WEEK ONE | #PADCardiganJezebel


Hey guys!!

So let me explain what in the world I’ve done now.

Does anybody remember a couple of years ago, all of the bloggers did this sort of challenge called a 100 things or something like that? A little backstory on that, all you did was take a picture of something you liked about your day, the main focus was based around a 100 things you loved in that day. Well, Irish blogger Meggan has created a little photo-a-day challenge for the month of February! After days of this list of challenges kept stalking me on Facebook, I decided to join the fun! I’m not making any promises if I forget a day or few at a time! I also managed to get my mom into it too! She’s been helping me get some pictures too! So I hope you enjoy my first week of pictures!

Day 1: Red


Surprising I don’t own a lot of red anything. I kind of got lucky having these small Starburst candies on the floor when I was scooting around in my room. I thought it would be the perfect way to start this photo challenge as I want to only take pictures of things that are different and quirky like me! Startbursts are one of my favorite candies by the way, I unfortunately have been going to the dentist a lot lately and cannot enjoy them at the moment. 😦

Day 2: Comfort!


Originally I was going to have my mom take a picture of my dad or herself holding my foot while I got my teeth worked on that day, but we ended up cancelling that appointment and had to find another comforting photo for that day! So my mom and I collaborated and decided on using our dog ChiChi (who thought she was in trouble the whole time) and wrapped her up inside of my blanket, which is the reason you can see my little elbow there on the right. 

Day 3: I AM…


I’ll be honest. We couldn’t figure out a good “I Am” picture between the two of us so I had to result in finding a quote on Pinterest instead. 

Day 4: Hobby!


This photo took five tries. Mainly because the flash kept reflecting on the iPod. I don’t know how other bloggers get their cameras to focus at all and get the perfect lighting for things like phones and iPods because this was a bitch to say the least! I used the Adele in it to show you that I got more CDs and will be doing another music haul post soon!

Day 5: Little Things!


These and “Hobby” were both my ideas from the start. I have a bunch of different shapes and sizes of buttons and thought this would be a cute way to show “little things” as some people would automatically take a sentimental photo of something and I went the practical route instead. 

Day 6: Even!



Okay, so I took this at my nana’s and I know that’s in awful quality but I’m not joking my camera died like right before I took this picture. I had to use my nana’s camera and despite that it has an “anti-blurriness” it’s clearly blurry! There’s a lot of light because of the light right by us and her flash that we’re both having the worst time figuring out how to turn off right now! If you’re wondering they are: bubbles! I went by evenness of height not color as you can tell! I thought they are cute and were the first things that popped into my head for the challenge! 

Day 7: Happiness!


I finally got to see my papaw’s saxophone!! While I was in the middle of taking this picture and others, my camera had a low battery and whenever she switched my batteries (twice!) it still wouldn’t work so at the moment I have no idea if I can continue with the rest of the month’s challenge…


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