Trifextra: The First Time I Saw

It’s been a while since I’ve actually done anything related to Trifecta. I was on Twitter a little bit ago and saw a few of the other people I follow back and they posted their little entries. This week its Trifextra and it was a little difficult for me. I’m a little rusty after taking some time off doing any counting of words. One thing that I wasn’t expecting to do was count not only the words in my story but also the syllables as well. So everything has to be a single syllable and I’ve got to say, this will probably one of the worst ones you will read, but at least I tried it out. They gave you the first few words and then you had to continue on and you should have 38 in all. You would think having a number like “38” would be a good thing. Eh, no, but thank God for the word count button on Microsoft Word or there would be no way in hell, I’d ever be able to do any of these at all. So I hope you enjoy it!

“The first time I saw the flames rise up to the sky. I heard the screams from the crowd, they cried for what they were to leave in the past. Was it a dream? Where was their hero?”