WEEK FOUR | #PADCardiganJezebel


It’s the final week of February’s photo-a-day challenge!

I’m actually really sad that it’s ending because I really enjoyed figuring out each day, getting my parents and grandmother into it, helping me spot something out of the box to take a picture of has been fun!

I’m really happy that I keep going throughout March and I hope you guys are enjoying them too! 🙂

Day 22: Out & About!


So this past week was very off. If Meggan had switched the first two days I would have the perfect picture for “out and about” because the next day I had a dentist appointment and I ended up taking a little nap in the chair while waiting for the thing he put in my shot to activate I guess! So this was a picture I took on the Friday before while I was outside. Those pictures of that weekend will be up soon I hope!

Day 23: Black & White!


This was part of an outfit I wore to the dentist. I technically wanted to take this photo myself but I just thought it would be easier for my mom to do it just in case I was too out of it to do it later that afternoon. I love these pants!

Day 24: Two!


These are two of our dog ChiChi’s babies. Her toys, especially the smaller beanie babies (which is what these are!) stuffed toys are her favorite because they are really tiny. Whenever’s in heat she tends to have these toys by her side more often. She’s got a total of four or five. So she’s got herself a fake liter of stuffed bears underneath the blankets with her!

Day 25: From Above!


While I was outside that same weekend I took for Monday’s photo. I was out for all three days and it was amazing!! Saturday was the best though because the air was clean and fresh! I love it when it feels like spring but yet it’s not. The bugs are out but not in mass quantities like in the spring and summer! I went out onto the front porch this time and actually took pictures of the sky! This was one of three good shots I took! I like the tree peaking into the photo in the lower left corner!

Day 26: At Home!


I was very confused on which picture to use for this challenge. If my room was cleaner I would have taken a picture of it so when I went through my others on Facebook, this one jumped up at me and I thought of the caption instantly! “Home is where your cats are. Except for Otis, he lives with my sister!” Which is true, he does!

Day 27: Lunch Time!


I had lunch at my nana’s this day and I had chicken noodle soup and a Twinkie for lunch! My mom had to take the picture and honestly it was the smartest decision ever because knowing me, the photo wouldn’t have been clear or my camera would have dropped into the actual bowl!

Day 28: In Between!


This is my nana’s little drawer that she went and DIY’d all by herself. When she did it, I was a little bit jealous that she had done it without me, but I was also very proud of her too! I think having all those little knick knacks in the empty spaces are add some cute elements to it!

Day 29: Surprise!


So I’ve decided to share a snippet of what the month of March and early April could consist of and forgive me for the sloppy writing. My pen was running out of ink on me. None of these topics are coming up this week. Maybe around the second to last week of March is when you might start seeing any of these listed above.


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