March Playlist



I’m back with another monthly playlist! I think I should start this out with saying what song I was obsessed with for March. I thought it would be “Work From Home” by Fifth Harmony, but it wasn’t! I’ve been loving Meghan Trainor’s “No” so much!! If you want to know what I really think about it, watch out for Tuesday because I might review the music video!

March started off as a good month, full of happiness and warm, spring-like weather and then last week happened and it just took over the joy and excitement of Easter and my nana’s birthday coming up.

However, music was one of the couple saving graces I had for the rough time. I was heavily into Celtic Woman and their new album. In a way, March’s music was like February, it was all over the place. I have a couple of rap tracks in this playlist which I literally put in it because they just kept popping into my head!

Hope you guys like this month’s set of songs! ūüôā


What is the song that you felt represented the month of March?


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My Poor Papaw


Hey guys!

So I don’t usually post anything on the weekends. I try to keep it empty so I can get ready for the week ahead or finish other things, but this is different. I also apologize if my words are all over the place. I was more concerned of letting it all out then spelling and making sense!

I don’t know many of you follow me on Twitter but for the past few weeks I’ve been asking for prayers for my papaw and the rest of my family. My poor papaw has been dealing with a lot lately. It started with the dementia stuff which I explained in January, but recently we’d been dealing with other stuff.

He went to the ER with a serve UTI and they kept him because they found a mass on his bladder and thought it could be cancer. Well, he was in the hospital for almost a full week and he had surgery to remove the mass. He’s been in the nursing home trying to regain his strength when he walks. He doesn’t walk very much but he does his own transfers to bed to wheelchair and walks into the bathroom by himself because there’s not enough room to take his chair into the bathroom. Anyways, he’s been doing pretty good, but yesterday my mom and dad took him to his doctor’s appointment and found out that the cancer was at stage 1 and non invasive.

Afterwards, they took him back to the nursing home. He was exhausted from the day, but literally an hour after coming back his laps came back and found out that he was back in the hospital for renal failure. He was transferred to another hospital and to be put on dialysis. During this time, I was at my nana’s house and I felt hopeless because she was upset because I know she wasn’t with him and then we have so much family drama going on, everybody’s acting on emotions and nobody can be right or wrong. I feel like I can’t have my own feelings without somebody looking down upon me because I’m not siding against them and it sucks. I’ve been trying to stay out of everything and be silent but god, everybody wants to test me! I’m trying to focus on my papaw, but yet be there for my papaw. I can’t be there for everyone. It’s just in my nature though! I’ve been trying to kind of fix that for years and yeah, as you can see nothing’s worked!

All I’m asking for prayers or positive vibes for my papaw, nana, and the rest of my family to attempt to understand each other and not push each other away because I know neither one of my grandparents want that to happen. Please don’t pray for me, they are my first priority.

Thank you.

What Is On My Bedside Table?



So this post is going an interesting one, because it is a bit different than my previous posts which is great because I feel like I’m talking about the same thing over and over again and I feel like I’m boring you guys! I found this idea from another blog called Lemondaid Lies on a post of 108 Blog Post Ideas! I’ve managed to write quite a few on a piece of paper along with several others that you might be seeing later this month and throughout April and early May!

This was number forty! What is on your bedside table?

Truth be told, my table isn’t necessarily at my bedside. Well, it is but on where I lay my head down. I’m pretty sure if I had my table there I’d have a lot of bruises of my head just ramming into it in the middle of the night. The wall does it enough! Anyways, my table is normally placed at the edge of my bed. It’s blocking the only open space to my closet but my room is too small already that I literally can’t add anything else to it. I’m lucky it fits where it’s at now!


My table is very unique as it was made by my papaw! I forgot to mention that he used to design houses and different furniture. It’s a nice little table that has a small drawer and wheels at the bottom that absolutely HATE my carpet! I’ve actually just started using the table. For years, I ate my meals laying down, which isn’t safe we know but it was the only way I could feed myself! The only thing I couldn’t do was eat soups on my own, I still needed somebody to help me out there. My nana suggested I check out this table because it wasn’t really used in their house so when we figured out that it was the perfect height that I needed my dad loaded it up in his truck and I began to feed myself sitting up in my own room!

