Christmas Day 2015

12189877_10153720931292520_539446022426122720_nThis was our family Christmas picture. It usually has a few more people in it, but we had some members of the family not feeling very well so they couldn’t come down, but we understood and know they’ll eventually come down soon anyways. My cousin Kristi managed to come down though!

She and I were the early birds Christmas morning despite the two hour drive between us. We were both awake at 4:30am and we were texting each other talking about the fact we were both very exhausted! My sleep has been jacked up since the Wednesday before my dentist appointment. I thought Christmas would be the one day I’d actually sleep in. Nope! Poor Kristi set her alarm for 4:30PM instead of AM and still managed to get up beforehand, what was funny though my mom did the same thing! She set hers for 6:30PM instead of AM. I have to say we like 5am and get an hour of “play time” before we get ready before going over to my nana’s. This time we just scrambled to get over there. We have a race to see who gets to nana’s house first, even if there’s snow and ice on the roads – we race. We actually lost to my sister and Brandon.

I’ll be honest there was a lot of things that bothered me this Christmas. Now that my sister doesn’t live at the house, my parents have lost their Christmas spirit. Neither one didn’t want to put up our big tree because they knew she wouldn’t be there that morning and on top of that, I think they wanted me to unwrap their presents they got me at nana’s so that both of us were in the same house. Thankfully my mom asked me what I wanted to and no offense to my sister but I’m not changing MY tradition just because she’s not there. Now that I got that off my chest, my mom separated my presents from both houses and I opened four and I got a white and baby blue striped hoodie, black and tan Aztec leggings, my first full on Marvel shirt with Cap America, Thor, Hulk and Iron Man on it. I wore it over to my nana’s! And lastly, which freaked me out a bit, my mom had gotten me a Batman shirt. I’ll explain in a bit of the significance of it in a bit!

Whenever we got over at nana’s, we decided to unwrap our presents from each other. It was a bit difficult to watch everybody unwrapping their presents, I wanted to spend my time taking pictures of everybody tossing paper around and getting excited but when you sit on the floor and can’t lift your feet up too far before falling over backwards, I had my mom take over for me. I got a gray and white buttoned up shirt, solid black shirt, red and white striped leggings, plus my Christmas-y printed leggings that I’ll wear year long I don’t care! Now about that Batman shirt, my sister’s boyfriend is a BIG Batman fan. He likes superheros in general, but Bruce Wayne is his favorite! Somehow my mom got all three of us different Batman shirts. He got one, I got one, Blondie got one and she hates whenever we talk about superheros!

Kristi hadn’t arrived yet at this point and I felt bad that we didn’t wait on her. I felt as though she would have enjoyed being an Elf like every year, but she did enjoy her gift from me though! She got a bunch of socks! The girl is just as bad as me, she likes her socks! My papaw mostly got shirts and sweatpants, that’s his usual. He technically can’t have any more singing animals because he’s running out of room on his piano! Poor guy! My nana got her normal big Calendar that she doesn’t ask her anymore because it’s just in routine now, but Brandon didn’t know what it was at first and we told him, “this is your first Christmas you’ll get used to it next year.”

After we got done unwrapping presents, my nana and I sat out in the living room talking to Kristi who at that point was very happy to be sitting down on the couch stretching out her legs. I think we sat out there talking for like an hour or so before the food was done. My dad made a small breakfast of ham that was soaked with a full can of RC because nana didn’t have any brown sugar! It was a good substitute though! He also made scrambled eggs,  plus our little pressies and sugar cookies as our sweets! My nana and I have a holiday DIY project, it’s our last one of the year and this time I came up with the idea and she ended up doing the work! It was a play on the British crackers, but they were essentially big candies. We had toilet paper rolls wrapped in candy cane tissue paper and inside was dark chocolate kisses and the whole thing was wrapped with parchment paper and a red tie of yarn. They were cute, but since the bad weather came two days before, I couldn’t help her out. I was bummed about that!

Kristi came over to the house for a bit, she and mom had talked about her taking home one of our kittens. She wanted her to take Tavy because he’s our little baby now. My mom hates the fact that he’s outside at night, because he’s so small. She always went home with Midget first, but then Grumpy (who doesn’t like people as much) jumped into her lap and let her pet him, it was quite shocking to my mom and I! Even our little Oscar was acting strange! He didn’t want to go around her or us at that point. The rest liked her though, but then our littlest gray and white kitten Ozzy got around her and he doesn’t like a lot of people either, but like Grumpy before him just crashed into her lap and didn’t try to fight whenever she went to put him in the car. He liked exploring her car and fall asleep in the seat on her way home. She said he’s adapting very well, which is very comforting for us!

