Sorry Snow, It’s Not Christmas Yet!

This was taken by my nana, as you can see, there's no end to the ramp. Just a white sheet of snow.
This was taken by my nana, as you can see, there’s no end to the ramp. Just a white sheet of snow.

I have not been online since this morning. I had a late night again, so I should be thankful my mom came into my room around 11am to grab something from my room. Sometimes I can be a heavy sleeper and the rest of the time, I’m a light sleeper. Practically anything can wake me up. That’s half the reason why I’m so damn paranoid at night too. I hear things and wonder where it’s coming from. I always make assumptions and automatically think it’s a mouse in the left side of my room. I’ve had a total of five cats in my room and none of them have found anything. We knew Oliver wouldn’t because he can hardly breathe in the first place. The others have been exploring throughout my room and they’ve been in that part of the corner and haven’t found anything yet. My luck and the noise is either from something up in the attic or outside my window. The walls in this house are pretty thin. Hearing a truck or a couple arguing outside can be heard pretty loud and clear. Anyways, we’ve had some issues lately. Our “babies” as my mom and I like to call them, because they’re the smallest ones of the bunch. They’ve been inside since yesterday afternoon. Dad finally said it was ok to let them inside as there’s snow and ice on the ground. So Wren, Stef, Zoltan, and Grizzly Bear have been inside since then, however after last night Wren and Stef had to go outside  for two different reasons. Stef peed on the rug and Wren kept fighting with mom as she was trying to put her in the bathroom before going to bed. Instead of leaving them in my room all night, we’d thought it would be better to put them in there. They like to climb on everything! I’m glad I can get them away when I’m eating and that’s no picnic either!

This was taken outside up in my sister's dorm Thursday night.
This was taken outside up in my sister’s dorm Thursday night.

Our internet connection has been out since yesterday afternoon too. So that’s the reason why I hadn’t posted anything on Facebook, Twitter and on here. We also got some awesome snow too. Even though, lots of people (including my mother) thought we’d only get an inch or just ice in general. We got the full blizzard. Both ice and snow, it started raining ice around Thursday afternoon. It sounded like mini hail outside my window. The kittens were curious about it too. My mom told me that it’s supposed to snow again tonight and one of my friends took measurements outside her house and she had about 11 inches of snow. If we get anymore, I might go insane! However, I think I liked having all that extra time. I spent my time listening to the local radio and it was so mellow and nice that I ended up doing something that I don’t normally do. I’m not the type of person who likes to reread books. I’m even that way about movies sometimes too. I’m rereading one of my favorite books, it’s called Finding Home by Lauren Baker and Bonnie Dee. I don’t remember if I ever did a book review about it or not, but it’s good! I’m already passed 20% and that’s even watching the babies tear up my room in the process. While I wasn’t in the mood for music or reading, my mom had taped The Sound Of Music – Live! I’ve got to say, I watched it all Thursday night and yesterday and I fully enjoyed it. I love musicals and you can blame my old choir director for that. He used to make us watch those a lot, but I don’t think I ever watched the original with Julie Andrews in full. I watched it and loved Carrie’s voice and as some people said she couldn’t act. I bet those people wouldn’t be able to take on that challenge as good as she took it. Nobody likes change and with every generation, I think there should be somebody new and different taking on those roles and challenge everybody else to continue on and be different.

I haven’t been reading yet this afternoon. Which usually happens after the internet connection comes on. Funny thing though, I thought our internet connection was off because of the snow and ice. This morning, my mom went to use it and realized she had unplugged something from our desktop and that’s why the whole thing has been off. Not because of what’s outside. My own mother forgot about it. Like I told her yesterday though, I’m much rather have power than internet any day, especially with this kind of weather. I think anybody with their right mind would agree with me too. I’m pretty sure by six, I’ll be in reading mode. The kittens are awake from their hour nap. They like sleeping on my blankets and even my dad think they’re adorable and even petted them. I’ve got to say I love them, but their poop smells disgusting! I don’t think I give my mom enough credit for cleaning out their litter boxes when she comes home from work at night. I’ve been listening to Sixx:A.M. for an hour I think and I’m pretty much enjoyed my slow and relaxing time. Both of the little rascals are awake and ready to play! I’m hoping my mom wakes me soon before these two decide to get themselves killed. After yesterday and both of them going behind my TV to play with the cords, all I could think of was the scene on Christmas Vacation were the Aunt Betty’s cat gets electrocuted by the Christmas lights. I’d rather not smell of burnt cat in my room, thank you very much. My mom and I still got Major Crimes to watch later. And maybe I can get here to bake those cookies that we still have in the freezer. I hope you enjoy your Saturday and stay safe! Enjoy all the snow too!

I took these pictures yesterday.
I took these pictures yesterday of the babies. They were about to pounce on the other in both of these positions but at different times.