WEEK TWO | #PADCardiganJezebel



So it’s time for week two! I’m still debating whether or not every summary will have an intro, but I actually like a small paragraph explaining about the week before and what I looked for in every photo! I have somehow managed to get both of my parents into the challenge now! I’ve used their suggestions in the themes! My dad helped me with “Simple” as my mom helped me with three different ones. Who knows what we’ll figure out for this week!

Day 8: Magic!


I’ve never been so happy to go back through my pictures on Facebook because that’s where I found this bad boy! Sometime last year, I purchased my first pair of galaxy leggings! I’ve been waiting a pair for a few years now but of course, I’ve only worn them once for technically two reasons. The main: I have nothing that goes with it. Second: They are slippery! I slide all over my seat while I have them on! I still love them though, they were cheap and remind me of what could be outside out our atmosphere!

Day 9: Simple!


I technically already had a “simple” picture, but while I was uploading and deleting duplicates I sort of deleted all of the photos of my first object for this day! I wasn’t exactly into my first one anyways, but I still couldn’t think of anything that was simple. So I asked my dad and he suggested I do my rocks. These are my favorite, mystical, and simple looking rocks I had closest to me.

Day 10: Gratitude!


I got these stickers in the mail last week from my Aunt Laurie! I wanted to use them for both “pink” and “heart” but then I decided it would make more sense to use them for this day instead! I love the little Chihuahuas!! Little mini ChiChi’s!

Day 11: Oops!


Okay, I have to explain. The whole reason why I wanted to do this photo challenge was this day’s theme of “Oops!” because my cute Halloween sign was in an accident, Oscar was on top of my dresser walking around, he literally walked right in front of the exclamation point and it broke in half! It just recently broke all the way after my mom came into my room in a rush and it’s been on the floor for a few weeks. I kind of want to keep it the way it is, because the bottom part is still attached to the stand.

Day 12: Pink!


While I was busy taking photos for an upcoming post for next week. I was using my bandanas and I decided to use the pink one for that day’s challenge! I’m actually proud how professional looking that picture turned out!

Day 13: One Of A Kind!


My mom is as unique as I am, she just shows it in different ways! Blondie and Brandon came over Saturday afternoon bearing early V-day gifts for us! My dad got a lighter, I got a tiger, and my mom got a giant cow! She loves her cows! When she was going to school years ago, along that road there’s a farm that has a bunch of cows and she started noticing that when she saw one or two in this water of their pond that she’d have a good day! She’s been obsessed with cows ever since!!

Day 14: Heart!


My mom and dad surprised me on Valentine’s Day! Everybody says “things happen when you least expect them” and this happened twice over the weekend! I got this balloon that my mom creatively said this could’ve worked for “one of a kind” too! My dad was very upset that he missed that theme but I might bring the object back for another one of the challenges soon!


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