Tune Tuesday: Germany


So we are on another country where I would love to actually visit one day, my ancestresses on my nana’s side are from this place. Germany. And if you’re still reeling from the FIFA World Cup, they actually won it. Germany has a long dark history, but it’s also got some pretty amazing music scene too.

I have a lovely friend in Germany that has been giving me different music for the past two or three years. so at least two of these acts she’s given me on Facebook. I’m so blessed to have friends all over the world and ones that know I’ll pretty much listen to anything. Language isn’t a big deal with me. Two acts that Stephanie gave me in the last couple of years were Casper and Charles Simmons. From the time I’ve known her I’ve heard about this Casper dude. He’s a rapper. Which means this thing of not caring about the different languages actually matters, because honestly I don’t like much rap music anymore and the stuff I actually do listen to, I’ve basically liked it in the time when rap was my dominant genre and I can’t stop listening to it. Besides that, she did actually sent me a descrptition of what some of the lyrics to one of his songs were in English. My sister knows Germen and I’ve been tempted to see if she could understand his ryhmes or not. The other one is Charles Simmons and I remember her sending me videos on Twitter and I just thought he was really cool, but the fact I found out he tried out (and made it through) on The Voice: Germany made me really interested. He sings in English thank god! He’s got a lovely voice!

These next two acts are in the genres that I have really gotten into in the last five years or so. The first is a symphonic metal band, called Coronatus. They consist of three males and three females. Although in some of their albums its only been two female singers instead. They have a different style than from other symphonic metal bands actually, instead of the one female singer or the male growls/screams and an angelic female voice, they have two or three female singers singing in different styles. In one of the songs I’m going to post, you can really tell the difference as one is very operatic and then you have like a softer saprano. They sing in English, German, and Latin. It’s very different and cool! This other group is called Eklipsie and they are an all female classically trained quartlet, with a cello, viola, and two violins. They play classic, pop, and rock songs. I really love listening to their albums a lot, but Spotify took them off. I have one of their songs that you might actually know, that is if you love or can tolerate Justin Timberlake.

In You by Charles Simmons

Im Aschergen by Casper

Scream Of The Butterfly by Coronatus

Cry Me A River by Eklipsie

What are you listening to right now?
Next week we heat into India! I’ve got a huge fasastation for that country, between the bright colors and culture. Ahh, I’m going to love talking about it. So come back next Tuesday to check it out!