How My Christmas Went

So it’s the day after Christmas. Sorry I didn’t blog yesterday a big post like I probably should have, but when my mom went to bed it was two hours before midnight, so a quote just seemed better and quicker to do than a big post. As the evening went on, I didn’t think my headache would let up enough for me to think about what all happened. So here is what happened yesterday and bear with me, it was a LONG day!

When it’s Christmas time, I know it’s the one day where I can get up around at five or six in the morning and not get into trouble. Well, I got up at 6:30am after only having probably three to four hours of sleep. It was awful! I always seem to do that though that’s the thing. There was the one year a few years back where I actually slept and I think my mom had to wake me up that morning. I don’t know what I did that day to be that tired to even sleep that night. I can never do that now. It seemed after a couple of hours later, as being around my family, with the shouting, laughing, and many cans of caffeine. I somehow ended up with a massive headache. The headache started off small and by the end of the morning it had gotten to the point where being around so many people made me want to scream. I tried to do what I did at Thanksgiving and not talk much and observed my surroundings. Which I did that, but with everybody walking around me and high-pitched voices and hearing somethings over and over again. It just took over and I felt like I was in a cage. For the parts where my headache wasn’t there, I had fun. The laughing helped some, but not a lot. I felt awful because I felt like I was bringing the party down and driving everybody nuts and that wasn’t my intention either.

Every year we have family come over at nana’s, but it’s usually a couple of days after Christmas. When my nana and I found out a few months ago that we were going to have pretty much the entire family come down for Christmas, we were pretty excited about it. We had planned to do a lot of things, but only have of them actually happened. We did make the jars full of candy. Even though we had planned on making them with mini candles instead. Everytime the opportunity to go to Wal-Mart and get the candles; I would forget to have somebody get a couple of bags of them. Let’s just candles came back around though later on. When my mom, nana, Blondie, and I went Christmas shopping last week, we found some of those Scentsy candle plug-ins and my nana got one for my aunt and her fiancée and my oldest cousin. While my other cousin got one for my nana and she got her the spiced rum cake. She got it plugged in that morning after unwrapping it. It smelt so heavenly! Now I want one! I don’t have anymore plug-ins in my room but I don’t care. It was the one Christmas that all of the “kids” meaning my mom’s siblings came down on the same day. I’ve seem that kitchen get pretty crowded before but yesterday was a little overwhelming.

It was very awkward to wake up at usually the same time we always wake up on Christmas day and find that there’s the sky isn’t as dark as it usually is outside. One thing we usually do at Christmas in our family, it’s been a tradition in our family that we have this race to nana’s house. I’ve talked about it before, but last year we lost. This year my family and I have bragging rights because kicked their butts. The past few months my nana’s been feeling bad that there wasn’t really anything underneath her tree this year. Well as more family members came in that house, the area around that part kept getting bigger and bigger. Every year, my grandparent’s look overwhelmed with the gifts that they receive. My poor papaw didn’t know what to think about everything, but there were three things that he didn’t like, well four things. He won the first draw of money ($5), he got a Train calendar from my cousin Chris, he got another singing animal for his collection. It is a singing beaver that actually sings a Justin Bieber song. My sister and cousin loved it I think more than he did. He also got another coffee mug that has a logo of my sister’s school on the side. Plus, he got a new Butler shirt. Everybody had something that reflects them well.

For me, besides the lovely headache I got from God. I got a new iPod since I’m pretty sure my old one is done. My dad was just messing with it earlier and now it won’t change or turn off. Thank god I got a new one. This one is very interesting because I don’t like touch screens and this is an iPod Nano. So imagine putting your toes on one of these to make it work. I’ve used Blondie’s old iPod Touch before, but I kind of vowed that I’d never get one. Well, I tried it out last night. I haven’t had an iPod at night for a couple of weeks now. It’s been hard to get through, but not impossible as you think. It’s small enough to fit between my toes, it’s not as heavy as my old one. The best thing about it? It’s purple! Other than that, I got two new shirts and two new leggings. The best thing I got though were more fuzzy socks and they’re not short either. I can get them on all by myself too. When I got home after spending probably five hours with all of my family, I went to take a nap. I still had my other socks I wore there and used my new blanket that my cousin got me. I was warm and comfortable. Our cat Oliver also loves my new blanket. He hardly ever goes on my bed anymore. He just curled himself in a ball and fell asleep on it twice. When I first my Transformers blanket that is what he did to it too. He has a blanket fetish I think.

After my long nap at home. I got up and my sister fixed my iPod and transferred all my songs from my old iPod onto my new iPod. That was difficult to get through. My mom made dinner and she decided that we were going to watch last week’s and Monday night’s episode of Major Crimes together in my room. While we were watching the last episode, we had three cats and Blondie came in there within the last five minutes of the show. She almost fell off my bed. That was funny. Yesterday was full of laughs and too many pictures. I’m still pretty tired and my headache goes back and forth like it did yesterday. One of the coolest things that happened was seeing the Hough, Ballas, Menounsos, and Riley families do the Christmas Dance Wars. It had started during Thanksgiving and they were just hilarious and fun to watch, but I think Christmas Dance Wars was just amazing.

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