Christmas Wishlist 2015


Hey guys!

So I’m doing this Christmas wishlist thingy again. As you can see I’m mainly asking for clothes this year even though my closet looks like it’s about to explode right now! We have no spring or winter cleaning in our house. We also don’t know if some of my shirts fit me anymore! What’s sad is that I have two drawers for my pants/leggings and neither one are full. My mom recently threw away a lot of pants because I can no longer wear them. ūüė¶ I mainly want more plaid/flannel shirts and pajama bottoms.


Green Flannel Top
Navy Blue Plaid Top
Gray Plaid Top

In This Moment T-Shirt
Butcher Babies T-Shirt
Jack √ú T-Shirt

Body Candy Juniors Sleep Pants (Only in Zebra, Multi Cheetah, & Atzec)

If there are any family members that are unsure of my size in clothes, just ask my mother! If you want some more suggestions to what else I think besides a darker shade of purple and skulls. I do like leopard print, graphic tees, superheroes (Marvel), Harry Potter, solid colors, rhinestone. Try to stay away from actual glitter on shirts, my hands are really sensitive to different textures: glitter is one of my worst enemies! And don’t fuss about the sleeves on both shirts and pants, if it’s too long we can always roll them up!


For my birthday, I originally wanted to get a new (small) CD player. An ode to the first one I ever got as a kid. I’ve went through seven big ones in about 11 years. The small one always worked up until a couple of years ago and it just kind of crapped out completely. That was a sad day for me! Anyways, my mom got me the speaker tower as a present for my birthday last month. As much as I like it, my original plan kind of fell apart. I really miss playing my CDs. It’s a simple thing that I still enjoy and so after thinking about it out loud with my nana. She told me about an old small boombox that my papaw doesn’t use, because it wasn’t loud enough! That’s where I got it from!

Now that we know it works, I want to add to my collection!¬†For a girl who’s had not only a broke stereo system, but also broken iTunes since the start of 2015, I’ve still managed to consume a LOT of music through Spotify! You’ll know more about that once I start on my Best Of posts at the end of the year! I’m only including like five CDs to this list as I think that’s all I think I’ll be able to handle considering this little boombox only plays one CD at a time. My bigger one could store five at a time. The plus side to this is that this guy has to stay on the floor so I can switch CDs in and out of it. That’s another thing I like about it too!

**Only including links to show the cover art!**

Loved Me Back To Life by Celine Dion
Run by Alison Wonderland
Skrillex and Diplo Presents Jack U by Jack U
Goddess by Banks
Peace Is The Mission by Major Lazer


Last Christmas, well actually like a week before, we found a couple in town selling pillows. Ironically enough, pillows were on that¬†wishlist and this was the only thing I got to have early! That pillow only lasted like three months! I’ve switched my pillows like five times this year… I have a big head, I can’t help it. So I would like a new pillow for Christmas! I definitely don’t need any more blankets. I literally have two on my bed right now! Another item I’m asking for that was on my last wishlist is a curtain rod. No, I didn’t get one last year even though quite a few people thought it was a good idea!

I honestly don’t know what else I want. I definitely don’t need anymore socks or coloring books. My nana and I are kinda of obsessed with nail polishes. She’s running out of room in her cabinet for them, but I think we need more! She likes the nude, pinks, and berry shades, whereas I’m into both darker and bright colors! Neither one of us like glitter because it takes forever to remove.

This might be a little strange, but what I really want for Christmas isn’t something that you can¬†give¬†in the sense of a regular present. My ultimate Christmas present is to be able to do more things, which is a little more harder to accomplish since it’s getting colder and with out snow blizzards we tend to get towards mid-January to the end of April. I want to learn to do more things, I know I say that a lot lately but it’s true. I do want to learn more about my family history, figure out what else I can do with my toes, etc. When it gets colder outside I tend to get more stiff in my body. I have a little bit more pain in different areas, so I want to be fully distracted whenever those times come. I’m basically asking for more strength and energy. I’m also saying I’d like to explore a little more too!

Yeah, this is my little Christmas list for the year! If you’re still struggling to figure something out for me, cash works too! Is it just me but as we get older and older our lists gets more complicated and clothes wise than it used to be when we were kids? Maybe that’s why everybody thinks I’m difficult to shop for nowadays!

What To Get A Blogger For Christmas!


