Frosty The Snowman Came To My Neighborhood


Do you remember when I said I was starting to feel like the Grinch and if I started to green, then I really am changing into him? Well, I’m pretty sure my sister has turned into the Grinch and been like that even before Thanksgiving. She is home for a month and that’s the longest she’s ever been home since we moved her into her dorm in August. She got through her first semester of college! She slipt on the sidewalk last week, she actually told me this just a little bit ago. She and a friend from her class, were walking to their class and she was struggling to keep her balance while walking on the slick ice. She had her hand on his shoulder and they both agreed if one fell, the other person was going down with them. However, she said after saying that, she felt like her leg was being pulled forward and she took off down the sidewalk about five feet. When they both realized she went down. Her friend was so shocked that he literally asked her if he could laugh. She didn’t care much and stayed there for a bit and thought about her life. Earlier tonight, Blondie thought it would be cool to make a snowman. It was still snowing when she decided to go outside. She wore some of her clothes, but wore one of our dad’s sweatpants. She and mom went outside and she make a small snowman, fully decorated and my mom took pictures on Blondie’s phone. While she was still outside, mom decided to take pictures of she and I on her phone. So when it came time to upload those pictures, she uploaded ALL of them onto Facebook. And there a few gnarly pictures of my mom and I too.

When I went out in the living room. Mom and Blondie weren’t talking as much as they were when I was still in my room. Dad was asking if I wanted to go in there, but I was worried if I went out there, they’d stop their conversation. Which is what happened, but when mom opened the front door to change the weather outside. To find it was snowing, awaken Blondie’s inner child or something, because before she went outside. We were discussing why we shouldn’t put up the Christmas tree. I want to put up the tree. We usually put it up the last week of November, but since Thanksgiving came on that last week and Blondie had to go back to school on that Monday. My mom had told me that we weren’t going to put it up without her. The way she’s acting, we should have just put it up without her. I like it when our house looks Christmas-y and it just makes me happy and gets me ready for the holidays. We’ve had out tree for as long as I’ve been born. I like looking into the box with the ornaments and looking through the newspaper that my parents wrap them in and see what was in the paper for that year. Even though I’m pretty sure the papers are from 2012, it’s still pretty cool!

One of the reasons why they were discussing it was because of my big mouth. I had made the comment on my mom’s status about I wonder how the kittens will be like with the tree being up and lit. It wasn’t that big of a deal, because if we get a little spray bottle, that will pretty much stop them from trying to climb it or messing with the ornaments and lights. They might even ignore it and lay underneath it like Oliver used to do. Okay, I’m done with talking about this. Enjoy the little picture of my sister’s snowman. I’ll work on my Free Write Friday entry tonight since I took a two-hour nap this afternoon.