need to focus on them first! I’m hoping I’ll bring them back once January starts!

  1. Blue Sky Daze – Sinead is growing to be one of my favorite bloggers of 2015! If I did a post of favorite bloggers of this year I’m pretty sure I’d pull out my hair! Honestly, all three blogs I’ve selected for this week would be on that list – how interesting! I really love her lifestyle and food posts the most. I also love the way she takes pictures. They look very professional and she’s been inspiring me to up my game lately!
  2. The Flower That Blooms – I don’t know but I honestly don’t follow a lot of sisters running one blog, I think I’ve only had two or three, but I’ve been going back to Lauren and Rachel’s blog recently. They talk an array of topics from fashion, beauty, to college related posts. Surprisingly, I’ve been reading their fashion posts! Rachel is more like me in a way though, she likes the darker side of clothes. Another topic I tend to read of theirs is anything to do with Lush. I’ve never used the stuff but the more I read the different posts about their products I want to, BAD!
  3. Missamrunaway – I love this girl! She’s the sweetest! She doesn’t share her name and that’s perfectly fine! She’s also a teenage, beauty, lifestyle, and kawaii blogger. I don’t necessarily know what the “kawaii” means but I’m sure I’ll find out soon! She does monthly blog post ideas, I love them so much! They’re so helpful for when your blogging mojo is nowhere to be found. She recently posted one full of Christmas post ideas that I might look through soon and find some inspiration for more posts for next month!


OOTD: Aztec


Hi 🙂

So first off, if you came from Facebook or Twitter, you might realize the pictures are different from the others. I like to tease you a bit. I thought it would be cuter if I added the one with Oscar on my lap instead of the other, boring picture.

I went over to my nana’s Tuesday morning and this was what I wore over there. I actually got these leggings from a trip to the Dollar General last winter or maybe two years ago. They are my mom’s favorite, she likes to put them on me a lot. I’ve found a similar pair on Amazon, click here. They were a random purchase, we saw them on top of the racks and I knew I couldn’t leave without them. I had to wait until Christmas to wear them, but it was worth the wait! The shirt is a cotton, ivory top. I got it from Walmart along with the second top which is solid turquoise. Surprisingly both of them work well with the pants! So I actually have two ways to do this outfit and with me, that is really rare!

Have you been liking my OOTD posts? What do you like about them?

OOTD: Decay



I honestly don’t know how many more of these will be up by the end of the week but I hope you like them! I’ve been enjoying writing each one so that’s a good thing! I apologize again for having to take this picture indoors.

This whole outfit is from one brand! I don’t think that has ever happened before! Well, my Thanksgiving outfit is all from one place but you’ll have to wait to see that one! I’ve talked about the shirt before, it’s white with a picture of a man (don’t know who it is!) in light shades of gray around him like in a frame and it has black lettering of “Without Music Life Would Be A Mistake.” I can no longer find a link for it on the website. I got it last winter for Christmas! It’s probably a medium, but it’s fairly big on me and not at all thick in material. I choose to see the good in that, because then I can sleep in comfortably!

So that’s my top, now about my bottoms! They were purchased last week when I got my Harry Potter shirt! They’re solid black pants with white skulls and pink flowers with green/brown leaves. I’ve been calling them my “decomposing” pants. They just remind me of death, but in a good way if there is such a thing! My mom actually liked these; they’re stretchy around my waist. The sleeves are a bit long, I have to roll them up when I want to use my feet, but they’re not bad. They might turn into a new favorite! Lucky for you, I found a link for these. Click here if you want a pair like mine! They are listed as “leggings” but they don’t look or feel like leggings to me.

What do you think of this outfit? 

OOTD: Gray



So this is outfit number two that you’ll get to see this week. If I can get everything lined up correctly, the third will be up either Saturday or Sunday, depending on when I’ll have the time to do everything. I actually can’t wait to show off that outfit too!

This picture was taken Saturday morning as my dad had a doctor’s appointment which kind of made me think of all those times he and mom would tell us as kids that nobody is going to the hosiptal or doctor’s on the weekends. Anyways, I went back to my nana’s at 8am. Been a while since that’s happened and the weather was not so pleasnet, that’s why I had to result to having this OOTD taken inside my grandparent’s kitchen because by the time my dad came to pick me up it was pouring down raining.  Another thing I think I should explain, my nana doesn’t use cameras like mine. She’s used to her phone and all that, but I’ve been teaching her so she can help me out if I need it. However, she managed to take TWO pictures of me without half of my head. You can see my smile, but that’s about it. Like she told me, it’s about my outfit not my face!

 Okay, this top is from Hot Topic and it’s actually a hand-me-down from Blondie. She gave me a bunch of her clothes in like September. This is my second cat shirt and it has the cutest (not as cute as our cats of course!) kitty on it but at the bottom of it is a red box and it randomly has “turn down for what” written inside it. It’s actually pretty big on me, very roomy which is nice! The material isn’t thick or heavy like cotton. I like it a lot. Unfortunately, I don’t remember where I got my leggings from but they’re in different shades of gray like my shirt, my mom and I call the pattern “floral” even though we really don’t know what it is! They fit nicely on my legs. They’re the right length, so they don’t drag whenever I want to use my feet. The material is kind of thin, not the best to wear in the winter.

What do you think of my many shades of gray outfit? 

OOTD: Harry Potter!


Hey guys!

I’ve got a new OOTD post for you! Two weeks ago, my parents took me out shopping for a little getaway as I had some birthday money to spend! I was so happy because I’ve been wanting to go to the mall for a few months but I also wanted to save up my money too. Let’s just say I did some damage! I had fun so that’s all that matters!

I am becoming increasingly obsessed with Harry Potter. I have every film on my DVR but I’ve only read one of the books. I would like to read the whole series someday! While we were shopping, I went into Hot Topic and literally in the front of the store were the HP stuff and I thought I was going to scream with joy! My favorite film is Prisoner Of Azkaban and I basically had my eyes glued to this “I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good” shirt. I had to buy it! If it wasn’t HP related I’m pretty sure a few people would just agree with it and think of me. This was in the men’s section and S/M size the price is $20.50. At least that’s what it is saying on the website!

The leggings were a funny story! I usually never buy anything from Charlotte Russe. My sister loves it, it’s very girly full of lace tops and a lot of gorgeous high heels. All the heels were replaced with boots when we went in there, I was very sad but I guess not that sad considering I stayed in there and bought three different things. The leggings are so comfortable! The sleeves are really long and they’re a bit baggy on my actual legs but they’re fleece-lined and I thought I need another color than besides black. So I got these in emerald green. I thought this was quintessential autumn/winter look. The website are selling them for $5 right now if you want a pair like mine!

What do you think of this outfit? Yay or nay?