Wedding In Autumn


The last wedding I went to, was in the late 90’s and I was under the age of 10. So I was dressed up in kid clothes and thought the sense of wedding was confusing. Now that I’m older and still single, wedding are something that’s just not on my radar very much. I was watching an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond one night and it was the episode that Amy asks Robert to help out with the invitations and Ray and Frank tell him to do an awful job on them so he wouldn’t have to do them anymore because Amy would just get mad at him and do it all herself. Well, I missed the ending of the episode so I didn’t get to see how it all worked out for him – with that family, I highly doubt it turned out like a good thing! One of the things that Ray says to Robbie is that Amy has been dreaming of her wedding day from a young age that she’ll do anything to make sure everything turns out the way she wishes.

As soon as I heard him say that, I literally thought to myself, not every woman dreams of her wedding from a young age. I sure as hell didn’t. It wasn’t until I was 17 or 18 years old before I started dreaming of decorations and my wedding dress. I had been watching Say Yes To The Dress and Platinum Weddings like a mad woman too! I was thinking of luxury and being a princess on my wedding day, which is freaky as I’d hate that now! It wasn’t until an episode of My Fair Wedding that kind of changed my outlook of what a wedding should look like and I’m not a country girl at all, but I thought a country like wedding set a sweet and cozy feel to the whole thing. The bride wanted sunflowers, cowboy boots, and mason jars as her center pieces. It was just a good easy wedding to have! That wedding ended up becoming one of my favorites! Now I’m going to my first wedding this fall and I will be legal to drink alcohol. I’ve seen movies (and even wrote) of relatives and friends getting so drunk  that they’ve basically ruined the reception. I’ve also heard of guests meeting their mate at weddings as well! Like I said too many movies! By the end of this thought I’m actually hoping my mom goes with me, but she will not be allowed to drink along with me.

My real concerns at the moment is what to wear. I’ve never been to a wedding as an adult before, so I know I can’t get a big formal dress like I did for my proms and I know you never want to overshadow the bride. So what you wear that’s nice, casual and flattering to a wedding in early autumn but late summer? Here it can be in the 80’s or the least it could be in the 50’s temperature wise. It can also be sunny as crap or partly cloudy with rain in the later part of the day. It just really depends! I asked my mom a few weeks ago, what do you wear to a wedding at this time and she said that you wear a dress. I’m not a very big fan of casual dresses because usually I don’t look as good as I’d like and getting in and out of the dress can be a hassle. I have been looking at these beautiful floral dresses at Wet Seal and Forever21 and thinking one of them can be a good idea. I am also a fan of jumpsuits, however I’ve never had one on before so I don’t have a clue or not if I’d actually look good in it. I do know that a nice regular T-shirt with one of my leggings just won’t cut it. Also I need help with my makeup. One of the things I’d like to do is wear a very bold shade of red lipstick as it’s on my bucket list and the bride said I should wear it for her wedding. That’s always nice to know of how much I’d like to wear it. What kind of eye makeup should I wear? I’m not a big makeup person so go easy on me, I’d rather not look like a clown here.

#FWF – Fire Breather


It’s been far too long since I’ve done my last FWF post. I’ve actually missed it. Is it weird that in the summer heat, we like to hold bonfires? I think of bonfires in the fall, because of the cooler weather in the evening. It’s just perfect climate for one and even though your eyes will just hate the embers and ash floating up above face the heat feels pretty good on your feet. Our neighbors have a pretty gnarly bonfire by the side of their house. It was quite nice because it wasn’t as hot and the sun was finally starting to go down, but the mosquitos were out causing havoc on my arms and feet. If they land on my arms or fingers, I can’t really feel them. I’ve got sensitive arms but it’s affected more underneath my hand instead of up top. So unless there is something crawling on my arms I can’t free it. Now on my feet, there’s a totally different story. A couple of weeks ago, I had three bites on three different toes and we didn’t have any itch cream and we didn’t get any until a few days ago when Blondie got helping of 165 bites on her body. 

