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You can certainly blame Novellette for this post. She posted both posts of her answers to this tag within days of each other earlier this month and I kind of feel in love with the whole thing that I knew I had to do it too! She had some pretty good answers too, so you’ll have to check out her posts too! All right, let’s get this show on the road! Prepare yourselves for the Disney gif overload!


Which princess do you adore the most?

Princess Aurora/Briar Rose is my favorite! There are a lot of things that I loved about that story, she has some Snow White and Cinderlla tendencies like talking to different woodland animals, but never loses the “realism.” I was also surprised that after I watched Malificent it didn’t tainsh my love for all of the characters. I actually liked Elle Fanning playing the live action version of young Aurora! I was very impressed! And nobody could’ve played Malificent as good as Angelina Jolie!


Which princess do you like the least?

I have to say, Ariel has always been my least favorite princess. However, I do love the second The Little Mermaid! Mostly because her daughter Melody just sounded like me as a kid.

One of the things I’ve always been surprised about it, is that Ariel’s story shows she can’t walk on land, whereas kids like me that are stuck on the floor or in their wheelchairs/braces. It has that sort of story line for kids with disabilities saying like “never give up” but even though I’ve figured this out, she’s still not one of my favorites!



Which princess do you relate to the most?

I think I am like both Merida and Pocahontas in different ways. I have sides of me that are like Merida, she’s brave and doesn’t like to be put into a box. She doesn’t want to do what others expect her to do. And then you have Pocahontas where she’s very curious, she sees everything in a different light than others, she appreciates nature and tries to show there’s more than what meets the eye!


Which sidekick do you wish you had?

I’ll be honest, whether or not Mulan belongs in the whole Princess category, I have to say Mushu and Crickey would be my sidekicks. I’ve always loved Mushu and I’ve always heard that crickets were lucky, even now as an adult! I just have a bad problem with killing them! Anyways, I feel like Mushu is like the dragon/mythological fairy godmother–in this case godfather! If it wasn’t for Mushu and Crickey, I fully believe that the whole movie would have been less entertaining for viewers!


Which best friend would you want to hang out with?

I’ve always loved Jacques and Gus-Gus! I actually used to hate Cinderella as a kid, but now that I’m older I feel its the ultimate princess film! I would love to hang out with Gus-Gus though, he’s a goofball and brave mouse! Plus, he loves to eat just like me!

Olaf is another character that I’ve always loved! I remember watching the preview for Frozen and seeing this little snowman with a cute voice! I feel bad for Josh Gad though because every other movie I watch with him in it, I think of Olaf! I think I would be best buds with him.


Which prince would love you?

I’ve always had an animated crush on Prince Eric. I was really weird as a kid, like I would have dreams and he’d just show up! I’ve also secretly wanted to name my future son “Eric” after this character because it was basically the first male I ever fell in love with and of course, that sounds so bad! It’s the truth though! So I’m hoping he’d fall in love with me!


Which parents would raise you?

I don’t know if this counts, but it’s still my answer. Like I said before Sleeping Beauty is my favorite movie, so the fairies in the film would be my “parents” that would raise me. Merryweather and Flauna have always been my favorites! Merryweather’s sassy attitude and Fluana sweet and angelic, plus since she’s the one who gives the gift of song, she just makes me so happy! Flora just irradiated me at times. She reminded me of my own dad!


Which castle do you want to live in?

I’ll be honest, different movies would always inspire me to hopefully one day travel there. The palace in Aladdin has always reminded me of the Tahj Mahaj in India. Even though the whole place in the film is fictional, this would be my castle to live in! The place was made for love, a sultan created it for his wife whom he loved very much and I’ve always loved that devotion and wished for that kind of love throughout my life.


Which town do you wish you lived in?

This was the best gif I could find of Paris, France. I’ve recently discovered that the two most popular locations for most Disney animated films were London and Paris! Very interesting! I’ve always been fascinated by both places because of all the Disney movies, but as the years have passed, Paris is no longer part of my list. However, if I ever got a chance to go I would take it instantly!


Which dress do you wish to own?

I love Elsa’s dress! I’ve been super jealous of little girls lately because they get to wear mini versions of this dress. I’ve actually never been really impressed by any other princess dress except for this one!


Which voice do you wish you had?

I chose both Adriana Caselotti who voiced Snow White and Mary Costa who voiced Aurora/Briar Rose. The reason is because both ladies were trained opera singers. I’ve always wanted to train myself in their image I guess.


Which two princesses would be best friends?

I only think Cinderella and Elsa could be best friends because of the fact that their ball gowns changed by magic! Even though Cinderella didn’t create hers in the same way as Elsa, but it still works!


Which two princesses do you think would hate each other?

I think Mierda and Pocahontas would be enemies, mostly because Pocahontas is very much into the land and nature. She knows everything has a soul and Mierda is like the total opposite of her. If she could, she would go hunting with her father!


Which two sidekicks would make a good duo?

I think Flint and Sebastian would make a good duo! All they try to do is look after their friends! They tend to bang their heads against the palm of their hands most of the time, but they try to direct both Ariel and Pocahontas in the right direction.


Which two princes would be best buds?

I’ve managed to notice this after a while! I think Prince Philip and Kristoff would be good friends as they have a special bond with their animals? I don’t know the right word to put there!


What scene makes you cry?

I’m not joking, the first time I watched Frozen I bawled like a baby at this scene and the beginning of “Do You Want To Build A Snowman”. Unfortunately, I don’t know the exact reason why I cried so much! Sorry!


What scene makes you cheer?

I love the last fight scene of Mulan because they see past that she’s a woman and wants to rescue the Emperor and they want to help her out. The scheme works out for them and it motivates me every single time!


What scene makes you cringe most?

When I was little, I couldn’t watch the part where Snow White gets hunted through the dark forest. All of those faces in the background use to freak me out!

Another scene is when Frollo goes after Quasi and Esmeralda at the end of Hunchback Of Norte Dame and when he misses his step and he wraps his hands around the arch where water drains out into the ground. Either his hallucinations create the angry, devilish face come alive but that breaks off and both fall into the fire pit below. That scene has always made me cringe mostly because it’s so dark and people can assume that he went to hell for his sins.


What story do you wish was your life?

I’m not a very confident person. I seem to be at times, but majority of the time I’m not. Mulan has always been an inspiration to me, the whole story of family, ancestors, and proving people wrong whether you’re a girl or in my case disabled. If you love someone, you want to protect them at all cost and you have to be your own hero sometimes!


Which movie do you love the most?

I’ve always been very upset that I’m still missing quite a few Disney movies on my DVR. Beauty And The Beast is one of those films. My sister and I share the love of this movie for different reasons. I technically like all of them, except for a few, but that’s normal.


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