I’d Rather Have Sun Than Snow And Rain For Christmas

Our oldest cat Oliver decided to take shelter underneath our festive Christmas tree the other night while my mom, Blondie and I were decorating Christmas cookies and the little kittens were running around the house like chickens with their heads cut off! Lol

There is only today and tomorrow separating us from Christmas. Next Tuesday is New Years Eve. I feel like Charlie Brown right now and hearing him say in my head, good grief! Where did this year go? I’ve been trying to keep ideas in my head until the beginning of next week for what kind of countdowns I want to do for the last posts of this year. I had this simple plan for this year to blog every day; in the beginning I blogged for whatever was in my head. As time went on and there wasn’t anything going on, I started adding quotes to the mix. They were a good thing to add to the blog, because if I wasn’t in the mood to do anything I just posted a quote and that was my contribution for the day. I was glad that out of 365 days I only missed four days out of the year. Majority of those days weren’t really my fault either. Some how I added three more writing challenges and was nominated for two blog awards. You can’t beat that! 

For the next couple of days, my grandparent’s house is going to feel incredibly small. Yesterday, well Saturday night, while our backyard was becoming a pond because of all of the rain we were getting from last that night to all day Saturday. It was awful! I basically had to stay inside a house while my parents went Christmas shopping. Anyways, my aunt and uncle and their cat Roxi made their early arrival. We hung out with them all day yesterday and that was pretty fun. I just never thought I’d hate the word, “Haubstadt” because my uncle and he took my sister in the semi to do something. My mom and nana wrapped presents in the beginning of the visit and I talked to my aunt. After they were done. My mom and aunt went to the store. By the time everybody came back, they had to go back to the store to get something for supper. Within 12 hours later I can officially say my family is crazy and the majority of them aren’t going to be here until tomorrow afternoon. God help us all!

While we were trapped inside our house, well I was trapped inside the house. I don’t really think I’d have a prayer if I drove my wheelchair into the backyard. The battery would have crapped out on me on contact with the water. So anyways, I was inside for safety reasons and much common sense too. I sat in my room and wanting to do an online crossword puzzle because it was National Crossword Puzzle day and I didn’t even know if they had those online anyways, but I found one on Yahoo! I also found other games suck as a Pac-man type of game and pool practice. I’ve been a little addicted to that second one. There’s no timer on it and I’m by myself. I don’t really understand the game of pool either, but it hasn’t stopped me from playing a few ten times a day. That afternoon I found a couple of movies playing throughout the day, but our satellite kept going out. So I tried watching the third Santa Clause movie and I’ve got to say, I don’t like that movie. I also taped another Harry Potter movie but I haven’t watched it yet. I finally finished Trouble With The Curve though and that was pretty good! For my first Clint Eastwood movie, it was one of those few good movies were it doesn’t a second installment. There was one movie where I was excited about, because I hadn’t seen it yet. I taped Captain America: The First Avenger. After watching The Avengers a few good dozen times, it was good to see the history behind Steve Rogers. I just didn’t like how it ended though. I wanted more of it.