After I came home, I decided to take pictures of majority of the gifts I had received and I have to say, it’s not smart to do that when you haven’t gotten a lot of sleep in about a week. I got too aggravated with them and once I was done, I decided to take a nap. I was asleep for four hours. I was feeling all sorts of things inside and thought I needed to express myself, so I unleashed it on my Facebook. My mom had told me that all I was feeling was part of growing up. Whenever I deny myself from feeling certain things it just comes bursting out of me all at once and apparently this was the ending result. I thought I’d never go back to sleep that night and boy was I wrong! I went to bed at 10pm and didn’t get up again until my mom came in before she left for work around 5am, still went back to sleep and got back up again at 10am!


“I don’t know if it’s the fact I haven’t had any decent sleep in a week but this Christmas has been different. It’s not the fact we had a couple family members missing from our usual gathering; it’s just there are a lot of other people out in this world who didn’t get to enjoy today. From a family friend who was away from her kids on probably one of her favorite holidays to the troops away from their families and then on top of all that, we have countries massacring each other left and right. It’s not right and It just makes me feel all down and considering how happy I started out this morning. I still hope everybody had a good Christmas with their family and friends though no matter what how you celebrated it!”

Yeah, that’s a bit of how my Christmas went this year. Now here are the rest of the pictures for you guys! What was your favorite gift that you got?

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Christmas Cookies


Hey guys!

Well, Christmas is over and it’s always sad, at least I thought it was sad that everytime you pump ourselves up for something and once it comes, it goes away as it never came at all.

My week leading up to Christmas wasn’t as exciting as I had expected it to be. There was a lot of bad energy around my family and a close family friend that it kind of brought everything to a halt. What was even more puzzling was that we were under a tornado watch on Wednesday. For us, having thunderstorms in November isn’t that bad, but this was odd even for us to hear thunder clashes outside the windows! I live in the Midwest and our “winter” is starting out like early autumn-like weather, having 55-60 degree temperatures and then on top of that the storms. What the crap?!?! However I don’t want to complain too much because I know how it’ll be from January to April!

Between our weather and family issues, my nana and I had to divide up doing our annual Christmas cookies in two days, they were supposed to be back-to-back but that didn’t happen! The week before I asked my blog friends what my nana and I could do about our sugar cookies. Last year, after we had baked them and everything, they got extreme hard and some of us had trouble chewing them. So thankfully I had some pretty good ladies giving us advice and instead of putting a timer on the oven we just kept an eye on them. However, the one time we go to do this of course, the dough doesn’t want to come out of the package for us. So we had roll them out in a ball and flatten, which at first made them look rustic and homemade and then they went into the oven and grew! Don’t believe me? Well, here ya go!


After we got like two packages cut and baked, my nana got pretty tired so we had to quit for the afternoon and I was okay with that. I came back on Christmas Eve and it was kind of weird in a way because I felt as though we were rushing! My mom had gotten us different food colors and sprinkles to decorate the cookies, I felt like a little kid. Since my nana decided to do our last DIY of the year by herself this was when my creative side decided to come out!

I’m the type of person who isn’t a big fan of frosting, and that goes with both cake and cookies! It’s just too much for me. My nana is the total opposite, she likes a lot of icing and she’ll literally pile it up on whatever she can, trust me! Sometimes she doesn’t even need cake or a cookie. You could clearly see a difference between each cookie on how much frosting was put on top of them! I also had to use my feet to work a spoon and butter knife to get the icing on top. Sometimes I just wish we didn’t have self-cautious people and I could just put my toes in it like finger paint (I did wash my feet before baking/decorating the cookies) it would be so much easier for me! I almost did it a couple of times I’m not going to lie! Once we had half of them finished and in the dish, I wanted a picture of them all stacked up together. Well, I guess my toes had frosting on the edges of them and I didn’t notice it quick enough and as I was taking the second picture the camera slipped right out of my toes into the pan making every cookie drop onto the floor… I almost started crying. I had to tell myself “it’s just spilled cookies. It’s just spilled cookies.” They were good though! We checked each one, don’t worry!


Thankfully by this time, my nana was finished eating her dinner because it was like 5:30pm, she took over the frosting part for me. I decided to do the sprinkles which to be perfectly honest is my favorite part. Now that you know I hate frosting, I like sprinkles more. It doesn’t bother me as much as the icing has in the past. I don’t know what’s wrong with me! Anyways, the star sprinkles were a big hit this year! We used the whole bottle. They were super cute! Once we were finished completely the lid was placed on top of the pan and we sat in our wheelchairs waiting for my mom to come pick me up.

Overall, it wasn’t that bad of an experience. This whole month went by too fast, so by the time we realized Christmas was here we couldn’t fit everything in at once! It wasn’t a bust though I mean we could have just said “screw it, buy some Oreos!” Just because there were a couple of slip ups doesn’t mean you should give up entirely. That’s why I decided to take over the sprinkles because I didn’t want to give up. My nana’s back was already giving her problems I needed to do something besides sit there and talk my head off, but as papaw was saying as a joke when we were sitting in the kitchen, “do you two have anything to say” because that’s all we ever do is talk our heads off. We can’t help it though!