Lonely Sunday

Today is the day that the majority of the midwest was supposed to get this big snow blizzard. We’ve heard nothing but the conditions of the both the snow and temperatures. My sister was supposed to go back yesterday but she talked my parents into letting stay home instead and she was to start her classes tomorrow and from seeing the tweets that she kept retweeted all day long, they never cancel classes, but a few hours ago, they did cancel classes. So she doesn’t feel that bad now. When I woke up this morning. Outside my windows seemed crappy and I didn’t look out them either. Somehow the snow was all up north of us and we ended up with the all this rain. Everybody has talked about it on Facebook and it has gotten quite annoying. The nice little videos of pets playing in the snow is cute, but everything else just sucks. I hate seeing it constantly. Sorry. Anyways, one of the reasons why everybody’s complaining that we didn’t get any snow or just a few flakes, is what my mom said earlier today and she was right, with all this rain we got as the temperature gets lower and lower, all that rain will turn into ice. I just saw on Facebook that is no school for anybody down here either. I’m over the snow, it’s not Christmas anymore so it needs to go. NOW!

I’ve spent my whole day online. Between trying to finish 2 Gunz and listening to music on Spotify. I’ve been really bored. Both of the monsters have been with Blondie all day. Even our cat Oliver hasn’t been in here. All three of them were in here on and off, so I’m feeling kind of lonely even if though none of them really come in here to cuddle with me anyways. Last night ChiChi decided to get me some lovings and yeah, that’s it. Okay, I’m going to get off of here and listen and sing along to Halestorm. And maybe even finish 2 Gunz too! Good night and if you are around the snow and ice, ┬ábe careful on the roads!