Ketchup With Us: Greetings!

So today is the first of the last month of 2013. It seems so crazy that this year is almost over. I keep thinking it’s like April or March, because both of those months would describe the cold weather too. However, everybody’s craziness over Christmas and everything related to it. It’s just Sunday and I think most of it’s died down a little bit. At least I hope some of it has. Anyways, you guys know the deal, or should know it by now. The first of a new month the ladies (Mel and Michele) that host Ketchup With Us, is asking for us to make a greetings card for anybody we want. Well, I was going to include a pretty hilarious picture of my nana’s dog Casey, the year before she died, she wasn’t in the Christmas spirit. She always knocked over the top part of the tree at the house. On Christmas day, we had to put a rope around it so she would stop tipping it over. I can’t seem to find that picture of her by the knocked down tree with that guilty look on her face. So I had to make do with the picture I could work. This is for anyone that comes on my blog. All my readers.



Greetings! Ignore the crud on the table. This is last year’s picture of my mini purple tree. My mom won’t let us put up our big tree until my sister comes home from Christmas Break. So we have to hold off on our Christmas cheer for two weeks. It doesn’t seem nice, but oh well. Merry Christmas!

5 thoughts on “Ketchup With Us: Greetings!

  1. First of all, I love purple. So there’s that. 🙂

    Secondly, while I totally already have my tree up, I can understand your mom’s interest in having both of her kids present for the festivities. It just feels more complete. Still, I hope you get as much holiday cheer as you can until then.

    Thanks for linking up, Meghan. And happy holidays from Mel and me. 🙂


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