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So I’m back with my second music haul post! Ironically, the day the first post went up, we went back to the Record Cellar and purchased the next batch of albums! I did not plan that whatsoever! It just happened.

Before I go too into this post already, while I was busy taking pictures of the CDs I bought I thought I’d attempt to do my own little header for this post using the materials I had for the whole thing! A CD, foam board, and different colored bandanas! So yes, that is my “footwriting” if anybody is wondering! I actually put three pictures of the banner in three ways and I had everybody on my Facebook vote. Everybody seemed to like this one the most!

I kind of talked my parents into taking me after I got my tooth filled at the dentist. I spent the rest of my Christmas money plus some that I raised while working for my nana! I purchased six albums! The first one I got, well technically I looked over at the new releases before we went to the back of the store, I almost bought MGK’s General Admission because I’d seen it there down at the bottom, it was in reaching distance, I should have went for it but I didn’t feel like explaining to my dad that I wanted to get a rap album. I would have heard about that choice the whole way home! I did finally get Adele’s new album though! I like sweet, melodic music I really do, but I found out that when I’m angry and want to sort of stay that way, it’s not smart to switch from heavy metal to a pop album. It was a total buzzkill! Despite this, the album is really good!

While my mom and dad were looking for music that they’d enjoy, my dad bought like two albums and had to listen to an acoustic album by Joe Bonamassa the whole way home, which by the way wasn’t that bad! Anyways, the other two albums I remembered in my head before my brain really did go blank. I had to order both Butcher Babies’ “Take It Like A Man” and Like A Storm’s “Became The Enemy” and I had to wait a week or two to get them because that was the week of the big snowstorm! So I had to not only wait to get my CDs but also my teeth fixed all in the same week! It was worth it though!

The next batch of albums I’m about to discuss were pure recommendations of the owner of the place. Like, I said my brain kind of went blank after I got the three I wanted (so I should have bought MGK’s album!) and Rick came up to me and asked if I liked Bullet For My Valentine and/or Of Mice & Men, which I do and I should have asked if he had anything by them! I’m pretty sure my medicine was just kicking in at this point! He suggested the band Myka Relocate new album “The Young Souls” and I have to say out of the three he offered, this was my favorite! Gosh, it’s so good! It kind of kills me though that I hadn’t even heard of them before! What’s wrong with me?! If anybody out there wants new(ish) rock music, this is thee band you need to hear!

The other two, I feel like one of them was meant for my dad and not me, even though I bought it! It’s from a band called Danielle Nicole and the album is called, “Wolf Den” It sort of has that bluesy rock that he’s been really interested in lately, like Joe Bonamassa! I tried to listen to it the next day and I couldn’t get past track three. The other one is a little interesting! It is in different packaging then the previous albums which makes me think it could be more of a demo? I don’t know honestly, I hardly ever see folded album cases unless they’re by unsigned or demo. They are called Mercury Rev or Red, I couldn’t tell by the packaging what exactly they were called nor could I find anything about them on Google/Facebook. Anyways, this album is very mellow, it sounds more alternative than anything else! I like that and it’s really not bad, I just wouldn’t buy it on my own!

After I told my dad that two of the six were “duds” and that he could have them, he got mad at me for not liking them or listening to them on Spotify. First of all, if I couldn’t find their band pages on Facebook, there’s a pretty guaranteed that I’m not going to find them on Spotify! He thinks I wasted money on purchasing them, but in ways I don’t see it that way. He can listen to it and have a complete outlook on them. I do see his point in a way, but I will take recommendations on different, new music. I just shouldn’t buy three of them at a time! That part I’ll admit was a little dumb, but I just can’t turn down everything. I have the ability to listen to almost every genre and I take pride in that, so I don’t necessarily hate myself for wasting my money on them.

So what do you think of my latest purchases? What was the last song or album you bought? How open are you in finding new music?



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