#FWF – Alison


It’s the first Friday of the new year and that means it’s time for Free Write Friday! And Kellie has decided for us to do another one of those “time and place” and she wants us to talk about the first day of junior high. I think it would be a lot easier for me if it was the first day of high school, because I don’t really remember sixth grade all that much. I remember a few things, but the very first day is a blur so I’m going to make up something for this one instead. I hope you all enjoy!

It was about 7:30am, summer had ended and it was time to go back to school. I was still sadden with the fact I’ll be going to another school this year and for next several years of my life. I remember thinking last year, riding on the bus, and loving the fact that I was the first to be let off the bus because I was still in Elementary. Now I have to wait with the rest of the older kids as my little brothers get to enjoy their recesses and easy classes. I have to sit on this silly bus for another half hour and find my way to my locker to put away my backpack and jacket. After that I have to find my home room teacher and hope I don’t lost in the chaos of other students running around to their classes. It all makes me very nervous to be around more people and new teachers. In Elementary, you’re used to having only one teacher all day long, but here you have a total of eight different teachers throughout the day. That’s eight times the trust you have to give in order to feel safe within them. It’s all easier said than done.

As soon as the bus stops in the parking lot of my new school. It only stops to let the older kids from the high school go to their parking spots. They seem to be in a hurry, but yet it takes them forever to get out of the cars. There are now probably twenty kids on my bus being dropped off. The middle schoolers are dropped off before the underage high schoolers. They get an extra five minutes of sleep before our bus driver puts on her brakes again. When the bell rings, everybody runs off the bus but me. I am too shaken to move as fast as them. I walk down the long and already crowded hallway full of other kids at their lockers. I walk down a few more hallways until I see a familiar hallway of lockers, they aren’t the same size as the ones I had just passed by. They are stacked up from top to bottom. Mine is on the bottom on the left, teachers are there at the top of the ramp talking to one another and helping students who can’t get their lockers to open. I am too shy to ask for help if I needed it. I try three times before the latch unhook and by then, the first warning bell rings. Others pass by me and I take off my jacket and stuff it inside along with my backpack. It looks as though nothing else will fit inside. Once I’m finished I slam it shut and walk away heading towards my first class of the day.

When I reach the right classroom after checking the numbers at the side twice to see if I was right or not. I walk in to see that everybody had picked out their seats and there was only seat left and it had to be in the front row. Everybody in that class was enjoying talking to each other before our teacher came in. The last bell rang and our teacher comes in a mad dash and closes the door. I already feel smothered and alone. I have nobody I know around me and they are ignoring me until our first teacher of the day start talking, “Good morning class. I am both your home room and Social Studies teacher, Mrs. Cooper. I thought that since we have a few minutes and that it is the first day of school, I thought we’d get to know each other better. So let’s go around the room and introduce ourselves and give a small speech about yourself or what you did over the summer. So let’s start with you. What is your name?” Oh thank you god, she started with the kid with the green glasses first! “Me, um, well my name is Sean and I am, well I used to be an only child in my family until over the summer when my dad and his new wife had a baby girl. So now I have a little sister.” Sean said, in a shallow voice. “Aw, that’s so sweet! What did they name her?” Mrs. Cooper said as she sat on the edge of her desk. “I think, Erica.” Sean said as he turned around to the side and stared at everybody. “Well, thank you for such a sweet little story. Next.”  Mrs. Cooper says as she goes down to the next student behind Sean.

Three rows and fourteen kids later, it was the time I was really dreading. It was about to be my time and after hearing everybody’s summer and life stories, I’m beginning to think I’m over my head a little. Mrs. Cooper has tried to keep the stories short with each students and if she hadn’t kept talking about a certain subject here and there, we might’ve finished this up a long time ago. “Ok, next.” Oh god, well here we go! “Um, hi, my name is Alison and I spent most of my summer at a institution where I was there for serve depression. I wanted to kill myself is the right way to say it I guess. After spending two and a half months there I came home to find two of my family members had passed away of different causes, my parents had separated and my little brothers were living at my dad’s because he didn’t want them around me in case I relapsed.” The entire room was silent. As Alison sat in her chair and looked at the floor, she glanced over at Mrs. Cooper deep red shoes and she kneeled down to reach my eye level. “I am so sorry you had such an awful time over the summer Alison. I hope you continue to get better and if you need anything, anything at all. You let me know, okay?” After ruining my parents’ marriage and hardly seeing my brothers, this was different. She was actually caring about me. As nobody seemed to do that anymore. I ignored the whispers and stares surrounding me as Mrs. Cooper got back and moved on to the person who sat behind me and so on.

