When Somebody Loves Somebody – Part 12


Chloe and Hank stayed inside their house without having contact with anybody from their families, friends and woes. They needed to be alone to figure out what they were going to break it to their families that Hank might have a son. Even though, the test would take at least another week to find out if Nicole was right or not. As much as Chloe wasn’t too sure to even believe an old friend like Nicole and think of her as somebody who wants to start trouble again, by using her own son as bait, but anything could happen. This was Nicole we were talking about here. Before everything happened to destroy their friendship, they had some signs even before Chloe’s parents departed that Nicole wasn’t such a good friend to have anymore. Once going into to school, it was a Monday, start of a new week, but it came to being one of the worst days in Chloe’s life. Chloe was coming down from being sick with the flu. She had missed the week before and since Nicole was in the same grade as her, she brought home all of her homework. Nicole had her caring parts to her, but during the weekend Nicole and a group of troubled kids decided to trash one of the two cafeterias, just because they were drunk and bored. They saw it as something to do. They used 100 rolls of toilet paper, duct tape, shaving cream, and bought eight cartons of eggs. The entire place looked like a disaster. Which apparently, that’s what they were hoping for, but something that they didn’t think they would get caught. When Nicole and her friends were in the principal’s office getting read their punishments, Nicole decided to save her own ass and threw her own best friend under the bus.

She said that Chloe had come up with the idea, but when instead of giving her friend a warning that she’d have not only the principal searching for her, but her parents and a couple of police officers came looking for her too. Chloe was still a little bit under the weather and she didn’t quite understand why everybody she was around in her classes was giving her the death glare. Even the teachers were giving her a similar look too. Chloe was very concerned but was too afraid to ask in hopes that she had something on her face. When her teacher, Mr. Robertson got that phone call from the vice principal saying they needed Chloe Middleton. She really got worried, but not because she knew she was being set up, it was the fact she was still pretty weak from her illness to walk such a long distance. So her boyfriend Hank offered to help her walk her down. Along the way, Hank decided to take her pass the cafeteria that got trashed. She hadn’t noticed it the first time as their were tons of people around her when she was walking to her class. She was so overwhelmed with the people and germs around her, that she ignored what they were talking about and looking at and went to her class. When Hank and Chloe got in the middle of the hallway, she was stunned with what she saw, but it didn’t give her enough to suspect her friend would set her up like this.

When they finally reached the main office. She saw her parents and Nicole’s mom. Both of their mothers were talking amongst themselves. Hank helped her sit down on a chair and kissed her on the cheek before leaving her there to fend for herself. She felt very uncomfortable just sitting in the chair in the corner while everybody else in the lobby looked at her. She was hoping that somebody could explain why her parents were sitting across from her. Chuck looked very unpleased with his daughter, only at fourteen year old she wasn’t the type to cause anything like this before. Brenda was more the wild child, but since she had met this nice guy named John, she had grown up a lot. Nobody would have guessed how roles have switched now. Within twenty of slowing walking up there, a large crowd of people slowly made their way out of the room. When she saw Nicole and her friends, being escorted by a couple of police officers. She knew something was up. When both the principal and vice principal walked behind them. They greeted Chloe’s parents and Nicole’s mom, and then looked towards Chloe and asked if they could come into the room. Chloe struggled to regain what little strength she had in her legs, but it was no use. So Chuck decided to put his arm around her and help lift her up and they walked slowly into the room. Her mom brought her fresh new tissues as she sounded stuffy when she spoke. When everybody sat in their chairs they got down to business and told everybody what had happened and who said that Chloe had orchestrated the mess in the cafeteria. Chloe might’ve had a fever, but she was pretty sure her inner rage was half of the cause of it.

“I did not do this!” Chloe said as her mom sat next to her. Nobody really said a word, and she wasn’t really feeling that well to be yelling at everybody. “She has been sick for probably two weeks straight, she hasn’t seen anybody since last week when Nicole brought her homework to her.” Sandra said in a concerned voice, “she shouldn’t even be here today but she begged me to let her go. So who are going to believe Mr. Jones?” She had a point. As the years went on, Nicole’s behavior was gradually getting worse. She wasn’t that good of a friend as she played to be. Nicole was into things that Chloe had always said “no” too. That didn’t mean that Chloe was such a good girl though. She had her moments too, but since her family was still intact–back then–she had a good heart and wasn’t into breaking the law. Rules were made to be broken, but the trashing the school’s cafeteria was a total different story altogether. “Did anybody else agree with her that Chloe was involved?” said Chuck, who rubbed her middle daughter’s back in a soothing way. “Well, actually no. It was only Nicole who actually said it.” Mr. Jones said back to him. “Mr. Jones, the security tapes have something they’d like for you to see.” said the secretary. “Excuse me for just a moment.” Mr. Jones said as he and the vice principal sat up from their chairs and left the room. Within an hour, they came back with some pretty surprising news.