Last year, I was nice enough to build a Christmas wishlist for all of my family. I always get told by family, my mom especially that I am really difficult to shop for. I remember my mom coming into my room the day after I published the post, she said it was very helpful. I plan on doing another Christmas wishlist for clothes and other stuff, but I started thinking about things that would be great for bloggers so I had to go with my gut and write out this post.

Since I’ve been working on photography game, I figured I still need a few things to keep at home so I don’t have to wait until I go over to my nana’s, I can do them all in my room.¬†This isn’t just for me, if you know a blogger but don’t have a clue what to get them, maybe this will help you a little. I’ve listed everything on what would be inexpensive to possibly really expensive.


I’m not a beauty blogger, but I follow quite a bit on all of my social media accounts to know there are a lot of things that beauty bloggers would appreciate to get as Christmas presents. My advice is take a look at some of their recent posts, see what kind of brands they prefer–make sure that you respect their views on animal cruelty products! Try to find a recent “favorites” list of products that they like to use for autumn/winter. If you need some help in that department I put together a small list of some cosmetic brands.¬†Here are some brands that are animal cruelty-fee: B, Barry M, Elf Cosmetics, LUSH, NARS, NYX¬†Cosmetics, and Urban Decay.

Hair Ties/Clips
Eye Shadow
Blush Palette
Face Masks
Bath Bombs
Nail Polishes
Tanning & Spa packages


Finding ideas for lifestyle bloggers was easier said than done. I’m even a lifestyle blogger and I could not think for the world what we would want, of course not all of us want these things I’m listing. It’s just an idea to get you started. Again, if you follow a lifestyle blogger, you could look through recent posts and see what you could find.

Daily Planner
Subscription to favorite magazine


Now if any of my family is reading, this is the section that will help me out a LOT in the next couple of months to nice photos for my blog. Technically, I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer for you to give to be used as a prop, but if there is you might want to check and see what the person normally uses in their pictures and go from there. I tried to list as many as I could.

Scrapbook Sheets
Foam Board
Small Dishes

Skull Inspired Wishlist

I’ve got two months left until my birthday! A few of you are probably looking at that sentence and going, “Meghan, September isn’t over yet!!” When your date of birth lands on the first of the month once a new month begins it’s perfectly acceptable to take that month out completely! Now that I have that part of the way, I can say that this really isn’t a birthday wishlist. I’ve been inspired by other bloggers and their different themed wishlists. One day I’ll have a cat themed wishlist on here, just you watch and see!

Back in late July, I made a homeware wishlist of different things to help my nana and I to bake things in her kitchen. I went looking for things that would be good for people who can’t grip as good as they used to, my grandparents are getting older and gripping certain stuff like pens and kitchen utensils are getting more and more difficult to do. So that’s why I wanted to do that post but by the time I had finished the post, it seemed too chaotic and I didn’t see a way to fix it so I just ended up getting rid of it. I might recreate a similar post one day, but right now we’re talking about skulls! One of my favorite things that apparently I don’t have enough of in my closet! I have like three shirts with skulls on them, that are not band related and I have two pants with different types of skulls on them. Like I said before, I don’t have enough! My mom would probably disagree but I know I wouldn’t hear a peak from my dad because he’s just as bad as me!

Skull Cut-Out Shoulder Top – Hot Topic //Skull Pink Floral Kimono – Hot Topic //Black Bow Headband – Hot Topic //Skull & Rose Watercolor Wallet – Hot Topic// Evil Skull Bank – Spencer’s

When I was going to find different things to include on this wishlist, I told myself “no band tees” because as much as I want new ones, I have enough! I think I had to tell myself about ten times while scrolling through both Hot Topic and Spencer’s. I had a lot of problems with what I wanted to include in this post. If you’ve read my previous wishlist posts before, you know I try to keep everything under $20 and this one I didn’t care what the price range was, I just went with what I liked for once! if you love skulls just as much as I do, you can click on each link underneath the picture and purchase the item(s) you like the most.