Now I know you’re probably wondering how I feed myself now, right? Well, it’s simple and even though it kills my hips in the mornings all I do is place both of my feet in the opening of the table just as you would and bend forward and use my tongue to basically scoop the food into my mouth. I’ve been doing it that way for like 13-14 years, ever since I had my surgeries because before I could use my feet to use a fork and spoon and lift it up to my mouth.

My bedside has been holding some important things of my past and things that I use for this blog, more specifically my photography! I’ll get to that stuff in a bit. I’ll start with what I normally have up at the top. We usually try to keep everything on the top right so I can have enough room for my plate, drink and little rag (so I can wipe off my chin!) but I keep different snacks up on my table, I’ve been liking Oreos a lot lately. I’ve had a new package of them for the last five months or so! I have a sweet tooth and I can’t help it. This is what is on my table, but I have to say a couple of these may not be there anymore – I took pictures and wrote out the post prior to scheduling it.


I’m not a fan of the double stuffed ones! I think the amount of filling inside the cookie is enough for me! I generally just get Oreos now so I can have cookies and milk for breakfast. Don’t judge me! Goldfish aren’t necessarily sweet, they’re just like chips or crackers and I think the size of them are easier for me to get to with my tongue than regular chips and crackers! I’ve been keeping Ritz crackers up on my table recently! I love salty crackers! And of course, Teddy Grahams are the bomb! Every once in a while my mom will buy them in these containers and then reuse them for cups!¬†I only have a good scoop of Teddy Grahams left, but I still wanted to include them!

Now let’s talk about the “mess” inside my table. And yes, it is indeed a mess. That’s why I don’t necessarily have a picture of the inside of my drawer. However, I did try to clean it up a bit which didn’t work very well for me considering my legs don’t bend that well so I basically had to search for things blindly inside my drawer.

This is where I keep a section of my life hidden away, but yet still close enough to my heart. If you’ve followed my blog since the beginning, you know that I am an artist or was. I have quite a few drawings, some are hung up on the walls throughout our house and my grandparents have several as well! I have two clear folders that store my drawings that don’t have frames yet and ones that are unfinished. I have these folders so I can have more room in the drawer. In the yellow folder I have stored my floral pattern folder of drawings and inside the blue one had my sketch book that my dad bought for me and two notebooks. I actually took one of them out so I had something to write into it. Of course, every artist needs a pencil case. I have a pink one that I love! I wish I had looked inside it for a working pen!


At one point, it did have a handle but it came off after like three months of having it. It came off one afternoon and my dad put it inside, but I like it without it honestly. We can still open it so we’re good! Recently I’ve been storing some of my photography props inside my drawer, even though it’s starting to explode because I’m just stuffing them into it now! I have my bandanas and some other random things that are an old remote, a small box full of hair ties, and hand held erasers.. I told you they were random!

That’s basically it!

What is inside your bedside table?


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Spring Nail Polishes


Hey guys!

Well today I’m going to be talking about something that I love! I technically love a lot of things but this is in my top 5 favorite things ever! It’s really hard to get a spot in the top five or ten!

I love nail polishes! It’s strange that my nana no longer likes doing her nails, but she has a large collection of different brands and colors! I went through her zip block baggies and cardboard box full of polishes. I threw away the ones that were absolutely disgusting! I only wanted to take pictures of spring, light colored polishes and I ended up cleaning half of her cabinet for her! It’s all good though because that whole section needed it!

If you read my new post of the polishes I used on my toenails.¬†You probably know I’ve been into pastel-y shades all of a sudden! I still hate any shade of pink, but I’ve been thinking of creating this post for a while. I was surprised she even had lighter colors in her cabinet because every one I pulled out of there were dark or full of glitter! I took pictures of eight polishes I thought would be good for the springtime! So I hope you enjoy this post!


