My Wednesday Review

Today has been another day of thinking of new days for the future three sections in my “What Is Love?” and lucky for you I went to my nana’s house and she kind of helped a little more than she and I, both thought she would. I kind of let her on some thoughts I’ve had locked in my mind for the past couple of days. So even though I had two sections saved as drafts on here, I’ve been thinking about the last things before I can publish on here. So I’ve got to say I’ve had a pretty good day, even though there were some things that I wished I could do over. Sleeping until 10am, would be one of them! However, I don’t think my parents minded that I slept in a little bit. Tomorrow will be a different story. Anyways, while I was at my nana’s all I did (sometimes ever do!) is eat and talk. It can be a hundred different topics in about ten to twenty minutes. Since my folks took my sister back to school, I was there for probably three or four hours. You are allowed to feel bad for both of my grandparents if you want! My papaw did his daily, “Meghan, you know you never have much to say” get up like he always does that instantly puts a smile on my face. By the third hour or so, my brain went empty and thankfully my mom had asked me if I wanted to bring my e-reader along and I said, “yes” just because I knew I’d run out of something to say. It doesn’t usually happen, but when it does I think it’s nice to have back-up. Even if it’s a good book!

I’ve had a pretty time staying late, late? It’s not as “late” as it was yesterday for me. I went to bed at midnight. So when I was at my nana’s, I was really tired but I think that ice cream created my second wind for me. Now I’m waiting for a new episode of Law & Order: SVU at nine. I am excited, but that William Lewis is a bad and scary character. The actor Paulo plays him extremely well! I still have to watch the rest of Killer Women because I decided to tape it instead of watching it live. I desperately needed my music rush after that good episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. last night. Director Fury has some things he needs to not only explain to Agent Coulson, but the rest of us too. I am excited that Stan Lee is going to be on an episode next month! I’m not a big comic book fan. Hell, I don’t even think I’ve even touched one. While we’re on this subject, my mom rented Iron Man 3 for me for tomorrow. It’s not like I’ll be getting myself into The Good Wife. She decided to start taping that show a couple of days ago and it’s in the middle of a season and she’s hooked already, but this is coming from a woman who watched ER like a crazy person too. And everybody thinks I’m weird! So maybe when I have some free time tomorrow, I’ll work on chapter 13 and 14 and publish them for you! Good night!