Resolutions In Three Words

So how was everybody’s first day of the new year? Why is it everytime we begin a new year, it feels like we are back in school? I mean think about it, at the beginning of the year after summer has ended, you told everybody around you that you’d try harder this year in your classes. That sounds like an awful lot like making a resolution at the end of the year. Just hoping for a better start, because that’s what we’re all looking for when it changes like this. Plus, by the end of the first week, you know you’re going downhill on what you hoped for, but the only difference is that when students get back to school, teachers usually don’t give you anything to take home until that next Tuesday. So for everybody in junior and high school, they’re still going strong longer than you. Here’s another thing though, they always say that once you break it, you can’t get it back. Who said that? You can always keep that resolution, it doesn’t matter if you’ve broken it once or twice. It matters as long as you continue to try to keep it. I’ll give you the perfect example to what I’m saying. Last year, I made it my resolution to blog once of everyday. It didn’t matter if it was just a picture, quote, a short story, or something that happened that day. I missed four days out of 365 days, I think that’s pretty great for me. After I missed that first day I thought about giving up on the whole thing but then I thought, “why?” That one little word motivated me to keep going and even after missing three more days, I still went on. So don’t worry about breaking your resolution or after getting one or two “D” in your classes. It’s not the end of the world, keep going. Don’t lose hope for yourself. Some future advice a “D” isn’t failing, you’re still passing. It’s the “F” you gotta worry about more than anything! Thankfully, you don’t get graded in real life!

For this year, I would like to try to blog everyday like I did last year. I think it was good for some days to push myself to sit up and find an inspiring quote or random thought and publish it for everyone to read. It’s very weird still to see the time and date on the right side say “1/1/2014” because I’m still thinking it’s December. You start a new chapter of your life and you have 364 days to make it memorable. I shared something yesterday, if you could choose three words to reflect your goals in 2014, what would they be? Well, the three words I picked have a very specific meaning and they all kind of intertwine with each other. I started writing a story and if you have been reading the sections or chapters, thank you. For ones who don’t or have no clue the reason why I talk about it so much is because of this. While I was in high school, I wrote little stories, but only worked on her a month or so. Once I was done with it, that was it. I never looked back at it. When we’re writing a story on your blog, I think it motivates you to keep going with it. It’s not the views that makes you want to continue on with it, it’s just the love of the characters you have for them and you want not only see where they end up but you want to see where you end up too. I guess I’m more afraid of ending and stopping in the middle of the story and wondering if these characters–sisters–will see the light and be ready to fully accept love altogether. All three sisters are a different part of me, Brenda is my hope of a family, but scared my spouse will leave me for somebody else. Chloe is my will to love and being naive and never wanting to let go of the past. Claire is my hatred towards love and how afraid I really am to let myself love somebody else and have them want to be around me. I would like to see who has the brighter future and see where I go at the end.

So here are my resolutions that I will probably break once or twice. I will hopefully be able to bring myself back up again if I do break. As long as I don’t give in completely, I will move on with my story. Oh, and those three words were being patience with not only myself but with the characters themselves. I need to keep up with my positive thoughts. That’s mostly just me. Last word is dream. I need these characters to come to life again and the one way I know how to do that is to dream ¬†about them and how they would feel about their solutions, decor of building and houses. I need more details and more pictures of their faces. To end this post, I say never give up hope for yourself and resolutions, wishes, goals, whatever you wanna call them. You can break them, just don’t give up on them. I wish you all good luck and hope you do the same for me. Because I’m going to need it.