A Mini Update

I’ve been doing a lot of recovering in the past two days, I fell out of my push wheelchair on Monday at my nana’s and I’m done fine right now. No hospital visit or anything but of course I’ve been very paranoid along with everybody else, especially my nana since she saw me fall right out of  it. In all my years of using wheelchairs that was a first. So that means I’ve done a lot of watching  TV and lying down. For a person, who hates to rest and it does run in the family. I did all of this on my own, because everything including my butt hurt when I went to sit up even on my bed. So lying down was just the better idea.

I’ve been recording and watching so many movies in the last 24 hours it’s not even funny! I’ve finally seen all of the Underworld movies as I just finished Underworld: Evolution yesterday evening. That Marcus dude is freaky in bat form. I finally got one of my questions answered though, how does Selene walk in the sunlight in the Underworld: Awakening? Well, you find out in that movie! I’ve also been watching Frozen and loving Olaf more than I did the first time I watched it. I’m trying to catch myself up with Major Crimes as my mom is done watching it, I’ve been watching it on my own. Oh and I typed Legally Blonde last night and I was reliving my days at the hospital watching that movie nonstop. “….what are my boobs too big?” BEST. QUOTE. EVER! The movie’s got a lot of great quotes in it, but that’s got to be about the best.

 I’ve also been listening to a LOT of music lately too. Another band that I vividly remember saying I’d never get into has now have ahold of me. I’m now a fan of Asking Alexandria, it was just two songs at first and it’s two albums! Now that I’ve updated you on what’s been going on, I thought I’d counter out the bad with a little bit of good and post some pretty pictures. I haven’t been outside since everything happened so these pictures belong to my sister. I hope your week has been going better than mine but the week isn’t over yet so let’s keep our fingers and toes crossed that it continues to get better from here!