Our Christmas Tree Is Up Finally!

Little Zoltan looking at the tree. He was actually lying underneath it before my sister took this picture. This pose is just perfect.
Little Zoltan looking at the tree. He was actually lying underneath it before my sister took this picture. This pose is just perfect.

So today has been an eventful day, to say the least! It all started for me, at 8am. Even though I was up half the night because I couldn’t breathe through my damn nose and it was because of both the heat blowing down on me from my vent but also the heavily smell of grease. My dad tends to get hungry late at night. I rolled over around 2am and was annoyed that it actually smelled pretty good and my stomach started growling. I actually stayed awake for a couple of hours before drifting off the sleep again before waking up again. My mom had to take my papaw to the doctor and usually she takes me to the bathroom. This time she didn’t, so 25 minutes after she leaves, I turned off my fan and turned my TV on and then my dad came in all mad because I don’t sleep in worth a crap. If my mom had come in before she left I would’ve been back asleep and I would’ve skipped that little lecture. Anyways, she had told me yesterday that we were going to Christmas shopping with my nana. Which I was happy about, because I hadn’t been out shopping for a while.

We went to a department store in town. I didn’t think we’d go there and I was actually hoping we wouldn’t either, because I knew there candy aisles weren’t as big as another store in town. One of the special gifts my nana and I are doing have to do with Mason Jars. Who knew there were less candy that had wrappers on the actual candy besides the big packaging that it comes in. I still some money from my birthday and I decided to bring that with me just in case. I ended up getting a really nice, cute white sweater. My sister was in between either getting the gray one or turquoise one. Both looked great on her. So she could have gotten both of them and rocked them both! We went around the whole place. It doesn’t matter how old my sister and I get, we still follow mom around in stores. She was shopping for our dad and we were both in the men’s section with her. Blondie kept saying over and over again that she was happy that she didn’t have to shop for a boy this year. The first time she started it, it wasn’t so bad and I kind of felt bad for her. As she continued to say it, it got annoying quick!

I had to edit it a little because the background was kind of awful. It's still a beautiful tree though!
I had to edit it a little because the background was kind of awful. It’s still a beautiful tree though!

My mom and nana were looking at someone and I was in another aisle. I kept hearing a little kid laugh and talk. After I was done looking through the movies, I saw this little boy with his mom. He was a scared of me, but not enough that everytime I smiled at him, he giggled and smiled back at me. Do little kids know how much joy that can bring to a stranger? This little boy definitely knew because he was so adorable! He was definitely a joy that I needed to get through the day. You know, I was reminded today that I really should eat something before going to the store. Because going in the candy and food aisle a couple dozen times was a bad idea. By the time we made it home. Blondie and I were both starving! I hadn’t eaten anything since 9:30am and all I ate was honey nut Cheerios and two chocolate chip cookies that my dad had made early this morning. Any thoughts of what he was making being pancakes was totally wrong, but I’m not complaining whatsoever. My nana was looking for something to get me for Christmas, and I will admit it. I am stubborn as a mule when it comes to letting people buy things for me, while I’m around them. That’s why it’s best to guess what I like and surprise me. That’s the joy of Christmas for me!

When we came home. I laid down on my bed for a bit and relaxed before getting back up to go online and check everything. Within a half hour after that, my mom opens my door and brings in my wheelchair again. My dad apparently thought it was time to put up the Christmas tree. No complaining from this corner. The only one who was doing the complaining was my dad. He wasn’t feeling too good. I was surprised after the overload of Christmas-y stuff at the store didn’t drive my sister over the edge. The only things I do when we put up the tree is separate the branches and hang up the selected few ornaments that aren’t going to hurt me. I only put up like seven this year because I ran out of room. Plus, I didn’t want to put some of them right down at the bottom of the tree because of the kittens. They were very curious of the tree limbs, garland, and the skirt that goes around the base of the tree. Oliver used to lay underneath the tree. One time we got a picture of him under the tree and he was laying next to this big red bow and it made him look like he was wearing it. It was so cute! I think the top picture is pretty adorable too! If Blondie’s flash wasn’t so bright, I think it would have been better overall. I like our tree. Even though we waited so long to put it up to be taken down in what two weeks? Oh well, better late than never. It wouldn’t be Christmas without our tree.