Book Review: Nobody’s Angel (Rescue Me #2) by Kallypso Masters


I don’t know why, but I’m pretty sure after reading four (yes, I said four) books that talk about BDSM I think I’m not as against it as I thought I was, over a year ago. This was another one of those free books I found on one of the many Facebook book pages. I did take several books in between reading this one, but after I finished those books I cam running back to it. It wasn’t until I was in the middle of the book I realized I was reading the second book of the series. I thought this was the first book until I saw I had skipped one. I’m usually not into series anymore, but it seems as I don’t like reading a series, I really want to read the next book about two of the characters from this book, Adam and Karla’s story. At this end, it gives you a cliffhanger of their friendship/relationship, whatever you want to call it.

This book is about Marc and Angelina. They meet when Angelina and then boyfriend try their first BDSM experience, but it goes totally wrong. Marc rescues her from her crazy boyfriend’s intentions. After Angelina goes home after staying the night with the Masters At Arms club singer, Karla. They become fast friends. Marc and Luke, a widower, who thinks his dead wife has sent this beautiful angel to be with him. Turns out to be the daughter of the man who tried to rescue his wife in the mountains. He and Marc go to check up on Angelina and they re-meet her, as she doesn’t remember Marc from their first encounter at the club. Angelina wants to tease her ex with getting Luke and Marc in on it. Later that night, they see her ex didn’t like her seeing flirt with two stronger guys and leaves with some bruises, but he doesn’t leave emptied handed, she breaks his nose in the heat of the moment. Luke and Marc show up to her house for dinner that night and decide to keep her company, protected and give her something else she ends up liking more than she thought she would.

At the beginning of the scene that they’re all in her house, you seem to think that she’ll fall for Luke and the rest of the book will be about them. It started with Marc and it might end with him. Angelina is inexperienced with anything BDSM–except for what she reads in books. After her first experience, she’s scared to try anything else, but not everything is out. Marc makes her secure and as much as she thinks he’s going to hurt her, inside she trusts him. With all of this going, both Marc and Luke having been lying to her. When she goes back to the club to stay with Karla, she realizes the truth and as much as she wants to leave something always brings back to Marc’s arms. Marc has a thick exterior, but on the inside, he is afraid that she’ll want more than he can give her. He’s very afraid of getting hurt again and likes to use his Italian heritage to his advantage. Angelina’s ex comes back to the mix to try to destroy Angie’s relationship with Marc, but after one bondage lesson, she fights back harder than she did before. However, the end result becomes even more chaotic when another character has his life in danger.

All in all, I kind of liked this book. I think I’m starting to get used to anything BDSM related books, but out of all of them, this one has a lot more emotion between the characters than some of my past books I’ve read. I liked seeing the dark side of the male characters, even though I didn’t like how majority of the dark sides were awaken by not BDSM, but by being in the army. Angelina wasn’t one of my favorite characters. I liked Marc, but only because I actually learned a couple Italian words while reading this book. I was more into Luke, Adam and Karla than I thought I would be, and that never happens. Usually I get pretty interested in the two main characters, but not this time. I did like the story line between them and their personal lives outside of their relationships. It showed more emotion than anything else. I think I’m just going to finish with the book about Adam and Karla and be done with the series, but I could be wrong. After that one, I could continue on with the series and see where it goes. Right now, I don’t see myself lasting much longer. I give this book five stars out of ten.