A Photo Diary Of Cats


Hello guys and girls!

I’ve been having a bit of a rough time trying to come up with posts lately. I feel the stuff I’ve been trying to come up isn’t really working. I’m in a bit of a rut at the moment. I’m  definitely not having any trouble taking pictures though!

This past weekend was amazing! Our weather as I explained in my recent OOTD post has picked up as far as having quite a bit of snow goes! Well, I have to say it was a big jump to feel as though it was spring outside. The last time I was sitting out on our back porch was back in early November? I think so! That doesn’t sound that long ago, but it felt like it! My mom told me the night before of how the temp was supposed to be like in the upper 50’s so I could go out and be with our babies! I woke up at 9am and was outside around 11:30am and didn’t come back indoors until 2:15pm! I spent little over two hours sitting our porch!

I wasn’t out there by myself though! I had my mom come out there and visit with us too! So a few of these pictures below were taken by my mom! It’s interesting whenever we come home, they’re very lovable and want to cuddle with us but when we’re outside with them they don’t try to climb or give us hugs. They can be really weird sometimes! I tried to pictures of everybody so it wouldn’t be so difficult to tell who’s who. This first day was after they got done eating. Also, my neighbor Sammy saw me when I first came out, freaked me out because all I heard was “hi Meggie!” and then I recongized the voice! A bit later she came over to visit with me and we sat petting the cats and talked our heads off! Afterwards her daughter Chevy and boyfriend Alex came over and it was very nice! I still feel awful that the sun was beating down on her eyes! She didn’t want to move though!

Once they left I debated whether or not I wanted to go back inside or not. If it wasn’t for my back and left hip I would have stayed out there for another hour or so! I have to say I had trouble scooting out there, but trying to go back in the kitchen was rough too! My ass was frozen, I couldn’t move it! I don’t scoot a lot at home and I feel I need to start it up again as my hips and butt just feel like they’ll shiver up and disappear, I know they can’t but they certainly feel like that some days!

You’ll get day two of pictures in a couple of days I promise! Hope you enjoy these for now!



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