Three other classes down. Science, Math, and English all done for the day. In Science and Math we were handed our books for each class and assigned seats. I sit next to a small blonde girl of the name Rebecca and she acts like the opposite of Cinderella. She felt like a princess and is probably called that from her daddy, but she is far from it. I can tell she’ll be trouble for me later on in life. The other is a thin brunette by the name of Courtney. When our teacher Mr. Whitehead told her where she’ll be seating, she actually smiled at me. After fighting my way through the depression of feeling like I didn’t have any friends, it’s hard to trust people at the first glance. Epesically after you tell them about your horrible summer in the first class of the year. My English was fairly the same too. It had some new people in there, but everybody had already known about what I decided to come clean before three hours ago. The whispers and people making an effort to stay away from me wasn’t the best thing in the world, but there was something that made it better though. The boy named Sean that was asked to talk about himself in first period was in that class and actually sits by me in this class. He’s nice and talks about guys stuff, but lucky for him being around two younger brothers has made more of a tomboy than a girly girl. The other girl who I sit by in Science, Courtney. She sits behind me and the three of us had some fun conversations during our free time.

Lunch was something that every student looks forward to the most, but after being bold. I didn’t think there would be anybody who would want to sit next to me. After getting my tray and walking towards the tables. The wondering eyes were back in plain sight and you could take that nobody was willing to let me sit at their table. Until, that is, I found Sean and Courtney in the back right corner of the cafeteria. They were practically waving at me to get my attention. When I finally noticed them, I actually smiled. Finally I was able to make some friends unlike last year. Once I was over at their table, they cleared a path on the table for my tray. When I sat down, I was introduced to six other kids who dressed in dark clothing and had their headphones in their ears. Courtney was sitting next to one of the boys on the opposite side, “hey, Alison, this is my boyfriend Tyler. Tyler this is my new friend Alison.” Courtney said as she struggled to get Tyler’s attention. “What’s up, Ali?” Tyler said as he nodded to the music in his ears. “It’s Alison and nothing much.” I said back to him. He completely ignored Courtney and I and replaced us with his music and buddies beside him. “Hey, Alison. My name is Derek. You’re in my Literature class right?” Derek said, he sat on the same side as Courtney and Tyler, but farther down the table. He was tan and looked like he enjoyed summer break a lot more than I did. “Yeah, I am. I’m a little excited for that class.” I said back, just trying to make conversation. “How’s so?” Derek said as he gave a slight grin. “I like reading; after what happened over the summer, I just kind of got back into it. I was never into reading in Elementary.” I said back to him, as the others were busy talking to each other. “Yeah well, at least one of us will like that class.” He said as he broke his attention off of her to another one of his friends.

Literature was next on my list. Just getting there was a struggle. Everybody running around back and forth, nobody watching where they were going. One person actually tripped me when I was heading towards the door. My books flew out of my hands and landed head first into the carpet. However, that wasn’t the worst. Everybody had time to laugh and point at me while I was on the floor. I tried to quickly recover, but as I was getting up I felt sore and then the bell had rung. I was late for the class and nobody bothered to help me. When I slowly walked into the classroom, the teacher looked at me and said that, “this is the only time where you wouldn’t be considered tardy Miss Thomas.” Thanks for the warning! After that mess was over, I sat down in my seat. I actually got a seat in the back until she decided to assign seats for us and I was in the middle. Right between Derek, Tyler, and Rebecca. This seemed like a lovely idea at first, but then Rebecca and her small pose kept looking at me, up and down. Looking for any flaws from the fall I had endured just minutes ago. “All right, I want everybody to get out your notebooks and write me a fiction story about how your summer went but you are not allowed to name names. Make everything up, but the exact details of your summer.” I started looking around for Sean, but he wasn’t in there. Neither was Courtney. I was alone and everybody knew what was to be on mine. As others were thinking of what to include in their paper, I became writing mine like a diary format to another character, possibly a relative of some sort. After twenty minutes go by, I got out of my seat and handed it to her. Everybody chose to stop what they were doing and watched out teacher read it. The teacher read it and told the other students to keep going. This woman had some poker face on her. 

I’m sorry after ending that paragraph, any really good ideas I had from yesterday has went away. So I’m stopping here. Maybe I’ll finish it another time, but right now I cannot. I hope you all understand.