My nana and I really love Sally Hansen nail polishes for two reasons: great colors and really cheap! Nobody wants to spend more than $4 of nail polishes and if you are willing to spend more on a little bottle of nail polish you’re nuts! I like being able to spend $2 on both Sally Hansen and Pure Ice polishes than others!

The polishes above are definitely bolder and scream spring to me! From left to right: the colors are called: 325 Big Teal, 360 Mellow Yellow, 620 Limestone, and 160 Hardcore Party.¬†I think these four polishes above are the prettiest! Even the blush shade in the right corner! If I was REALLY brave I would have used that on my nails. Actually I have before, but if you want it to be noticeable, you have to put like four coats down but then it takes you forever to remove it afterwards! What I thought was interesting though was the fact she had three different variations of Sally Hansen. She had the¬†Hard As Nails, Xtreme, and Insta-Dry!¬†I don’t think it was intentional, I know I just focus on the color whenever I find them in the store. I don’t pay that much attention to the brand or price.


I apologize for the last two, I didn’t shake them up very good! I probably should have thrown away the purple now that I can see how disgusting it looks!

I thought these colors were good if you wanted to have a spring-y color that wasn’t too obnoxious! I feel like I should have also switched the purple and pink out because I feel that the purple is a really bold color now and the pink fits this lineup. I don’t know if the nude shade would go into the whole spring theme I’m going for, but I thought if you want to do polka dots, maybe use it as the base and other colors, maybe the blue polish as the design of whatever you’re feeling at the time! The names for this Peach, 201 Fashion Safari, Dollface, and 420 Lively Lilac.

What are some of your favorite seasonal nail polishes?


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Antagonist Vs. Villain



I am a big nerd! I may not be all about books, but there are films and TV shows that were inspired from novels and comic books that brought the characters to life. As you probably know I am a big fan of superheroes; mostly on the Marvel side than DC or any other comic books. I don’t know how it started exactly, I just remember being in the living room lying on the couch watching¬†X2¬†with my dad and that’s how my obsessed with Wolverine and Rogue started!

I’ve wrote a couple of different X-Men posts over the years. Starting with Mutant and Proud after I watched¬†X-Men: First Class¬†and we were introduced to our favorite mutants a whole lot younger! I’ve always seen Erik/Magneto as this troubled mutant who basically hated the human race. When I watched this film though, I finally understood why he was like the way he was and what changed him. In all honesty, I understood both sides of the argument of Charles’s way of blending in and controlling their powers. Whereas Erik was more about embracing your true self, letting yourself have everything and don’t care about what everybody thinks. Somehow after watching First Class and then changing direction and watching¬†Man Of Steel¬†the story of Superman, I wrote Waiting For Superman explaining how I saw the stories of these characters in a different way. Trying to explain to the reader that people and young kids with disabilities feel the same way. We’re being pulled both ways of attempting to blend in and embracing yourselves. It’s a complicated process that never really ends.

tumblr_n3xp1p3kta1swdsh3o3_500I didn’t want this post being about my previous posts, I wanted to discuss the theory that we’re looking at villains all wrong. What we think is a bad guy may not be. Several weeks ago, the question was asked during a Twitter chat for nerdy bloggers, like myself, “is there a difference between an antagonist and a villain?” I first said Draco Malfoy was more like an antagonist than a villain because he mostly wanted to impress his father and the rest of Voldemort’s party. I never thought he was a bad guy, he just had a lot of bad influences around him. And then I started thinking about Magneto and how in ways, he’s not exactly a villain either. He genuinely had a good heart; he hid it very well, but it was still there. He showed it for other mutants that were being abused by others who wanted to use, and ultimately destroy them.

Everybody is born with good intentions, even our most prized super villains like Dark Phoenix, Mystique, and Magneto. We keep forgetting–I keep forgetting–that people have a breaking point and they just lose it. The good runs out and the evil overcomes them. The ego takes over and controls their power, but like Professor X, you have to dig deep to find the good in that person. Everything can harden, but you can’t harden your heart. No matter how you try, of course, you have to also understand that not everybody can be saved either.

Are there any characters in books, movies, and TV shows that you’ve found more like an antagonist rather than a villain? Why do you believe in them that they can change?


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