Nana’s Amaryllis


Happy Thursday everybody!

Today I’m talking about flowers, even though it’s still freaking cold where I am!

If you were born in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s then you’ve probably heard of Chia Pets. They were plants that grew with little water and normal sunlight indoors. I remember the commercials about them coming in different animals like bears, lions, and hippos. Anything that walked on four legs mainly is what I remember. I never had one but always thought they were interesting but I was also raised to not believe a lot of things on TV. Especially those damn commercials, they’ll try to sale you anything!

Well for Christmas, my sister and her now fiancee Brandon got my nana an Amaryllis plant. Since Blondie said, it looked like the plants that they saw in Hawaii over the summer. My nana and I thought the flowers over there were pretty neat! It requires a little more attention than the Chia Pets, but it’s fairly the same on everything else. It can be left inside and only needs to be watered once a day. The good thing about it is that, it never “dies” it’s like a Phoenix. After one dies, it’s reborn and more flowers grow on it. She finally got one to officially bloom after waiting a couple of weeks for it. It grows really fast! She took it out the day after Christmas and it literally had a budge growing from the bottom of the vase. It looked like an artichoke!

I’ve been going over there and helping her out with certain things, she tries to take weekly photos of it and the progress it makes! My nana’s had to use skewers to make sure it doesn’t lean over too much, and I helped her wrap yarn around all four skewers to protect it from falling over sideways! Oh, and I hope you don’t mind the pictures of Adam Lambert in almost every picture. She’s a big fan!

I know most bloggers have obsessions with peonies and cactuses (so does my nana!) but what do you kind of Amaryllis and any other kind of plant trending among us bloggers? What’s your favorite flower(s)?



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