January Playlist


Hey guys! 😀

So I’m going to try something new. As much as I liked doing my “Seen & Heard” series it was very exhausting!! I had some months where I would get it ready in the middle of the month, but if I went and deleted something off my DVR early, I would forget to add it into my post. For the music section, I started off talking about every song that I added to my “Starred” playlist on Spotify. It all became too much for me, plus it made the post bigger than I wanted it to be! I thought of only adding reviews I did during the month, but that only lasted for like two months before I gave up on the series in general.

I wanted to continue to chronicle what I listened to, so I thought about creating a playlist for every month so I wouldn’t have to list every song I had heard in that month. I’m hoping this’ll be easier for me to complete as to doing it the other way! I have quite a few blogger friends that do it this way, of course I’ve never asked them if this was any easier (probably just in case I’m wrong!) if you want to see their playlists. There’s Thrifty O’Clock, Footnotes & Finds, and Northern Blood that you can visit and check out what kind of music they like too!

January I listened to a lot of rock. I’ve really surprised on how much I’ve been hearing lately. I haven’t listened to it at this amount for a few months, so I’ve been a happy camper! Of course, I have a couple of EDM and pop tracks listed too! It’s a nice mix let me tell you, so I hope you enjoy it! And we’ll see what I’m listening to this month!

Have a happy February! ♥


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