This night was actually kind of special because my parents and I are usually never on this side of our neighbor’s house. I always thought they had a fireplace in their house but then they wouldn’t be calling it a bonfire if it was. I’m slow sometimes. This night was perfect. Chevy was in a mood to lay and sit on my mom and I’s laps and my neighbor had made this special drink. Since I’m still new to this drinking thing, I like to try new stuff but only drinking small sips! I’m pretty careful about this actually. Well, this drink was pretty good. Nice and cold, icy and flavorful. It was a orangeicle drink. It was awesome! It didn’t even burn my throat so I really liked it! Maybe if I remember I can ask her for the recipe and post it here for everybody! Besides that I sat next by the bonfire and enjoyed the heat of my freezing and sore feet also loved the embers float up to the sky and just disappear. We sat outside just listening to music and hearing the guy talk about different topics. The next day, I went out by the bonfire again but it wasn’t as big as it was the night before. The sun was still shining and it wasn’t hot but warm enough to overtake the heat of the fire.

That day I went from the barn to the bonfire to going on the walk with them. Little Chevy practically walked by me the whole time. It’s pretty adorable to have a toddler walking barefoot right beside a motorized wheelchair. I leaned down to her level so I could see her feet and so that she could still hear me. She had her hand on my arm rest, just hanging and walking at the same time. We’d let her hang on to the back of me but there the bar of the head rest that pokes out literally reaches the top of her head and we don’t want her to get hurt so she’s been doing this instead and I feel lots better about it. I’m still worried I’m going to run over her toes one day accidentally, that will pretty much break my heart right in half if that ever happens, but everybody is usually watching her whenever she’s around me so that’s good. I have a feeling she’s going to want to be more involved with this year’s fourth of July activities. I might actually have to share my sparklers with her and she’ll probably sit on my lap for the whole thing but I’m perfectly fine with that! Let me enjoy my piece of heaven!

Five Sentence Fiction: Dazzles


What it’s all about: Five Sentence Fiction is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist. Each week I will post a one word inspiration, then anyone wishing to participate will write a five sentence story based on the prompt word. The word does not have to appear in your five sentences, just use it for direction. I got my inspiration from the heavy metal band Butcher Babies fronted by two awesome chicks, Carla Harvey and Heidi Shepherd!

This week: DAZZLES

Kori was ready, the first day of her band’s new tour was about to start; she had been through hell from the very beginning of her career and now here she was with her band getting pumped up about playing a huge crowd that afternoon!

Stardust had only two EP’s and their first was about to release soon, but they had been on three different tours since they began working on their debut album and Kori was elastic to share the new material to their long time supporters and new fans they have gotten over in the last month after their first single hit the radio stations all over the country.

Kori and the guys were jumping around and shaking violently because of the mix of their excitement and nerves boiling up to the surface, but all vanished when they started making their way up to the stage and heard people chanting their names already!

Once the introduction was finished they all joined their drummer onstage and Kori greeted the crowd with her mic in hand, ready to jam and have some fun like they always do.

 After five minutes being outside, on the scorching stage, using all of her energy to the people below, she was dazzled by the sun and feeling the sweat travel down her forehead down to her eyes, it was actually giving her a headache and burning the inside of her eyes but nothing was going to stop her from enjoying this moment from being with her favorite people in the world.

Blogs That I Love #9


Welcome to Friday! How was everybody’s week? I hope it was excellent. Since it’s the end of the week, I always try to help promote blogs that I just love to look at and read over if they’ve been updated recently. This week I wanted to spread some love on some blogs I think I need to start reading again. I’ve got so many that a lot of other blogs don’t get the respect and attention they deserve. To change that I need to recognize and share them with you guys, especially for those of you who are looking for new blogs to read too! So if you don’t already follow these lovely people and their blogs, you really should!

