Dragon’s Loyalty Award

604044_233702650139737_2010481451_nI got nominated for another award! This time it’s for Dragon’s Loyalty Award. I was nominated by fellow blogger and reader of this blog, Glynis!! Which according to her, the Dragon’s Loyalty Award is a combination of both The Versatile Blogger Award and The Very Inspiring Blog Award.  I honestly think that is the coolest thing ever! I follow her on Twitter and her blog and I love her posts, poems and she does almost the same of the writing challenges as me. I am very happy and honored she included me to be nominated for this award. So thank you again dear!

Now with anything there are rules:

1. Display the Award on your site

2. Announce it with a post and link to whoever presented your award

3. Present 15 awards to deserving Bloggers.

4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them to the post

5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

I have to amend these rules, because those I follow didn’t accept awards or have so many they don’t need or want any more. Plus what 7 things about me will interest anyone.

7 interesting things about me (pulling teeth)

1. I have 11 drawings I’ve made from 2010-2012 and they were all done with my feet.

2. I have read over 40+ books since high school and I think I’ve only hated three and funny enough, I read (or tried to read) those books after I graduated from high school.

3. My favorite decades are 1920-40s, but I also have a obsession with the 1700s and 1800s too.

4. I love to recycle things like wipe boxes, and reuse them to store little things like hair bows, cords, and etc. I haven’t done it long and it’s still a mystery of how it got started, because nobody in my family recycles anything except maybe water bottles.

5. Whenever I had/have a crush on someone, if they are single, they usually get put on my infamous list of wishful “loves” but once I found out they have a girlfriend or a wife. They get taken off the list rather quickly and thats celebrities included too.

6. I did NOT like Fifty Shades Of Grey series, but I think I will watch the first movie to just watch it.

7. When I was in the third grade I got to take home a cockroach. While when my sister got to take home an albimo rat by the name of “Pepper.”

6 Amazing Bloggers

1. Glynis Rankin

2. Robin Leigh Morgan

3. Old Dog, New Tits

4. According To Mags

5. Scott 

6.  A Writers Fountain

Well that’s it! Now back to your local reading!

#FWF – It Was A Special Ornament

1512675_233702603473075_941071849_nI’m a day late again, but I’ve been thinking of which title to do. Kellie has selected a few good ones this week on Free Write Friday. It’s hard to decide, but in the end it was a no brainer. Since I have talked about what happens Christmas morning with my family and I’ve talked about my sister and I feeling like the Scrooge lately. The only one that spoke to me is about the ornaments. So I hope you enjoy it! Merry Christmas!

Every year when my family and I put up our tree. We always hear the same things. We’ve had the tree since a year before I was born. The angel and I are exactly the same age! Anyways, my parents have separate ornaments that have their names on it. My mom puts them on every year as my dad hangs up the stocking, since he doesn’t like it whenever my mom uses the staple gun. She’s done it before but he wasn’t too sure about her using it then either. Over the years, we continue to get more and more ornaments since the glass-y ones break while in the storage box all year round. I’m surprised we don’t have to replace the lights every year. My mom and Blondie are the ones who get presents from friends and sometimes they include a special ornament inside. I’m easy to please, I’d rather take a box of candy canes. I actually have before too! We have these special Elementary ornaments they make in either third or fourth grade. I can’t remember which one it is, but it has our pictures from that year, that was used in the yearbook. It is a placed on a mini decorated Christmas tree and they put that inside a glass Christmas tree box. It has a red ribbon (which is great for me to get my toes a hold of better) and it looks good as new now than it did back then.

For me, doing Christmas crafts in class was special. As everybody was doing reindeer hand print ornaments, mine was made with my feet. We still have that ornament. It’s one of those fragile, waiting to rip, ornaments that makes my mom tear up and makes me roll my eyes. It’s not that I don’t like it, but it’s just weird to explain. If we did any of these types of crafts that involved tracing around your hand, it would be like a guessing game to see which foot would look better. Since my feet are so different, we had to do both just in case. My left foot has a big arch and that makes the majority of the middle of my foot raise up. So if you were to trace around it. You would only get the heel and upper part of my feet including my toes. My right foot is the totally opposite. It doesn’t have an arch, but tracing the middle is impossible too. There’s a lot more area around the left side of that foot, since all of my major bones are on that side and my heel is not straight, plus my entire foot is curved to the right. In all honesty, tracing the right foot is a lot better since it has a lot of room to use and decorate. So my reindeer is of my right foot. It has small antlers and the eyes were placed towards the heel of my foot. In the middle of that space where the heel was in a fuzzy red nose.

We have other ornaments that I think I got at this Christmas store, that the Elementary school would held every year. It was so cute! I remember being depressed in the beginning of December of my fifth grade year because I was still recovering from my surgeries. I was at home, but I wasn’t able to go back to school fully yet, and I had to miss it and it was my last year of ever doing it. So I was really bummed about it, but I think my mom and sister went and picked some things that I would like to give to my grandparents and my dad. My nana still has one of them I got her a few years before that. It is a magnet and I’m pretty sure it’s still going strong on her fridge. I don’t remember how we got this one, I don’t remember if I made it in class or I bought it at the store one year, but it is a reindeer ornament, but it looks like it was crocheted together. It’s so adorable, but it wasn’t the fact it was a reindeer that made me want to get it. It was the fact that it smelt amazing! I’m trying to think what it smelled like, it was either cinnamon or gingerbread and I’m thinking gingerbread. I only have a very faint scent of it left in my memory. I was obsessed with this ornament. It’s still a special ornament to me. Plus I’m pretty clever when I look for ornaments in general. I never seem to get ones with hooks on my first try!

However, the one I had last year had a hook. After a couple of weeks of starting my first season of volunteering. The girls of the activities department had gone out and got glass ornaments. That was their first mistake. I knew it wasn’t going to be good. I remember being told as a kid whenever I tried putting an ornament with a hook on the tree, meant if you dropped it you better hope to God it lands on something soft. Well, the girls and I had the residents decorate them as they pleased. It has been a really long time since I had painted anything, but I was willing to get my toes dirty. I had blue and red paint and I wanted to make purple so I tried making it as dark of a purple as I possibly could, but it still wasn’t the shade I wanted. I got over it and after an hour or so I was finished. We went on with our other activities and I was to go home with my mom that night and so we placed the ornament on one of the boxes on her cart. I was pretty proud of my little ornament. My first foot-painted ornament since my days in Elementary school. Well as my mom went to move her cart around, all we saw next was the ornament rolling off the box and rolled off the cart, bouncing twice before breaking into a million pieces on the ground. I saw it ending badly, but I was still upset that it had shattered into pieces right front of me and there was nothing I could do about it. To think that was a year ago is strange!