What To Get A Blogger For Christmas!


Last year, I was nice enough to build a Christmas wishlist for all of my family. I always get told by family, my mom especially that I am really difficult to shop for. I remember my mom coming into my room the day after I published the post, she said it was very helpful. I plan on doing another Christmas wishlist for clothes and other stuff, but I started thinking about things that would be great for bloggers so I had to go with my gut and write out this post.

Since I’ve been working on photography game, I figured I still need a few things to keep at home so I don’t have to wait until I go over to my nana’s, I can do them all in my room. This isn’t just for me, if you know a blogger but don’t have a clue what to get them, maybe this will help you a little. I’ve listed everything on what would be inexpensive to possibly really expensive.


I’m not a beauty blogger, but I follow quite a bit on all of my social media accounts to know there are a lot of things that beauty bloggers would appreciate to get as Christmas presents. My advice is take a look at some of their recent posts, see what kind of brands they prefer–make sure that you respect their views on animal cruelty products! Try to find a recent “favorites” list of products that they like to use for autumn/winter. If you need some help in that department I put together a small list of some cosmetic brands. Here are some brands that are animal cruelty-fee: B, Barry M, Elf Cosmetics, LUSH, NARS, NYX Cosmetics, and Urban Decay.

Hair Ties/Clips
Eye Shadow
Blush Palette
Face Masks
Bath Bombs
Nail Polishes
Tanning & Spa packages


Finding ideas for lifestyle bloggers was easier said than done. I’m even a lifestyle blogger and I could not think for the world what we would want, of course not all of us want these things I’m listing. It’s just an idea to get you started. Again, if you follow a lifestyle blogger, you could look through recent posts and see what you could find.

Daily Planner
Subscription to favorite magazine


Now if any of my family is reading, this is the section that will help me out a LOT in the next couple of months to nice photos for my blog. Technically, I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer for you to give to be used as a prop, but if there is you might want to check and see what the person normally uses in their pictures and go from there. I tried to list as many as I could.

Scrapbook Sheets
Foam Board
Small Dishes

10 thoughts on “What To Get A Blogger For Christmas!

  1. Great list! I would love books and notebooks and I’m a lifestyle blogger so you nailed that one. I also really need a camera but I think I would rather choose my own so I know what I’m getting.
    Thanks for linking up to #ChristmasCorner

    Liked by 1 person

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