  1. Chriscoli’s World – Emily is such a sweetie! She’s also got a second side to her that you wouldn’t expect. She looks like any other girl, but she works on plays, she has written different plays and their scripts. She has been in the newspaper a few times where she lives. She’s also an author. She released the book, Vee for Victory last year I think. I really need to read it because I’ve read some of the snippets she’s posted on her Twitter before and some of the reviews of different people on the Amazon website. One of these days I will read it! Her blog is about her life, whatever is on her mind really. She has blogged about healthy living as well! I think she’s wonder woman.
  2. MKG: Memories, Keepsakes, Gifts – This next blogger, I hate saying I’ve only been on her blog only a handful of times and she’s been a trustee reader of my blog. She’s always posting a comment on my blog and saying the most nicest things. I really do like her blog, I do. Marilyn is what I would consider a lifestyle blogger. I love the way she posts her pictures, they’re endless! But that’s a good thing especially since she’s talking about her vacation right now. It just makes me wish I was out taking a vacation too, but we all know I wouldn’t be able to stay clear from my blog. She’s probably doing the exact same thing or thinking about her blog while she was out and about, we all do!
  3. Persnickety Mama – Lisa is another wonder woman, I think all of the bloggers on this post are wonder women in their right! Lisa is a mother of one, trying to run a business and find different things to keep herself occupied throughout the rest of her free time. She and I bonded over our fondness of DIY crafts on Pinterest. She has a lot of sewing and little art posts. My favorite of her stuff are her recipes actually, I find food posts are just addicting as watching both Food and Cooking channels on TV. She has to change up her diet as she has to eat gluten-free food. She’s done a couple of posts about French Macaroons and it has me waiting to not only eat one but also make them too! I even have that on my Bucket list!

My Lessons In Walking

10154268_700590980005235_8995835446893024291_nIt’s Throwback Thursday and I wanted to do something special for everybody. I’ve talked about this before but didn’t actually think we had pictures of it until my nana posted a few of these on her Facebook. Do you know I actually used a walker once in my life? It was years ago, but I did do it. When I was in the fourth grade I was at my wit’s end with myself about not being able to walk like my friends, so I talked my therapists and my family into letting me get a walker to do for a few sessions. I thought it was pretty cool to be into something that could possibly get me to walking on my feet like everybody else. On soft surfaces it was the easiest thing to move around and do whatever I wanted, but then after a while it was like swimming. Everything had an uncomfortable spot. If you’re butt wasn’t even on the seat then your pants and the straps would make things complicated to move your leg over.

When I had my surgeries that next year, I had to take a year off of anything hardcore as everybody was very cautious about if I made one false turn my rods would burst out of my back. Of course, I was very concerned about my back too but I’m not the type of person to let something keep me back long. It’s back enough that for three whole years I had to rely on somebody to help me sit up. I never got back to my ole self by getting myself from the floor to the bed. Even though we did try to work on that last summer, things didn’t really work well. The only thing that I still know how to do is get me off my bed and the couches. Everything had to sit back and watch me heal up. When I hit middle school, I wanted to get back into walking again. Well, one of the things that was different from going to elementary to middle school was that certain teachers were not so happy letting the therapists take me out of their classes and walking in a walker with already bad wheels, on carpet was just evil. When we practiced that first year, we went into the gym. When I was in sixth grade everything I wanted to happen just came to shierking halt and it was just devastating to me. I wasn’t strong enough to move around on the carpet with being barefoot and wearing sneakers. I actually ignored my feelings of feeling defeated until it was like last two weeks of school and I wanted to show my friends that I could walk like them, but they were all watching a movie and nobody wanted to see me walk. It kind of hurt me to see everybody that I had always admired not caring about it like I thought they would. I think an hour later I told my therapist I was done with it.

10157306_700589686672031_8932794475012401941_nAs I look back on my time on it, I just wish embracing my beauty in the wheelchair came that easy! For certain things, I tend to get a lot faster. I had always heard that “beauty is pain” and so I think I just accepted being uncomfortable in the walker. It wasn’t so much about being in it and around my friends that made me hate it. It was mostly the fact that when we were taking these pictures, it was gym class and they were playing volleyball. It was a scary experience for me even though I had my aide, physical therapist, mom, and nana in the room watching over me, anything with balls of the size of my head scared the living crap out of me. While I sit in my wheelchair, I feel very empowered and less scared by anything, in this I was much shorter and there was nothing really there to protect me. I still don’t understand why everybody wanted me to join in that day. I usually do other stuff whenever they did these sorts of games anyways.

