Keeping An Active Lifestyle


When I was in school, gym was one of the classes that everybody loved. Even I loved it! If you read my post I did last week about my days of walking around then you know a small percentage why I liked it. Gym was so much fun for me, I actually like doing the games and running. Everybody thought I had an advantage because I was in a powered chair and I wasn’t feeling the burn in my legs. I always used to laugh whenever they’d say things like that to me, because honestly driving my wheelchair is a circle was exhausting! I had quite a few worries while doing it too. Because I drive with my feet, I always need a good grip on the controller because if I don’t, I could stop suddenly and whoever is behind me could actually get hurt pretty badly. My other worry was the fact that I could lose juice in my chair a lot quicker doing the laps. My chair was charged almost twice a week. I knew what the schedule was for running days and I’d holler at my mom or dad to charge it up through the night, but if I had gym in the beginning of the day then I had to make sure that I had enough juice left to get through the rest of my day without having somebody push me to class to class. Thankfully, that never actually happened but it was a fear of mine throughout my days of having gym class. 

In middle school, it was a bit different from from my time in both elementary and high school. I did art class twice in a semester. I was perfectly fine with that until my fear was realized during my last year in middle school that I actually had to take it. I took it with another kid that a wheelchair, he and his brother had just gotten their new chairs a year or so before so he could go faster than I could. My chair was getting really slow and old. I was in the process of getting a new one and that process took about a year to do. Well, I remember doing all of those damn laps around the gym and hating it because even though the other kid in his chair was going faster, he didn’t actually have his speed shot up like I would, so later I realized it was actually my chair making me extra slow. Another thing I remember was that, while we were playing softball. I still don’t like being apart of softball, because of the fact that nobody bothers to talk me where to go and how I would be protected if something was to ever happen. Well, one day I was in the middle of the floor and this boy comes up to bat and he swings that sucker with all his might and guess where the ball landed? On my right foot. Luckily, nowhere else but still. I was pretty shocked and mad at the poor kid. I knew he was sorry but I think I wanted him to get down on his knees and pray for forgiveness for the way I remember me acting. 

After that semester ended, like maybe a few days after Christmas day my new wheelchair came in. How convenient! My time in gym was over and I had this new chair to break in. I’m not going to lie I was pretty pissed off about that part and everybody in my family knew it. Hell, even a few of the teachers and classmates thought the same thing as me. Once the weather started to get warmer, we started to go out to places and when we brought it to my nana’s I’d do laps around the block just to break it in because riding it around the house was way too careful for me. You see, I basically treat my powered wheelchairs like their four-wheelers and could drive it in the mud if I could. I wouldn’t go up a steep hill because even that scares the living crap out of me! My first year in high school, I took my P.E. class and it was very strange in the beginning because for once we were separated, between boys and girls. The girls even had a female teacher. She was the best person to me at that time. Especially after that fight that happened during the second semester of school, she was very concerned and she was very willing to do things that I did done in physical therapy. She was always willing to do something different with me if I was up for it. I did the beginning class stretches and for some odd reason I loved doing those, but when I was in elementary school, I was very flexible after I had my surgeries I could barely bend over without something hurting somewhere. Doing laps was a piece of cake again and I even got to use weights in my class too. It was totally different from my other classes, and yes even though we had shares our class with some upperclassmen boys, it was a really great class.

One of the reasons why I wanted to do this post is because I find it very strange how much I loved gym in school, even now if I was told that my mom had signed me up for some kind athletic activity I’d actually pretty pumped up about it. I find myself being very competitive and “in the zone” while I was taking a class. When I did physical therapy, that was my gym class in a way. We were working on different things to get me more independent as I grew up and that made me learn how to do transferring from one place to another. I had a good drive to do things like that because I really doing things myself. I’ve never been too keen on somebody doing it for me. That’s why lately I’ve been working on different things to keep me active. I’m not my sister and how much she works out and stuff, but I do my stuff. I feel like I have too much energy left over from a boring and sometimes active days that I just think I waste it and I don’t like that. I just wish I had more opportunities to do stuff. I would LOVE to do adaptive yoga. I’ve always thought that would be cool to do. I did do some things in physical therapy that I can be yoga-isque in a way. Especially using a huge ball to help out. It would be nicer to have the pool out and stuff, but the whole thing of getting me in and out is just too much for one or two people to get through so that’s why that last year we had one, I hardly went in it because it was just too difficult for us to do. Maybe I’ll find something that will bring my drive back in order soon.What do you like to do to keep yourself active?