I’m The Perfect Girl: I’d Rather Watch An Action Movie Than A Chick Flick

I am a big action movie junkie, always has been since I was little. I remember growing up the first Bad Boys was the most coolest thing I’d seen. It was my first rated R movie and I was seven years old. To me, it was the shit and so much better than Barney! From then on, I have always enjoyed the action movies more than any other genre of movies. I say that, but yet I have never seen any of the Rocky or Die Hard movies. I know, how can I be such a big action movie fan if I haven’t seen those movies? If it makes you feel any better I’ve watched The Expandables movies. I don’t know what it is about action movies that just pump me up, because guns and violence shouldn’t bring that side out of anybody in this world. If you’re like me, you’ve mastered on how to see past all of the horrible things that happen within it and see the story line shine throughout the movie. I can believe the plot and characters more in an action based film than in a romance movie. I’m even a girl and I’m even saying I’d rather go on a date to a male flick than a click flick any day, yet somehow I’m still single.

Everybody knows how much I love superhero movies, but you mainly know the obsession for my way of reading in between the story lines of each movie and see everything in a new perceptive. I am still a fan of seeing the special effects of the new technology we’ve got nowadays and seeing the exploations of different scenes. Everything about these movies just screams me in a nut shell. Sadly, though I was never raised to read what first brought these characters to life. When I was growing up, I had heard of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the X-Men, but that was basically it for me. I do remember some scenes of the first Batman movie that had Jack Nicholson as “the Joker” and I’m pretty sure that’s why I haven’t loved clowns ever since. I had watched a few documentaries of Christopher Reeve playing Superman in the old movies, and I’ve also watched the animated X-Men shows late at night on Boomarang. It used to be a guilty pleasure for me back then. What I’m trying to say here is that I’ve been very limited on what characters I knew then and even though I’ve watched the Avengers movie and known about Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Hulk I’m still very much limited on the information for each character.

After the seventh time I watched the Avengers movie, I kept remembering the “red ledger” scene between the Black Widow and Loki, and what he was telling her about how her ledger was dripping red. So I got curious enough and went looking for the character’s past. She has a pretty interesting past, between being brainwashed more than once, and apparently she was even married. Natasha Romanoff isn’t exactly the only “black widow” either. I didn’t know that either, and I bet that was confusing. It seems to me that in the comic books both The Avengers and X-Men collide more than once on different occasions, whereas in the movies they are separate because of the production companies. One belongs to Disney and the other belongs to Sony. A character called Wanda Maximoff also known as “Scarelet Witch” is the daughter of Magneto. We all known he is in the X-Men movies, played by Ian McKellan, but this character is actually going to be in the new Avengers movie that comes out next year. Along with her twin brother, Pietro Maximoff, also known as Quicksilver. Apparently from what I just read on Wikipedia, this character will be featured on both the new X-Men movie coming out this spring and the Avengers movie as well. Sadly, they will be played by two different actors. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like when the character is featured in one movie with one actor and the next one has a totally new guy in it. I know it’s all because of different productions but if a kid watches both of these movies, one actor is going to be the better favorite and whatever one that is, one production is going to be ticked. That’s just how I see that going down when these movies are released.

As you can see, I known or looked up more on the Marvel’s comic book characters than DC comics. I was never “raised” on DC comics. I didn’t see my first movie that is based on a DC superhero/supervillian until I watched the first Spider-Man movie. I know a lot less of the DC Comic characters than I originally thought. I mean, I knew some characters but I didn’t think it was only a handful–literally! I never really wanted to watch the Green Lantern, even though my dad has watched it before. I’ve only see five Batman movies, and they’re not in order either. As I said before, after seeing Jack Nicholson as “the Joker” from the 90s film and basically turning my head away every time I saw “The Dark Knight” previews playing everywhere. I haven’t seen the newer versions of Spider-Man movies, because I don’t like the changes of actors in it. Now my views on Superman, are totally different. I really enjoyed Man Of Steel despite the “feelings” I had from it. I still liked it. I am really excited for the second film, but I’m mainly excited for the fact I might learn a few more characters than I know about like Wonder Woman. I am a very big fan of Gal Gadot and I have no doubt she will do awesome as Wonder Woman. I was, like everybody else, shocked to hear that Ben Affleck had been casted to play “Batman” in the sequel, but like I’ve basically told myself over and over again. He could very well surprise us all honestly.

I think the whole point of a movie is to get lost in the characters, the events that the story is based on, and see what kind of special effects can be put inside a movie and actually make it seem real in that moment. I like being able to watch anything on TV and on DVD to where it just takes me over. I no longer have to think (even though a few thoughts slip out once or twice) and I can just relax and be at ease that everybody at least should know not to bother me. Whenever we’d go to the movie theaters, my mom and I would sit in the back and we were always lucky to get that seat because nobody came and in front or around us, so my mom could still talk to me throughout the movie. If we went to see romantic movies, I wouldn’t mind anybody talking to me but I do remember the last two times we went to see Fast & Furious movies and my eyes were locked on the screen. Until that movie ended, and I mean ended as in commercials of them telling you to pick up after yourself. If I ever see a Marvel movie in theaters I now know not to leave until that time as they always have an epic ending after the credits. That’s what I generally like about movies, instead of going on a tropical island as everybody would chose as their escape. I’d chose an action movie.