Sometimes I feel like there are some similarities between doing the walker and the regular push wheelchairs. Besides the no seatbelts, I still have to drag my feet out below and use my toes as my guide. I am still spinning in circles by only using one foot. My back and neck hurt because the back part of the seats are weird and too short for me to relax my body in and both have four wheels that squeal like monkeys everytime I moved around. In a way, I think I belong in my powered wheelchair. I’m more mobile to get from place to place then being in both a push wheelchair and down on the floor. I have always felt like a total badass being in my chair, nobody really messed with me while I’m in it and everybody seems to get out of my way a lot easier knowing I could potentially run over their feet. I just feel very different from all three of them, one gave me a wake up call, one has its ups and downs, and the other just makes me feel like a total badass. I wouldn’t want to change my life. After my experience with trying to “walk” in this thing, I think walking is completely overrated.

Monster In Laws

lessonsI don’t know why but I’m on this kick to watch only but Everybody Loves Raymond whenever I’m eating. I’m surprised I haven’t got choked on my food considering of some of the episodes that my mom has on her DVR. Within the last two days I’m seriously surprised that I didn’t get choked because they were just hilarious! When my family got on ELR kick I fully stayed away from it, because I did not like Frank and Marie. They annoyed the living hell out of me and so I basically stayed away from it, but I have been a little bored with the shows on my DVR so thankfully I can switch over to my parent’s shows on their DVR and watch them in my room. I swear for like the last two or three weeks that’s all I have been watching. Majority of them have been there since last Christmas and Thanksgiving so there are holiday episodes and I’m happy to say I’m finally over those, but I just watched this episode where those quotes came from yesterday afternoon and so I thought they would be the perfect way to bring a little bit of humor to this post!

From the time I was thirteen, I have dreamt of having a family and have been thinking of different names to give to my future kids. It’s a normal thing at that age, as long as you don’t end up pregnant around that age it was normal back then. When my papaw started watching the show and talking about it with my mom and dad, I started to pushed myself away from it. Because I thought it was stupid, the over-bearing mother who gives more attention to the younger son than the other and the husband who is a stubborn ole goat with no manners for mankind, but has a gentle side like a kitten. He’s just selective on when he wants to open up like that. Whenever I’d think about getting married, I’d totally forget about the in-laws. I mean, come on! If anybody has watched ELR and is still single, you are trying to avoid marrying a person because you’re afraid you’re going to end up with in-laws like Frank and Marie Barone. Don’t blame you though, because that’s mainly my reason why I don’t want to get married. From a young age, I never really saw a wedding in my near future, if I did it was always blurry and too perfect for my taste. It just wouldn’t happen that way. In my head, I never met my in-laws because I haven’t exactly met “the one” yet either so I have nobody to see just yet or get a feeling if they’re going to be the Barone family or not.

I am afraid of marrying somebody though, because they not only get to deal with me and my baggage but my family is a hoot too. We’re like a package of brownie, we’re full of nuts! I don’t think we’re as bad as the Barone family but I think we’re close. We don’t have a “Marie” character, all of the women in my mom’s side have motherly sides to them but it isn’t as bad as I guess it could be. I don’t think I should say anything about the males because I’ll just get into trouble but at times they did have some characteristics of Frank. For example, wearing stretching pants at the dinner table, addicted to sports, and stubborn as hell at times. Frank said everything that he had in his head and Marie was quiet to him. Something that nobody in my family would actually do. I feel like my family is more like Ray and Debra than anybody else. Ray and Debra had a strong connection but weren’t afraid to say what was on their minds. I know in different generations it’s different in general. You’re raised to do different things but I know I just don’t want to deal and I’m pretty sure my future spouse doesn’t want to deal with anybody like is the Barone family.