I went on four different websites, but ultimately got lucky with Hot Topic and Spencer’s. Let’s start with the shirts I’ve selected. I found the one on the left first. I actually love shirts like this, that have cut outs or fall off the shoulders completely, with Arthrogryposis, our shoulders are a little awkwardly shaped. They’re much smaller and so necklines that are wide are like our worst enemies. I’ve always had trouble keeping my shirts up on my shoulders. By the time I was in middle school, I had given up on fixing them and just letting them off. I love the cut outs on this shirt. If you click on the link, the back of the shirt has small cut outs. It’s pretty awesome! Another thing that drew me into the shirt was that fact it’s not just skulls, it’s got roses on it! I’ve never been a big fan of roses but I feel it’s most used flower to include with skulls. So I deal with it. The next one isn’t a shirt or jacket per se, it’s a kimono and I love how these are becoming a popular fashion trend! They’re light and soft, which would be perfect for my hands as they can be sensitive to different textures. I just loved this one! It’s so pretty, even though it’s pink! I like how I managed to pick two different items that have some girly touches to them!

Now onto the accessories! This was another thing I had to tell myself to stay away from but I mean it as stay from the jewelry! I have more than enough bracelets to last me a few years! I’ll say I have all these bracelets and I don’t even wear that much as I’d like to. I think I’m more afraid to wear my spikey ones because I’ve been told by different family members that they could be used as weapons! Anyways, I had to get creative with selecting other stuff. My hair is in that awkward placement where it’s not short, but not long enough yet to be put up in a ponytail so we’ve resorted to using headbands, but I only have a plain black one. I found this one and I kind of fell in love with it. It has skulls. It has a bow and it’s black! What else do you need? One of the things that women and girls have are purses in different sizes and quirky designs. I’ve had a few in my lifetime, but I’ve never had a wallet and I feel like that wallet was pretty cool! Not dark, but unique or I could just get that shiny gold skull on the left side of it. It’s a bank, can’t say it’s a “piggy” bank because it’s not a pig but look at it!! I love it! It’s so me right?!?!

So what do we think about everything I’ve included into this post? What would you buy first?

Favorite Shoes From Charlotte Russe!

Since being a wheelchair user and using my feet to do everything, including drive my chair, wearing any kind of shoes isn’t realistic for me. I used to wear sneakers back in school, I’m still a fan of Nike sneakers. Whenever I would go to dances in middle school, I wore black shoes with a small heel. After what happened when I was in eighth grade and my controller got caught in between my heel and I almost ran into the wall I never wore high heels again. I still love high heels though! I have a whole Pinterest board deciated to my love of heels, sneakers and sandals. So I don’t exactly hate them as you would expect.

My sister got these pair of black sandals that had a cute zipper on the back of the heel and had gold studs all around the front of them. I saw them while I was scooting in our house and I became a two year old and put them on! I definitely can’t fit into them like she can, but they are so bad ass that I would love a pair if I could! As I was reminiscing about that moment I thought about creating a little guide for some of you on some of my favorites I’ve found because in all honesty I love going through the shoe aisles in different stores. Blondie got her sandals at the best place, Charlotte Russe! They have a better selection of shoes than clothes and that’s just my opinion. Blondie has a more girly girl style so she tends to find her clothes there and Forever21.

Links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

This might be a guide, but I looked at all of the sections of the store’s website for the ones that I liked the most, so this could be an unrealistic wishlist per se too! If anybody remembers my Hot Topic wishlist post I did recently, everything on that post was for spring/summer but all items were black and nothing looked “spring-y” so I have to say I’m pretty proud of myself for going for the girly looking shoes this tine around! I’ve got all of the links underneath the picture there if you can see and every pair is under $40 and just in case the sale that most were selected on the website, I’m mentioning what they really cost in case the sale goes before this post goes up!

I’m actually a big fan of Gladiator sandals, but I couldn’t find anything on the website that I really liked so these platform sandals were second best! I loved the first pair mostly because of the baby blue color against the wooden part. To me, blue, white, and pink shades scream “SPRING” loud and clear! The next pair I think I only picked it out because even though it has a white strap and cute big buckle, I put it on here because the base is darker in shade the rest! I think this are my favorite out of all eight shoes! I cannot believe I actually found a pair of pink — hot pink too that I liked! It’s very rare that I find something in any shade of pink and buy it! As much as I don’t like to admit to it, I have quite a lot of pink clothes and socks in my closet! Anyways, I think I liked these because of the straps were skinnier than the others! They just seem more girly too! For the last one at the top, I was really conflicted because on the website they have a nude (which is above!) and a silver pair right next to each other. I was very into both of them! So I’ve included both links! The nude is above and if you want to see the silver pair click here. That’s the end of the sandals part, now onto the high heels and sneakers!

