Ketchup With Us: That Christmas Moment Continues To Pop Out

So everybody knows on the first and the 15th I do posts from Mel and Michele. They run a writing challenge called, “Ketchup With Us” and they only do it on those two days. It’s fairly easy to do. They give you a prompt for you and you can post a picture and include with it 57 words about it that goes with that prompt of that day. I’m honestly still new to it, I haven’t done it very long, but I love it anyways. It’s also interesting how both of these ladies have like a ketchup bottle costume. They wear it for their prompts. I have never seen a group of ladies do this since I was at Shriner’s and all of the nurses wore these huge boxes and dressed up as SpongeBob SquarePants. Just because they have the costumes, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take them seriously, just not THAT serious! You still need to have fun, and they make it easy to do that at the same time. Like, this week the prompt for today is you have to include a holiday post, past or present. When I saw this, I knew which story I wanted to talk about and as much as it’s not a good, fun story to talk about for me, it’s been a funny memory anyways. So I hope enjoy and join in on the fun of Ketchup With Us!


  • That Christmas Moment You Will Never Forget¬†– You know those really embarrassing moments where I hope your family forgets as your life continues, but they somehow bring it up every chance they get? Well with this, I’m usually the one who brings it up. A few years ago, when I came from having my surgeries, I used to have eggs and cheese all the time. When I came home though, I couldn’t stand them anymore. We all knew what happened when I came home and couldn’t eat spaghetti and meatballs from the can and drink code red mountain dew. I still owe my cousin a pair of sneakers too!