My Day With The Munchkins: Round 2

I’ve had a long weekend, even though it’s just now Sunday. I started mine on Friday. I had borrowed more nail polish from my nana again and that night, my m860824366om packed up everything I would need and somehow I got no sleep whatsoever that night before. I’ve had tons of trouble getting sleep this week, so I was a bit worried about my cranky-ness the night day, but I did better than I had hoped for. I have been looking and worried about finding anything arts and crafts to do with little kids, but everything that I found on Pinterest seemed to need scissors, glue, and etc I’m not so comfortable with having them using both of those things considering how little they are and to be honest, I have never mastered how to use scissors either. I can do a lot of things except for that! I ended up not bringing anything because I kept stressing myself out about it. It kind of ended in my favor until the next day and when Aiden asked if I had brought anything with me and when I told him “no” he told me that I never do anything with him and it basically broke my heart right in half. The next time I go over there, I will do my best to find something for the both of them to do and enjoy, even if it means buying coloring books or printing some pages off at the library. I will do something next time. That’s my little vow to myself now.

860837357Aiden might not have enjoyed the visit, even though he was my little movie buddy later on that first night. Katie was my little buddy, she is definitely likes to paint my nails. I put something on my Facebook status late Saturday evening about when Katie surprised me big time. I don’t know why I have never asked the question if they had nail polish or not, I just started bringing them over and we did the ones I brought. Well, Katie had just got done painting my nails with three polishes of mine. I used a nice tan, black, and glittery polishes. Maci seemed to like my toes a lot more than she did the last time. After Katie got done painting my toes, she picked out my nana’s hot pink polish which I knew she’d love but she said “hold on, let me look at my mom’s polishes and see if I can find a glittery pink.” After that I swear everything was a little bit blurry. This small girl brought out this huge makeup like case into the kitchen and unlocked and opened it to three shelves of nothing but different colors of nail polishes. I thought I was in heaven. You don’t know how much of a girly girl you really are until somebody brings out a box full of nail polishes right in front of you. I swear they had tons of glittery and bold red polishes. I’m not much of a glittery nail polish person but I definitely embraced both features in those two days there. Kristen let me have this beautiful Emerald green and I have literally wanted that type of green polish for a year now, I don’t know why but it looks so mysterious. It was also the first one to catch my eye when she opened the case. So don’t be surprised that later next month if I have dark green toe nails.

 860839249That night we had supper, they grilled out and we had grilled chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes, and cottage cheese. I had chips and half a bag of sour gummy worms and I still ate more than I expected to. After that we went back into the living room, where we spent the rest of our evening. They have Netflix on their TV’s and I was allowed to watch whatever I wanted to–no joke! I decided Disney movies was the way to go especially since I was sitting on the couch with the kids. We ended watching three movies, The Arstoicats, Hercules, and the beginning of The Croods. While we were watching Hercules little Aiden kept asking questions, and I’ve got to say explaining Greek mythology to two kids under the age of ten was a little more complicated than I realized but I still got through it. The last movie we watched, that was the kids’ pick and by that time I was lying on the couch and lucky for them I had never seen it so I was trying my best to keep my eyes open as long as I could. It’s kind of weird to discuss the years each movie came out and how far back I’ve been alive with them. They were a little obsessed with that since the first two movies were movies that I was into as a kid, I kind of figured they’d never seen them before so I let my inner child shine that evening.

I didn’t sleep a wink that night either. Even though it wasn’t too bad, I was comfortable but I still have that problem with getting my mind to shut off. I almost wanted to text my cousin Kristi “sorry” because whenever I slept over at her house I didn’t have a problem at finding some sleep at night, I would be the one to pass out first actually! I think I woke up four times, but I kept hearing the kids TV from upstairs and that’s what woke me up that morning. I had breakfast with the kids, Katie fed me cinnamon toast crunch with no milk, I usually never have milk in my cereal unless it’s Honey Bunches of Oats or Raisin Brain. I know I’m weird! Anyways after that I decided to let Katie paint my finger nails since I kept thinking about all of the different colors inside that trunk. I still can’t believe I have a pastel color on my nails but I do. Inside the orange bottle, it didn’t look like it was going to be really bright like a neon orange, but it did turn out that way. In that picture above, I have two fing860839445ers orange well on my other hand I have two blue fingers and all four those fingers were matched with their glittery polish, since both were attached two a 2 in 1 packaging. So the orange has fiery glitter and the other had silver glitter instead. I’m really liking the baby blue color on my nails that I might have to get a similar color like it.

I only got to paint Katie toes, because during this time we were listening to music on her little radio. It was so cute and she loves the normal kid stuff, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and of course Justin Bieber. We sat in the kitchen listening and singing along. It was like I was getting another little sister. It was so sweet, after we were done with her toes. Casey put Maci in the kitchen so she could see what we were doing, he got her a yogurt to eat since she kept wanting to grab everything. Katie started off feeding her and then I offered to do it, and I can officially say I can feed a one year old. I think she liked me doing it too, since she hardly tried to grab the spoon or the carton. Katie had the job of wiping her off and kept her entertained mid bite as she kept dancing behind me. She turned on one of her Britney Spears albums and we kept dancing to try to get Maci to dance too. She did do a lot of dance and shaking her hands around, I think she liked the fact I was singing to her too. She kept staring at me with her cute different facial reactions. After we finished with the yogurt and our lunch, we went back into the living room and the next thing I knew my mom was there to pick me up. Blondie came to help lift my wheelchair down the step they have going into their house. Maci has become her “homie” as she kept giving her kisses and hugs. Blondie’s not that keen with babies, but she has seem to click with Miss Maci and that just never happens. Blondie didn’t want to give her back. I think the visit was again another success. Despite the arts and crafts part, but everything seemed to work out fine and dandy.