I looked up their wedges and I absolutely hated them!! They just look disgusting to me! I am actually a fan of flats because I find they’re really boring too, so that’s why I didn’t include them in this post! The first pair of heels I found actually have two different floral designs at the toes. If you go on the link, it’ll be part of the sizing and purchasing. I also found a pair just like this one but in white instead of black and I think the floral design was in green and yellow. It was really pretty! Over the years, looking at different types of heels I’ve become quite picky and I hate the pointy front of some heels, but I love number six because of two reasons: it’s simple and classy! Perfect shoes to wear to an outdoor wedding too! Since I discussed of how much I love sneakers I thought I’d put up one that I liked the most and this one caught my eye and said “get me!” I love the feminine look to it. It looks like a good walking shoe to me, but what the hell do I know about walking? I like the floral design on the side and thought it was cute! Last one, my mom and sister are obsessed with these shoes! They each have their own pair in different colors and I thought the light blue was a little bit more me.

So for my first shoe haul, what were your favorites? I know most would probably say “go barefoot” to this question, but what is your favorite spring/summer shoe to wear?¬†

My Spring Hot Topic Wishlist

The good thing about doing these fashion wishlists is that everything that you’ve picked out looks good online. At least that was my mindset for while I was working on the collage for this post. I thought about maybe picking out my favorite swimsuits that were really cheap, but then I backed out of it. I don’t know you might see it anyways! I’ve decided to do a little wishlist of my favorites on the Hot Topic website because I’ve been thinking of going shopping and since I haven’t been able to actually get out because of the constant weather changes, I thought I’d make a collage and maybe with a miracle I can go out and buy the ones I liked the most! All items are under $30 and I don’t even know how I did that because I wasn’t even looking at the price tags at first! So good for me!

Links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

I am not the most girly girl in the world. I own a LOT of black colored clothing and I’ve never been shy about it because as every girl knows, black goes with everything! I also own too many band tees! Every time I go into Hot Topic I became this little kid that’s entered the candy store, but there’s no candy! As every girl and woman will want to do this spring/summer is try to get out of wearing darker shades of colors and into something brighter and fun! As much as I’d like to shed some of my dark clothes! I know that’s what I look good and feel comfortable in. I’ll be honest I had some good intentions going into this I promise and then it all fell apart!

I am a BIG fan of In This Moment. It was one of the first female fronted metal bands I got into several years ago, so when I saw this on the website I knew that this would be a must if I saw it in the store! I don’t own a ITM shirt yet and I’d like for this one to be my first as it’s the black and white version of their first single “Sick Like Me” cover. I love that song a lot! This shirt is priced at $22.50. The next one is another Of Mice & Men shirt. If I got this one, it would be my third. The price for this shirt is $15.99. Trust me, if you think that’s bad I found like three Paramore shirts and I’d like to have them all if I could! The next shirt can only be describe if my mom would give the look of “really?” ¬†when she saw it, but it’s true and the price shows it at $22.50. Fourth shirt is another shirt that if I saw in the store, I’d buy instantly! I love me some bass! Sorry, I can’t help it. This is also priced at $22.50 as well!

The bottoms were difficult for me, because I think I’m more okay with showing off my arms than with my legs. So I still like to cover them up. The first pair of leggings is black with lace on the sides. I love black lace more than any color lace honestly. I feel it’s more sexy! They cost $26.50 and I’m hoping I got that right because at first I thought it said $36 instead! The next one was called purple galaxy even though on the website, they do NOT look even a tiniest shade of purple. All I see is like turquoise. However, I’ve always wanted some galaxy leggings! They look amazing on everybody else’s legs and I think I’d look pretty good in them too! These cost $19.50 which was less than I thought they would! You guys know how much I love my skulls! I have always wanted the bones of my waist to my legs for a few years too! They, again, look cool on everybody else. My turn? I think yes!! These leggings cost $26.50! My last one is a skirt. Yes, I said a skirt, the only way I’d get a skirt of any kind would be because it had some skulls on it. The price said its $22.50. As much as I like my legs covered up, I don’t like to be miserable in the hotter months, you know? So I thought this would be a good start in the right direction.

So what you think of my choices? If you like Hot Topic too, what is on your wishlist? Do you have any favorites that you’d like to get for spring/summer?