Tune Tuesday: France


We head into another full week, but take a break and find some new music that maybe you haven’t discovered yet. Like I said in the Denmark post, I don’t mind artists and/or bands don’t speak in English. I would prefer they do but I kind of like the mystery of not knowing what they are saying. This also goes for techno and dance hits that don’t have guest singers on board the track. I like humming the beat instead. I have always have and I always get weird looks from people whenever I say that, but it’s true. While we’re on the subject of dance tracks, I also like when a dance album has a few tracks that are longer than your normal songs. Not all of them that are ten minutes long are going to be my favorites, because songs have a way of telling you there are done I think. I get very weary when I see some pop and dance songs are ten minutes long because there’s a 50/50 chance that it be a good thing or really, really bad.

Two acts that I have centered this post about are very different music wise, but have that certain mystery that I like a lot. Everybody likes a good David Guetta track. I mean, come on! You can try to deny it all you want but he’s got a lot of good shit to listen to. He’s actually the first DJ that I got into when dance became popular here in the states, and not Skrillex. I find David gets played on the radio more than both Skrillex and Calvin Harris combined. David also got me out of the small thing I had for deadmau5 but I’m always up for a new dance track from him though. This other is a band called Eths. Trying to figure what this word actually means in French was not pleasant! Anyways, I found this band when I saw this video of their current female single Rachel Aspe on France’s Got Talent or something like that. She looked like an innocent looking girl until she started to do the harsh metal screaming. It was awesome to see the crowd enjoying it and reading the nice and surprising comments below. I was definitely shocked and ever since then I’ve followed her on Facebook and I have actually listened to two of Eths albums on Spotify. Can’t understand a word they’re saying but I’m perfectly okay with that!

Turn Me On by David Guetta & Nicki Minaj

Sexy Chick by David Guetta & Akon

Harmaguedon by Eths

Crucifère by Eths

What are you listening to right now?
Next week we head into Germany! I have a LOT of different people to talk about in that post!

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