Lazy Day With Midget

It has been a boring Saturday. It probably doesn’t help that I’ve basically felt like crap the entire day either. I don’t have any of my normal good energy like I usually have on a daily basis, but I have tried to give up a clear mind which has worked for most of the day. I finally finished The Hunger Games and I am still emotional about Rue’s death like I was when I first watched it. In the mist of watching it, I kind of lost something while I was wrapped in my blankets. I literally looked everywhere around my bed and could not find it for the life of me. That’s when I realized I am too weak to be up and searching for something that my dad or Blondie could easily find for me, but after scooting around my bed, moving my blankets (all three) and moving my pillows (only two) and I still couldn’t find it. So I kind of gave up and went back to my movie, but when it was over I tried going through the damn blankets again and I found what I was looking for, and no, it wasn’t my iPod so you can breathe now

Midget also known as “Bear” and “Baby” has been around me throughout the whole day. She’s been into attacking my laptop screen and the cursor. The day she realizes she can move the mouse herself with her paw, will be the best day ever. Everytime she goes around me she sitting in the space between my legs. I have a hard time pushing her back. The day she learns to jump in front of my foot will be the day I might kill her. It’s bad enough her brother has already tried that and recently. Dad was not happy about that and neither was I, but anyways, she basically gave me a pedicure or medi, I’ve never had either one so I have no idea which is which. She tried to clean my whole right foot, I guess she’s trying to say “open this damn screen again so I can kill the mouse!” because you know she’s not doing it because she loves me. That’s just too nice. She’s got her good moments, but it’s rare especially now that Blondie’s home this weekend.