Five Sentence Fiction: Moon

What it’s all about: Five Sentence Fiction is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist. Each week I will post a one word inspiration, then anyone wishing to participate will write a five sentence story based on the prompt word. The word does not have to appear in your five sentences, just use it for direction.

This week: MOON

The young girl is sick and in her hospital room, she coughs and blows her nose into a tissue, she feels so miserable.

She has no energy whatsoever and wets her bed at night; she feels the weight of the world on her shoulders because she can’t get up and do things that she could do before she got sick.

Her sleep is so messed up, the sun is her enemy and the moon is her best friend; nobody can go on the sun of the fear of burning alive, but since she was already running a high fever she thinks she could survive the heat.

If she went on the moon, she wouldn’t have to worry about energy, there wasn’t gravity there, and it would be cool to the touch; it might cure the sickness inside of her body.

She looked out her window at night and dreamt of stepping on the moon, leaving her footprints and being able to breathe without a mask; she dreamt of heaven.

The Connection – Part 13

Claire loved spending time with her older sister and nieces, but when Brenda told her to go home and rest. She didn’t hesitate whatsoever. She needed a break from life. Matt was talking to her less and less. She could have stopped this from happening, but that’s how it always ended up. She would ruin a good thing before it got even better. At the end of each of her relationships, she’s usually out looking for another boy to have for a one night stand. Yup, little Claire Middleton was that type of girl too. It only happened when she was depressed and funny thing was, the last guy she slept with was Matt. The dude she cheated on with Matt was some random guy her friend knew because he was in a band. She didn’t sleep with him because that wasn’t her style. The guy wasn’t her type and yes, she actually had a tape too. Everything about her surroundings that night, wrote “Claire” in captial letters. Maybe she was in love Matt and she just didn’t know it then. When she got into her car, she turned it on but switched her radio off. She wanted to sit in the quiet and let her mind wander around. She thought about Chloe and the fact that she hasn’t talked to anybody since Brenda yelled at her. She thought of Brenda and her nieces fixing dinner and wondered if John was already cheating on Brenda again after three days of not being able to come home. And lastly but not least, Matt. What was he doing? Was he with Samantha? Did he miss her as much as she missed him? Sometimes Claire regretted her decision to let her mind wander around and think about things that could be different in reality. Chloe could make up with Hank and forgiven him already. Brenda could be doing her worst and John could be at the house sleeping in their bed with her. And maybe, just maybe Matt could be alone. It wasn’t likely for any of these to be true, but inside she had some hidden hope in her heart.

When she got back to her apartment, it still smelled like the day before Chloe and Hank’s wedding. Which was three weeks ago. Damn, lots of things could happen in those three weeks that could change a lot of things for a lot of people. She went inside and parted a path, as that last night she spent there Matt couldn’t make it because he was still pretty pissed off at her for what she had done prior to the wedding. He had moved out of her apartment and packed up most of his stuff. When she made it to her small kitchen, memories of simple love came flooding back to her. She was trying her best to ignore her feelings, but the whole place had still smelt like Matt’s cologne that he loved wearing around her. He had been wearing it for years because she remembered the first time she noticed he had it on when they were in middle school together. According to him, he was trying to impress another girl in one of his other classes and that’s when Claire jealously perked up. That could have been her warning right there, but she had chosen to not believe in the lie called love. In her family, love was hard to come by and even back then it was never in the books for her. Every memory of her wanting to be around Matt back in school came back to her and she so desperately wanted to give in and cry, but that wasn’t her at all.

Matt wasn’t taking things lightly either. Despite feeling like it could happen to them whichever way they attempted to make their relationship work, something would ruin it. Matt had plenty of time to unpack his things. He was living with one of his friends from college, he offered to let him stay anytime he wanted to before he and Claire had started dating. So when he got word of what happened, Doug, said it was perfectly fine and that he’d get their buddies together and he be back on the dating scene in one time. Although, being in a relationship or having just a one night stand wasn’t something he was looking forward to. He just gave a slight smile and unloaded his stuff into the extra room in the small apartment. He didn’t want to give up on Claire, he knew a relationship wouldn’t work out as they hoped it would, but he was hoping they’d still be able to be friends. So every chance he wasn’t getting told by his new roommate about a new girl he’s seen around is single and the fact that word had traveled so fast out west that his old girlfriend Samantha had heard about the break up. Samantha was a good girl, someone his mother would very much appreciate marrying him one day, but Samantha was a very high maintenance woman. She liked to spend money on only herself, and made everything about her. So did Claire, but it was only when it came to relationships. Samantha was the type of woman who saw all of her partners in life as dollar bill signs, and Matt’s family wasn’t exactly rich, but yet this woman still wanted money from him. Thankfully, she wasn’t buying drugs with the cash he did give her at times.