“Well, Chloe and Mr. and Mrs. Middleton, you are free to go. We won’t be charging you with anything. Looks like your friend forgot about the fact that our security cameras come with voice software. We heard them talk about how they were going to set you up. Sorry Miss. Middleton. Looks like you can go back to your normal classes or if you want to, go home and rest up for tomorrow?” said Mr. Jones. “So that’s it?” Chloe said in a daze. She couldn’t believe within two hours or so, everything was fine again, but the fact remains that Nicole had actually tried to get her into trouble. What kind of friend is that? “Yes, I apologize on behalf of the school.” he said as her parents just glared at him for overlooking the good will of their sickly daughter. They walked out of the room, but not without watching Nicole and her friends get arrested for vandalizing school property. “Why did you blame me, Nicole? You’re supposed to be my best friend, not my enemy?” Chloe said in a nasal voice. Nicole smirked but never said anything back to her. She and Nicole’s mom watched them take her and her friends off campus. Five seconds later, Hank found his way back up to the main office but only to check up on Chloe. “What happened?” He said to her in a concerned voice. “Nothing, son. Sometimes you have to be careful on how you pick your friends.” Chuck said as he hugged Chloe tightly.  Chloe had a very clear picture of that day and so did Hank too. Yet, Nicole still made her way into their lives as a possibly baby mama to his child.

Chloe and Hank had always been in love with each other, even on their breaks. It wasn’t just a coincidence that these two belonged together. They were soul mates. Chloe dreamt of the life she wanted to share with Hank. She wanted a love like her sister and brother-in-law but without all of the cheating that John brought along. Chloe still wanted that life with Hank. She still wore her wedding ring on her finger, but looked like it as something that may not meant much to them both at the moment. Hank was distraught with the fact that after two weeks they get married he might’ve let one night get in the way of being together with the love of his life. Although life wasn’t going their ways, they both agreed that if Hank was the father of James, then they’d make things work and Hank was to be a part of James’ life. No matter what. When Chloe and Hank came into contact with each other inside the small house, it wasn’t what they’d expected after just being married. It was awkward and sad. Tears would form in Chloe’s eyes, but they’d never fall because then all that would do is make things worse. So she pushed back her tears and tried her best to keep herself contained. Hank was on the urge of tears too, but he was a guy. Crying in front of his wife or even his mother absolutely terrified so he hid them well inside, but he knew that if he didn’t leave that house soon, all hell would break for him.  So he made an excuse to get out of the house a bit, so he went out and said he was going to the gym. For Chloe, she knew he’d never go to a gym in his life but she understood the fact they needed some space between them. He came to her and kissed her on the cheek. He was being as loving to her as he did the day she realized Nicole was nothing more to her.

Hank had been out in his car most of the morning, since they came back early, he wasn’t expected to come back to work until next week. He knew that if the results weren’t what he and Chloe expected than going back to work would be such a good idea. So he decided to go in and ask the secretary to put him back on the schedule early. When he hopped out of his car, some of his co-workers were surprised to see their boss coming back so early, which only meant one thing. Things weren’t up to date as they usually are when he’s there on a daily basis. Looks like his plan to come back was a smart idea after all. When he went inside the building, his little brother, who was also one of his employees was flirting with his secretary Layla, she was a polite blonde girl, who was secretly a hater of men, but loved seeing them beg for her. Only Hank knew about this and seeing his brother Levi get down so low just for a girl made him laugh inside. “Levi!” Hank shouted, which made Levi jump out of his skin. Obviously Sophie didn’t tell her youngest son that his older brother and sister-in-law had made it back early. “Hey, what are you doing here?” Levi said as he tried to regain himself after making a fool out of himself. “I was just about to ask you the same thing.” Hank said in a smirk. “I’m talking to Layla, she was asking a question and I was explaining it to her.” Layla just rolled her eyes at Hank. Thankfully Hank knew better to believe his little brother. “Come on Levi, get your ass in here, before I fire your ass for harassing my people.” Hank said as shook his head at Layla and opened his door to his office.

