A Photo Of Cats | Part 2



So I know I promised I’d have the part two of the photo diary from last week in a couple of days, well I did not think you would have to wait a whole week for the actual post! Unlike the first day of sitting outside, where it was really sunny and actually warm. The next day, which I didn’t go out until like 4:30 so for one the sun was starting to make its way down and in the shade, it was very, very cold! I was an idiot for not bringing my socks with me! I was only out there for maybe thirty minutes because I could not take the temperature and I was literally used by the cats as they decided to snuggle up to me after they finished their meals.

I don’t usually like being around them while they eat. I hate the smell of cat food, both dry and in a can. It’s just disgusting! Our cats are usually very mean to one another when food is presented. My mom gives them three different plates for all 9 cats on the porch. They actually have “cute” little ways on getting more food for themselves. Stormy, is apparently a little badass as he’s found a way to put his paw and scoot the bowl closer to him so the others can’t get anymore! Bootsie and the others go for the lay-on-top-of-a-food move! They are a bunch of weirdos I swear! After they were finished, it was cleaning, snuggle, and chew on Meggie’s purse time!

I have a wristlet and it has the side strap plus a little chain and zipper that hang down over the sides. The first day I went out, Nelly tried eating the corner but I guess he lost interest in it. My man, Oscar decided to go for it and he kept trying to drag it away from me. I had to keep my eyes peeled at Oscar and Felix who decided to join in on the game too! Underneath our porch we have a bunch of old sand that we used to stable our pool years ago, the sands still there and the cats actually–I kick you not–use it as a litter box! We have some smart kitties! They’re all potty trained and even cover up after themselves, which is something we’re really not used to as our old cat Oliver NEVER did that!

The majority of these pictures are from both day two and three! They tried to eat my purse again on the third time I was outside! Anyways, here are the next batch of pictures! Enjoy!



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