The Do’s & Don’t’s For Concerts

So a few days ago, a fellow blogger published a post about what to wear at a concert. It has been some time since then, but I’ve been trying to remind myself to give out my opinion for it. I just tried to post a comment and it was basically a paragraph length. I went to post it though and it didn’t work. So I took that as my hint to blog about it too. 

I have been to only one concert with a lot of people came out. I went with my church and I was excited about it, because I had never went to a concert before. It was like two years after my surgeries and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do any jumping up and down throughout the concert. I honestly don’t remember much of the actual concert. All I remember was being worried that the singers would miss the edge of the stage and fall right on my controller and drive it backwards. That would not have been pretty by any means! So glad that didn’t happen. One of the things I didn’t have back then was a T-shirt of them. So I have no idea what I wore. It was my first concert, my “perfect” outfit wasn’t even thought about yet.

Now after all these years, figuring out what to wear at the future concerts has been kind of getting easier and easier. I think a lot of people should rethink what they wear to concerts. It doesn’t matter what genre you go to, you should be very, very appropriate and aware to the people around you. Especially if they are children around you.For different genres of music, there are different outfits I’ve seen and I get that in the summer, it gets hot and majority of the concerts are outside in the sun. This still doesn’t mean you should wear less and less clothing. So I thought I’d give you some do’s and don’t’s in fashion for when you go to concerts.


  • Country concert: Tank or short-sleeved top with any kind of shorts.
  • Hip hop concert: Short sleeve top, with that artist’s name or face on it. Wear leggings or light blue jeans.
  • Rock: Same short-sleeved or tank top with that band’s name or face on it. Another alternative is some kind of shirt with anything with skeletons.
  • Festivals:  Tank tops are perfect are outside festivals plus blue jean shorts.
  • Symphony: Wear your “Sunday’s Best.” If you go with family, wear a less flashy dress, like a casual dress and some flats. If you go with a group of friends and/or a date, you can switch it up with a flashy dress and your favorite pair of heels.
  • If you decide to go crowd surfing, it would be smart to wear a tank or short-sleeved top with shorts or jeans.


  • Wearing dresses or short skirts.
  • Half shirts.
  • Heavy makeup.
  • Skinny jeans for outdoor concerts.
  • Cowboy boots for outdoor concerts.
  • Short shorts.

As you can see, I’m only talking about women, but the males are a different story. The only thing that I would include for the male side is if you go to a symphony show, I would dress up nicely. This doesn’t mean you should wear a tux, ties, and nice black shoes. You can wear what you would wear to family get-together during the holidays. Nice shirt and khakis. If you wear the first three and the last “don’t” on that list around kids younger than 13 years old. You are not the best role model for them. Once they become teenagers and older, they will take notice of what you are wearing and automatically think that’s the best way for their favorite artist or band to take notice of them. No, it is not! For boys looking at this, they think that they can do certain things if you look seductive. It gives them the wrong idea as well.