Tune Tuesday: India


I’ve got such a love for this week’s travels. It’s kind of like one of my best kept secrets. I love India! I got introduced to this beautiful country but accident. In the same time as my sister and I were obsessed with High School Musical movies, I was very into The Cheetah Girls. So when I saw the previews on their last movie they made, One World I was completely taken over by all of the bright colors, culture, the Hindu weddings, and surprisingly religions. I’ve actually watched quite a few documentaries on different topics about the people who live in India. I’ve actually obsessed Bollywood dances and music.  Now that I’ve said this though, since Bollywood music isn’t very popular here in the states, I haven’t been introduced to any artists or DJs in the last several years since the release of both One World and Slumdog Millionaire. So I kind of picked the only song I knew but if anybody knows any other songs please send them to me! I will love to hear them!

Jai Ho by A.R. Rahman featuring The Pussycat Dolls