The small room was very cool and decorated with company colors, brown and red. Trophies lined up on the walls along with certificates that were hanging up on the opposite wall. Hank was a very successful man after he took his father’s role in the company after he retired two years ago. Hank and Levi stepped inside and Hank pulled his black leather chair out of behind the desk that had a full stack of papers and folders that needed to be completed. He a row of pictures of him and Chloe before everything had to come back to break him in half. The pictures of his family, his brothers, buddies from school, work parties, and Chloe’s sisters and nieces stared back at him. Chloe had been the one to get him all these frames when he become the boss at work. She thought it looked professional and nice as he’s always been a family man. Levi definitely saw him looking at the pictures, “you should tell Chloe that you need another a picture frame of your wedding pictures.” He said in a voice that seemed to be fun, but after looking at his older brother seemed pretty concerned too. “What? Hank. What is going on in your mind?” Levi said as he took a seat in one of two extra seats. “It’s nothing that you should know about, but I’m pretty sure you’ll find out about it soon. So I guess I’ll tell you, but this stays away from our mother. Got it?” Hank said as he pointed at his baby brother. “Promise, tell me.” Levi said in agreement and Hank let the ball roll down into hell.

“You what?!” Levi said in a very loud voice. Some people in their family and people around town always saw Levi as that type of person that it would happen to, not Hank. Crazy thing is, Levi thought about it too from time to time. “You sure dude? I mean, it is Nicole Boyd. She’s like the slut after what happened between her and Chloe’s moms. You’re really going with what she says.” Levi knew Nicole and her family pretty well too. Nicole had a younger brother named Todd that Levi used to get along really well until he died in a car accident three years before Chloe’s parents separated. Todd went from a good girl to a guy who definitely liked to party, and then everything came down on him in instant. It was a shame it had to happen, but after it happened Nicole seemed to follow in his footsteps. After she and Chloe stopped being friends and her parents got criticized about how they raised their kids, they moved away. “I know, but she brought her son to the suite that Chloe and I were staying at in Hawaii.” Hank said with his hands together. Levi sat back in his seat, stunned by what his own brother was telling him. “Mom’s going to kill you.” Levi said in a small chuckle, and Hank returned one back. It wasn’t something to joke about, but with almost everything these two brothers talked about, was a joke. “Well, how is Chloe taking it?” Levi said as he fiddled with the nails of his fingers. “She’s a pro, you know how Chloe is. Even though I know she’s not exactly thrilled especially what’s going on with Brenda and John.” Hank said. “And Claire and Matt.” Levi said in a whisper. “What do you mean by that? What’s going on with Claire and Matt?” Hank said to his baby brother hoping to get some news.

Back at the house, Chloe took the advantage of the fact that Hank was not around so she cry as freely as she wanted. She had kept those tears inside for too long and they weren’t all from she and Hank, some were even for Brenda and John too. Growing up, even though her mother had found their stepdad, getting her to go out on an actual date was rough and both Brenda and Chloe did everything to get their mother back out into the world again. They didn’t want to see her get lonely, so they set her up on a few blind dates with men they had worked with and were single. During this time, Brenda had Ava and Tatum, Gracie was about five months old. So she had a whole roll of baby pictures of her grandchildren. Which ruined a lot of her previous dates, but when she met John, things took off and the fact that she had hidden a small stack of pictures in the bottom of  her purse didn’t even scare him off. He was definitely a keeper and all three girls had grown to love him, even if Claire was the most difficult one of all. Chloe had admired her mother and older sister for finding love and being able to be a family. She had hoped to have that with Hank someday down the line. To have their own kids and be together for always, seemed like the best thing ever. Now everything was crumbling down around her. After an hour of crying, she made it her job to stop crying enough to do some chores around the house. They still hadn’t unpacked from their honeymoon, so she knew laundry came first.

She sat up from the couch and turned on the radio to give her some motivation to get her body motion. After switching it on, going through stations because on weird days Hank likes to listen to some funky music. Considering the first song she heard play when she started flipping through the channels ” let’s get physical, let’s get physical…” and Chloe instantly started dancing but as soon as she heard it, she flipped it to another station, then came on was a song she remembered hearing in a move, The Black Eyed Peas’ song “Feel It” was actually on the radio which never happens and she took advantage of it and danced and grooved to the beat to get through her chores around the house. After finishing two loads of laundry, cleaning dishes, and putting clothes back on the racks in their closet. She seemed accomplished with herself and kept the radio on until she forgot about looking inside the mailbox. She just sat down, but lucky for her she was still feeling the good vibes going through her body as the next song played on the radio, it was a little bit slowly but she didn’t mind it much. Passenger’s song, “Let Her Go” played and it mellowed her out and she opened the front door. It had been a while she smelled the fresh air since she’s been trapped inside all day long. She put her inside the dark green box and pulled out a stack of papers, bills, and one surprising letter that she was expecting to come in next week. She quickly put down the rest of the mail on the table, turned down the radio, and called Hank on her cell phone. It was what they were waiting to find out since the first day of their honeymoon, the patientry test.