That was what so different between both women. Claire’s family wasn’t rich. The only thing she was raised on was the fact that her sisters were her lifeline. They were a pack of alpha female wolves ready to attack anybody that threatened their territory. You messed with one, you messed with them all. That included Hank too. Matt and Hank had created a pretty good friendship over the years and knows Hank wouldn’t really do anything to him, but maybe scare him a little bit. Matt wasn’t the type of guy to hurt his partners in any shape or form. Hank knew Claire very well. If any sadness she was going through, it was entirely her fault. Matt kept a short leash on their friendship, because he didn’t know how well Claire would be able to take this kind of break up. This was new to the both of them. They’ve never dated their best friends before, so they didn’t know how to get their friendship back on track. So Matt dreaded lightly and send out a couple of texts to Claire every now and then, to see how badly their friendship was now. As he looked back then his phone, he reread the same texts over and over again. He seriously was in love with his best friend, but with her past, he doubted there could be anything left for them. Claire thought the same too.

While Claire walked in and out of all the rooms in her apartment, not checking to see if he took anything, because he wasn’t the type of person to steal from a friend. No matter how pissed off he was at her. She went into all four rooms checking to see if he forgot anything that would make come back. Sadly, he had remembered everything. Even his toothbrush and cologne. He did love his cologne though! When she walked back into the bathroom, she changed out of her clothes and noticed that she still hadn’t had her time of the month yet. Knowing what kind of life she led, by cheating on every relationship she’s ever had. This kind of thing always scared the shit out of her. She’s two big scares in her life, and for one ended with a miscarriage after her ex decided that he wasn’t ready to be a father. When she looked into her bathroom mirror, she remembered the pain on her face and back of her head. Plus, the emotional pain that she endured when she found out that he had pushed her down a flight of stairs that he swears now was an accident, but instantly killed the baby. She wasn’t that far along in the pregnancy but she had heard the baby’s heartbeat a week before everything happened. The only person that actually knew she was pregnant at all was Matt. She didn’t want to tell anybody in her family by the fact she’d just get a big lecture out of them. She went through her small cabinet and tried to find a pregnancy test, but she didn’t have one on hand. Which meant if she doesn’t start soon, she’d have to get a check up and make sure before she ruins something else for Matt.

As Matt went back to his life as a college kid. He couldn’t stop thinking about Claire. He missed her. He missed everything about her, even the things he hated about her. As he sat in his three-hour English course, he sat in his chair, daydreaming about the future. It was weird to still have her in his mind as he thought the future. Somehow they were still connected that made them closer than they were before. He couldn’t explain it, but everybody around him worried about him. His new roommate Doug, tried his best to make this newly single men one of the biggest douchebags on campus. So he was trying to teach him his ways in life. Luckily, Matt grew up with an older brother that acted just like Doug. This is how Matt’s brother Greg has two kids with two different women. Matt never saw them because they lived in different states. Greg moved a lot after he moved out when he was eighteen. When Matt turned eighteen, he was still living at home with his parents. He helped out around the family business and still does whenever he goes home on breaks. His family genuinely loved Claire, but only as a friend to their son. Yeah, even they knew about her past. Matt could always see passed her flaws and that made her the most beautiful person in the world to him. A little buzz vibrated in his back pocket as his professor talked to the large class, it was from Claire. The text wasn’t something he expected but then again it don’t come that big of a shock to him either.

She was really pregnant. She sat up from letting her doctor see how many weeks she was along. She told Claire that she might be around nine weeks pregnant. Which made her worry a little bit. Two weeks ago, as Brenda was feeling depressed about how badly her life was going, she shared some wine with her baby sister. “You should be fine. As long as you don’t have anymore in the next coming months, the baby should be healthy.” her doctor said in a concerned but sweet voice. She could sense Claire was worried, but she was hoping Claire was smart enough to be with somebody different this time around unlike the last time. “Okay.” Claire said in a very calm voice. How in the world could this happen? After the first two times she didn’t think she could ever get pregnant again. “You should come back in two weeks and we should get a better look on what the fetus measures at and maybe even what the sex is too.” her doctor said to her, still in sweet voice. Claire was distanced, but kind of excited too. She desperately wanted her last baby after she thought she was pregnant the first time. “Thank you.” Claire said and they gave each other a small hug before her doctor gave a slip of paper that she was supposed to get some vitamins from the drugstore. She was trying to wrap herself around that the fact she was pregnant, but now that she knew for sure. She had to tell Matt, since he was the last person she slept with at that time. She felt bad, but she knew it would be safer to tell him while he was back at college.