Meet Sammy!


Hey guys!

That is a face of seeing a really cool TV for the first time ever!

Today, we’re talking about the first gift that Blondie and Brandon got while at Petsmart as her early birthday present. Our family jokes with her all the time that if she sees a cat or any kind of animal on the road, she’ll want to take it home. Truth be told, everybody in my household has done it. Even my dad! He came home with a Beagle named Sydney, she was bred only for hunting, but she was basically left to have puppies instead. She was badly treated; when my dad saw her he knew he had to rescue her. This was before cell phones, so we didn’t know how bad shape she was in so my sister and I were already in the living room when we found out that he brought home a dog. This was our first time ever seeing a malnourished dog before and I was very sad for her, but my sister only saw the dog. They were actually best friends til the very end!

This is Sammy, he is a year and a half years old. The people that were holding the adoptions at Petsmart where trying their luck there and ended up finding my sister. She doesn’t even like going outside in the backyard whenever they come home for the day because she knows she’ll start crying because she misses her babies. So when she posted the picture of Sammy in the back of her or Brandon’s car going back home, my parents were less than pleased but weren’t exactly surprised about it either! We still have a total of nine cats at our house and they go out and adopt another cat, but I understood the reason because he’s not a kitten anymore, it would be harder for him to find a forever home.

He actually looks like the bigger version of our kitten Tavy! He’s a chunky boy too! Thankfully, all four of her cats are fixed because apparently Sammy has the hots for the only girl cat at their apartment: Toni.┬áHe seems to be doing good, loving life outside of the cage they had him in while at the humane society. Blondie and Brandon will take good care of him and he seems to be enjoying his adopted brothers Gru and Otis too! So that’s a good sign too!

I just want to know who named him “Sammy” because on the picture of him on Facebook has the caption “Monkey” and since we call our female cat Midget “Monkey” sometimes, I’ve been trying to figure out who thought of that name! I’m thinking maybe Brandon. He named Toni whenever they were walking around the backyard, Blondie named both “Gru” and “Tavy” which sound like her because she likes funky names like that.

So what do you think of Mr. Sammy? Isn’t he adorable?



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