Time Stands Still

I have been a very fast week. Usually, when you have something going on later in the week it goes pretty slow. This week it’s been going so fast but surprisingly I’ve kept up what day it was. You already know what I did on Thursday but it was like the best kept secret. I only told like four people who I was getting my hair dyed on Thursday, only FOUR people! Considering I always update my Facebook and Twitter profiles, I still kept it amongst myself and a few friends. I only told the ones because I knew they’d be just as excited as I was throughout the entire week. By the time the picture of my hair was put on Facebook that afternoon, everybody had heard because my mom went and told everybody on hers but everybody else on my stuff were still in the dark. A LOT of people love the fact that I got it done. We literally hit the 60+ mark on just the “likes” alone. One of the things that surprised my mom and I the most, was the little thing we did before we left for my nana’s.

We’ve been using the commode for a good seven or eight months now, still only my mom and I using it, but the other two are just stubborn. Well, she didn’t want to put me in my bed, use the commode and then put me in the wheelchair, because that would actually require some lifting. So when I pulled up into my room, she put the commode next to it and I was puzzled, because I didn’t know how we were going to do this because doing any sort of us usually requires two people. We went from chair to the seat, fine and dandy, but we totally forgot about a very important detail, my pants. So she came up with lifting me by my arms and having me lean up against her for a couple of seconds so she could fix them that way. She stood me up like our normal way but instead of just lifting me, I put all of my weight on my feet and stood myself up. That has NEVER happened before and since we were surprised that I even did it, she wasn’t ready for me yet and we had to do it again. We even did it yesterday at my nana’s and I still did a pretty good at it, if only I can extend my toes out where they won’t hurt like hell when I put all that pressure on them.

Yesterday, my mom had to do my nana’s running and do some other stuff but around like one or two in the afternoon, I spent my time at my nana’s wisely. Well, between the eating, breaking up boxes, and getting my toes nails done. Funny thing is, I know I’ll probably remove the polish sometime next week so Katie can redo them. Not saying my nana did a sucky job on them. Katie likes doing my nails too so I’m going over to my nana’s on Thursday and I’ll have her remove the polish then. Anyways, my uncle texts me and the text I get had a bunch of squares on it. I have a flip phone so these little emojis you people seem to be obsessed with, don’t really work on mine. He sent me like four or five different texts and only two of those! He told me that they were in town and not to tell my grandparents they were heading to the house. As much as I love being the one getting surprised too, keeping a secret from both of them is pretty fun too. The only thing I would have done differently was not having three people texting me at the same time. By ten minutes of getting two texts at the same back and forth from each other, was starting to make my head spin. I thought it was much later in the day than it was, so when Blondie showed up she just got off work and she was there to help with the surprise. There’s nothing like a black semi with no trailer pulling up along side the sidewalk and the both of us just get all excited. When Blondie saw my Uncle David start walking up the sidewalk, she goes “oh well, surprise” and then he came in and it was the best thing ever, because she looked at us like “YOU KNEW!” and that always makes it fun!

They got to see my hair and all of us got hang out together, it’s been a while since we’ve actually done that. Even Blondie got to stay and talk, she brought over a bunch of clothes with her because of the fact after that night’s work she was going to go hang out with her friends, so we had her try on a couple of outfits. I really liked this white jumper she’s got now. She was concerned with what to wear but when I woke up this morning, I found that she didn’t even change out of the shirt she wore over at my nana’s. So much for those other outfits! Last night, before my mom went to sleep I decided to put some more music on iPod. I still have several CDs in that my big case that are not in our iTunes yet, so I put like 8 CDs on there last night and I still had like 5 more so when my mom went to turn off my light, I was still doing them and I didn’t have enough light to see the slots to put them through inside so I had her put the CDs on my table and my case back in the corner. I was very proud of myself after I got up a couple of hours ago, I got back to business put those others on my iPod. Now I just have to remember to put them back in the case before I lose them or break them.




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