Last Post of 2013

It still doesn’t seem like it’ll be 2014 tomorrow. I remember thinking in both March and August that it still felt like the beginning of the year. This year went by fast, as in the beginning it could have sped up a little bit. There have been a few months that I wanted to slow down a little and there were a few months that didn’t need to exist anymore. There were a lot of good and bad things that happened this year, but as I think to myself there has to be sadness in every year of a person’s life. It doesn’t matter what it is, if you get it twice every six months or the entire year was awful for you. You kind of have to continue to hope for a better year. It’s a lot easier said than done I know, but I think once you accepted that you have to get through whatever is causing you so much pain in order to find happiness. Two days ago, I was on Pinterest and I found this “new year” post saying something like, “What if 2014 turns out to be the year you meet the person that changes your life?” I actually said to myself, “I doubt it, but we’ll see.” I usually just laugh and ignore it. This time I had some hope inside that maybe there will be somebody who will change my life for the better.

There were a lot of things that happened this year that I liked a lot. I finally got to do Physical Therapy and did that for three months. I kept up with a book series. Speaking of books, I got a few authors to follow me on Twitter and got replies from a few of them. I have 25 or 26 celebrities/bands following me on Twitter. I even got a reply back from Anette Olzon, Chris Kael, and Zoltan Bathory. My mom redid my room for me. I got a new poster and my closet continues to grow from overwhelming pile of band shirts. I got to enjoy my time with family. I got to see my little sister walk down grand march for her last prom in high school. I also got to see her graduate high school and yes, I did cry. I got nominated for two blog awards. I got my shower chair and a bedside commode as it’s getting more difficult for my family to carry me around. My nana gave me a nice little table with wheels on it that my papaw had made, and I’ve been sitting up and eating by myself. My nana and I did a lot of do-it-yourself crafts with pumpkins. I got to finally Push Girls and I ended up falling in love with it a little more than I thought I would. I got to meet some new people and got to Skype with a couple of them too. I have become a cat lover after the two liters that Bootsie had this year.

There were some bad things that happened, as I said, we all have to go some bad times too. I was only in PT for three months and I wished I could do it forever. I wasn’t happy with the fact that I had something in my sights on something that actually made me happy and look forward to, I know I’m a weirdo. I got to see my worst nightmare come to live twice. I had two friends of mine pass away. I was depressed a couple of times this year, but I always found myself out of it. People still irritate me. I still over think everything. That’s honestly all I could think on the bad things. All of the good overweighted the bad every single time. Don’t ask how, it just does. I don’t know what the new year has in store for me. All I keep thinking is all of the new music and movies that are supposed to come out next year. Is that a bad thing to have your focus on that? I don’t think so, as long as it keeps you happy and excited that’s all that matters. I hope the new year treats you well. Hopefully the new year will bring more sections of Chloe, Brenda, and Chloe’s personal lives.

The ladies that host Ketchup With Us, Mel and Michele shared a post on both of their blogs. What would be three words that reflect your goals for 2014? Mine would be: Patience, Positive, and Dream. I have become very patient in the past year. It seems like that I might be the only one who has accepted being patient of both little things and big things at times. I’d like think positive at everything and not try to over think or assume everything at once. It just clutters my mind and I hate cleaning up the mess afterwards. I want to keep dreaming. I like my dreams, but I hate my nightmares. However, those nightmares are probably made up from all of the negative thoughts that I had earlier in the day. What would be the three words you would chose to reflect your goals for the 2014?